50% Multiple Intelligences / Chapter 3: A Journey

Chapter 3: A Journey

Because Vincent's house had been destroyed by the nobles who had killed his parents, now Vincent and Michael traveled to the academy while traveling to find food so they would not starve when they arrived at the academy. When night fell they slept in the forest, although it was not so good, but they tried to get used to sleeping in the forest.

"Hey, Michael, have you slept?" Vincent asked as he lay under the trees.

"Not yet, why is that?" Michael asked again, lying on the tree branch.

"It's okay, I can't sleep either" Vincent replied

"By the way why don't you call me, another magical book?" Michael asked again.

"Eh? Didn't you yourself tell me to call you Michael? Did your head hit a rock until you didn't remember what you said?" Vincent asked, mocking Michael a little.

"Hey, instead I told you, call me Michael if you are at me ... Ah, come on, it's useless to argue with you," answered Michael resignedly.

"Hey, Michael, by the way is entering the magic academy a requirement?" Vincent asked.

"Of course, getting into the magic academy requires conditions" Michael replied.

"What are the requirements?" Vincent asked again.

"It's easy, you just need to eliminate all participants until there are only 100 people left," answered Michael.

"100 people? How many people registered at the academy?" Vincent asked with a little confused.

"In my old days there were around 5000-8000 people, maybe nowadays around 10,000-15,000 people register," Michael replied.

"Eh ?! That's right! It's not an easy thing, and of course there are many geniuses who register in the academy" Vincent replied in surprise.

"That's the first thing that people always think about, but actually from 10,000-15,000 children who register, only a few children have terrible powers, so don't worry. You can definitely pass the test. Oh yeah, don't ever You use your sword skills, otherwise you will be excluded from the academy "Michael replied.

"Isn't it great to have a student who is very genius like me, who can master magic and sword skills at once?" Vincent asked with pride.

"Tch, very arrogant. Well ... that's because the principal in the academy doesn't like people who have sword skills, but maybe now the principal is retired. But still don't use your sword skills, remember!" Michael answered.

"Alright, I won't use my sword skills. But, can I use magic that was like this this afternoon?" Vincent said while joking a little.

"I told you right! Don't use your scary magic, you know!" Michael said with a little annoyance.

"It's just angry, I'm just joking," Vincent said.

"Never mind, go to bed quickly, so that tomorrow we can leave early in the morning and get there on time" Michael said.

"Alright" Vincent said.

They are asleep. When morning arrived they were getting ready to begin their journey to the magic academy which was located right in the Capital, namely in the City of Sorcery.

"Are you all ready, Vincent?" Asked Michael.

"Yup, everything is ready" Vincent replied.

"Okay, let's leave ..." Michael said excitedly.

"Departing ..." Vincent said excitedly too.

And they left for the Capital, Vincent is very happy because soon he will enter the magic academy and will learn a lot about magic there. But, in the middle of the trip, they saw a child surrounded by a group of big-bodied men who looked scary.

"Hey Michael, look at that! There is a child who is surrounded by a group of big men, it looks like they are a group of robbers who like to rob around here," Vincent said.

"It's bad, we have to help the girl!" Michael said by running towards the child.

They also rushed to the girl.

"Vincent attacks them with your magic soon!" Send Michael while running.

"Eh? You can use magic too, why don't you?" Vincent asked, running too.

"My strength hasn't fully returned, so you take care of them!" Michael said.

"Alright, here it is .... Lightning Elements, lightning movements. Light elements, speed enhancers" Vincent said while taking out his magic. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

'Eh? He didn't say that he could use the lightning element too, he had also been able to take out some magic at once, really a very genius child. Maybe I can rely on it in the future. But this name is outrageous until I am left like this! ' Michael murmured irritably.

Vincent ran very fast with the help of his magic, and he arrived at the place where the child was.

"Hey you guys! Stay away from the kid!" Vincent shouted.

