Chapter 5: JEALOUSY

Kate was looking at them with Bewilderment.

Kate knew how stubborn these both were. And both were not in that position of their relationship for babies. But late hoped that this proposal will make them take that step. But this was absolutely amazing.

Nathan and Emily looked at each other with puzzle. Each of them thought the other won't be ok with it so, they said yes. They were still lost in the dilemma when Kate distracted them witha promise.

" Look I know that you didn't expect this answer from each other. But this should the best for you both. Now I will hope that by the time me and your dad will come for Christmas, we will have the baby on the way.

Holy sh*t I will be grandmother within a year.!!!!!! "

Kate had happy tears this time and left the couple alone.

It was a awkward silence. This silence was practically killing them inteenally. They held their breathe. this was until a good 5 minutes. the cold is broken by PA Nick's arrival.

PA Nick never saw his boss with his wife. He instantly regreted the decision of meeting the boss at his home.

" Nick, what brings you here? " Nathan spoke as soon as he saw PA Nick leaving.

" Boss.. I'm sorry to distrub you but I need a signature on the palm contract papers for tomorrow's meeting. "

" get them here and take a seat. "

Nathan said indicating the couch in front of him.

"Nice to meet you Madam Scott " nick said taking the seat in front of them.

Emily nodded with a smile and greeted him

" nice to meet you too Mr. Nick. please take a seat, I'll go get something to drink. "

She said the last line seeing Nathan and he nodded.

All she could think was about their answer to Kate.

Soon she brought some lemonade for them and sat on the same couch where Nathan sat.

After PA Nick left, kate came inside and informed them. about her going back you Sydney within 2 hours.

They bid their goodbyes and Nathan went yo airport to see his mother off.

While coming back, he could only Emily.

he had to explain her.

With the baby, he knew misunderstandings would occur and he doesn't want their baby you suffer because of them.

He had your talk with Emily.

soon after he reached home, Emily was spotted in the living room talking over the phone with the laptop on her lap. She seemed busy.

He sat in front of her and played with his phone.

Emily was sick of her board members at EMO.

It was Pete on the line with her.

Emily : I can't attend the meeting. I'll talk to all of them personally. I informed haley, so -

Pete : why can't you come? it's been so long Em..

we miss you here. come back.

Emily sighed

Pete Andrew, was Emily's friend since a long time. They went yobthe same university. also Emily knew that Pete had a long time crush on her.

When she informed him about her getting married, he went crazy. But he was down when Emily him that he and Emily were only friends.

This didn't make Pete back off from her. he still kept trying to claim her.

Emily : I have my reasons Pete! . don't force me. I'll come only when it is really important. it's not like I'm neglecting my job as CEO. what else do you expect from me. it was fine till now, 4 years. what's suddenly going wrong that you want me there. I have updates and every thing is just th way it is supposed to be.

Pete : I miss you

Emily : I have to go. bye

Emily was irritated. Pete was continuing to force his feelings on her and she is mad. she regreted being close to him.

she leaned her head back and closed her eyes thinking " today is not my day. ".

Nathan was looking at jwe without even blinking. he saw all the emotions. anger, irritation, stress,. tired. it was crystal clear on her pretty face. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

when he heard pete's name, he was unknowingly jealous. he he couldn't help but ask her.

" So this Pete guy, he has a crush on you?

Emily then figured about the person in front of her. she really didn't see him coming.

and when he asked her, she was happy. that he cared for her. she had to reply,

" He does. he confessed to me before our wedding. I told him that we only friends but he doesn't accept that. "

Emily never hid anything from Nathan.

Nathan wanted more - " he works for you? "

" yes " Emily replied without hesitation

" Do you have feelings for him? " Nathan asked with a tight heart. hoping that she would say no instantly.

Emily was mad at her husband.

she was so done with him. she trusted him so much but in return he would only doubt her feelings. she didn't expect this. She was mad that her mind made those words some out of her.

" So what if i have for him? Does it mean anything to you? "

She regreted at the instant they came out. Lucky for her, Nathan found that she regreted by her expressions. Her face was just transparent to him.

Nathan was tightly clenching his fist. At that moment, he could only thing of how to kill Pete. He was feeling insecure, jealousy and this made him ask her the stupid question ever.

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