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At first few chapters I thought it's gonna be a great novel. However, as the story continues it seems that the story is a bit fast paced. And the characters are too overpowered. Anyways you have to read it yourself to decide if I'm right or not.
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Check my comment at chap 64 for my other opinion Setting transition too fast It seems grimson is the only main character what I mean there is no other protagonists only side characters is what I felt there isn't even a companion (small character that travels with mc a bit then parts away due to reasons) even his monsters aren't sentient most fantasy novels have beasts/monsters/plants that lived long/attained a certain power level/ will attain ability to speak or show emotions other than their natural instinct
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Hello friends and writer of this novel I like the story of this novel but there are some points that i would like to share with u. 1. Slow down story a little, I mean don't bull**** for slowing down in story 2. If you can write long chapters. 3. Talk about more when mc got new ability and how he grind his abilities. 4. Try to post chapter on fix intervals ( 2 chapter per day or 1 chapter per day as u can complete)
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Fun novels though the power levels can be seen as kinda broken. Expect anime references and skills but still enjoyable to see. I think this deserves more reviews and I wish the story can continue.
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I'm going to shamelessly post this review, just ask me anything you want and I hate 140 Characters thing, don't you? I mean what's the point? Someone could just spam random things or say random things like i'm doing
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