"Coming up a kid again? Today we are very lucky," said the leader of the group of robbers.

"Fight me, if you lose let go of this child and don't show your face to me again!" Vincent said bravely.

"Hahaha ... A little child like you who is still a training witch wants to fight us who have the ability to sword with the flow of murderers? Don't dream ..." The leader said a group of robbers arrogantly.

"Okay, just prove it," said Vincent.

"Children kill the child, don't give him mercy!" The leader of the robber's order.

"Light element, invisible sword. Combined element, speed of light" Vincent said softly while releasing his magic. And he immediately attacked a group of robbers mercilessly.

'Impossible! The movement was so fast that I couldn't see it, suddenly we were hit by an attack. We have to back down first, the danger if it continues, "murmured the leader of the group of robbers in fear.

"arrrrgggghhh ..."

"Show me your fucking shape!"

Shouted the robbers who could not attack Vincent at all.

"You guys! We retreat first, it's impossible to defeat him, there are those of us who will lose!" The leader said, a group of robbers shouted a little.

Immediately they went away from Vincent and the little boy.

"Hey, are you okay?" Vincent asked the child who was carried by the robbers.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine, thank you," replied the child.

"If you may know, who is your name? And what is your goal to go into a dangerous forest like this?" Vincent asked again.

"My name, Grace. I aim to go to the magic academy. And what about you? Why did you arrive in this forest too?" The boy answered by asking Vincent.

"My name is Vincent Chirstopher, just call me Vincent. I also have the same goal as you, go to the magic academy. If you want, you can go with us" replied Vincent by giving him an offer.

"We?" Grace asked in confusion.

Then someone came from behind the bush, which turned out to be Michael.

"Kyaaa ... There are robbers! Help me Vincent" Grace yelled at seeing Michael suddenly appear.

"Hahaha ... It's true that if your face is like a robber, hahahaha, calm down Grace, he's my friend" Vincent replied with a great laugh.

"Hah ... Hah ... What ... Who ... You ... I mean ... With ... Criminals ... Hah ... Hah ..." Michael said while taking a breath out of exhaustion after run.

"Where have you been? You've been running a long time," Vincent said, who intended to taunt him.

"Damn you! You just left me to know!" Michael said with annoyance.

"Hehehe, I didn't accidentally" Vincent said with a little laugh.

"Wait a minute, is he being bullied by the robbers?" Asked Michael.

"Right, Grace introduced her to my friend, her name is Michael. And Michael introduced him to Grace," Vincent said, introducing them to the security of the house, Grace, "Michael said kindly.

"S-greet you too, Michael" Grace said with a little embarrassment.

"Oh yeah Michael, Grace also wants to go to the Magic Academy, can she come with us?" Vincent asked, hoping Michael would approve it.

"Okay, he may come in. It's not good to leave a woman in the middle of the forest like this," answered Michael.

"Yeeyyy ... Thank you Michael" Vincent said very happily.

"S-Thank you for helping me from a group of robbers earlier," Grace said, lowering her head.

"It's nothing, it's our duty to help each other," Vincent said.

"Alright, let's leave immediately before we are late" Michael replied.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Okay, let's go ..." Vincent said excitedly.

"Y-yes," Grace said.

"By the way why did the robber know my level, Michael?" Vincent asked while traveling.

"Witches usually use badges on her left chest, these badges are used to measure the level of the witch. And if a witch doesn't have a badge, it means she's still a Training Sorcerer like you. Later you will also be taught about badges at the Magic Academy."

"Oh, that's how it turned out. Okay," said Vincent happily.

They also went to the Magic Academy to do the entrance test, Vincent was very happy because he would enter an Academy. However, it even backfired him, the real test was not at the time of the entrance test, but when he had entered the Academy.

Gabriel_Alfando Gabriel_Alfando

Apologize for the writing errors that occurred in Chapters 1 to 3, we have fixed the wrong writing.

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