Nathan then walked towards their study room which is beside their living room. This house was designed by Nathan and Emily. They both had their sketches of their future home.

To compensate for both, they decided to mix both designs and made it. This house was duplex with living room, dinning, study room and kitchen with one guest room on the ground floor. where as master bedroom with patio , 2 kids bedroom on the upper floor. there's a bigger patio on the top of the house with a jacuzzi and a hot tub. on the Ground floor from the dinning there's a opening to the backyard through floor to ceiling glass window / drag doors which open up all the way to the living room. The back yard is surrounded with oak trees near the fencing. To the left of the backyard there is a rectangular swimming pool of 750 square feet.

Nathan didn't bother knocking the room . when he entered his wife, Emily was sitting on the floor with her elbows on her knees and the head on her hands covering her eyes. --

Emily Danvers Scott. Emily is a 28 years old woman. she is born Australian, American citizen. Soon after her middle school, Emily left to America with her mother. She came back only for the wedding. But soon she decided to leave US and stay in Australia for her husband. Emily owns a company back in US ; EMO. EMO is the world's largest producer of bullwt proof vest. that even have research Center in US. Emily is beautiful 5 foot 9 inches tall woman with baby blue eyes, natural copper blonde hair, and a breathe taking hour glass figure. ---

This scene was never seen by Nathan, ever with Emily. that was because he never went searching for her.

He didn't make any sound, so Emily wasn't disturbed. Beside her was her mobile with on going call on speaker. On the other line was a woman called Haley.

Haley : I can't do this anymore Em. I am sick of these bastards.


H : are you even listening? ii am the only one blabbering for the past 30 minutes. respond damn it!

E : what do you want me to do? Fire them? we will loose the whole company.

H : I never said to fire them.

E : if you have any ideas f...

H : come back here.

E :..

H : you heard me? Come back to US. Divorce him. He doesn't deserve you. Pete still loves you ,he is ready to court you. all you have to do is divorce Nathan and give Pete a chance.

E : shut up hales.

H : tell me that Nathan took you to dinner yesterday. or at least wish u. ok.

leave. Did he even call you? Tell. me he did either one of these and I will shut up. I will believe that you are happy. tell me!!

E : He did. He took me to dinner last night.

Nathan was surprised. He didn't even pick her call up. Why is she lying. And that to here best friend.

Haley James Scott was his wife's best friend back in US. she is now the acting CEO of Emily' s company in US since 4 years. He knew this 1 month after their wedding.

H : Go on. Lie to me. I may believe you someday. But remember Em, you can lie to the whole world. but not yourself. how many more years are you planning on to try. maybe you can stay like that forever. but I can't see you like this throught your life. listen to me for once. come back here. Forget him. You have to come back for your life.

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listening this Emily disconnected the call. she then burried her head in her legs. Nathan was shaken by this call. was she really gonna divorce him. was she going to leave him?. he was scared for the first time. scared of losing his loved one.

Just a she was going towards her, Emily' s phone rang again. " Dad" was the caller I D.

she sighed and picked up. it was on speaker again.

E : Dad...

Thames Danvers : I need money.

Emily had the most saddest look on her face. Nathan was getting more shocked. he never saw her talking to her dad like this. Emily and Thames were inseparable since her childhood. Thames dotted Emily a lot. but what's wrong?

Thames Danvers was a well known person in Australia. Danvers industries were tthe biggest suppliers for guns in Australia. no one can imagine him asking his daughter for money.

Nathan knitted his brows listening to gather - daughter conversation.

E : I don't have any left dad. where --

Thames : stop with your nonsense. send 50,000 A$ to my account now.

E : only if you say where you are.

Thames: don't get on my nerves Emily. send it else...

E : or else you will steal for more alcohol. go on then. atleast the cops will catch you and put you behind the bars. maybe then I don't have to worry about you going in a accident or something.

Thames : Emily....

E : I miss you dad. and mom too. we can't have her back. you should agree that. please stop drinking. for me. tell me where you are. it been 2 years dad. you have to move on. that's what mom would want too. please tell me where you are.

t- tell me that you are safe. please daddy...

Emily now broke down crying. She was sobbing too hard and was unable to breathe properly. jus then Thames replied.

Thames : I miss you too sweetheart. I am safe okay!. I am alive and in one piece.sorry but I may not call you for a whole now. Be safe. don't worry about me. I love you Emmy. Bye.

with that Emily cried more.

she was out of breathe.

Nathan's heart broken looking at his wife. She was not the same fierce lady that he married 4 years ago. She's gone. This Emily is heart broken, lonely.

Nathan immediately went to her and embraced her tightly. He kept stroking her head and Wishpered on her ear " it's ok, it's ok" many times.

Nathan couldn't stop himself looking at his wife in such a state. Emily was shocked as she just experienced some one hugging her. when she heard Nathan's voice, she cried even harder. it was the first time, first time in 4 years of marriage that her husband embraced her and wispered comforting words to her. She longer for this moment.

Emily wished that time stops. wished that she could stay in his arms forever.

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