90.9% Conflicts of Dawn / Chapter 10: Arriving at the tree of life

Chapter 10: Arriving at the tree of life

"It is good to see you again Alu." Harith cheerfully says as he guided them along the caved entrance of the tree of life.

"Likewise. I haven't seen you in awhile." Alucard responded which made Harith bow his head slightly, something they usually do as sign of respect.

"Tell me what has become of you now. I never heard from you." Alucard asked, which made Harith a bit guilty for not letting on his savior about his condition.

Nevertheless Harith nodded, a grim line forming in his lips, as if he was thinking deeply about something.

"The day you found me and brought me to the empire. It changed my whole perspective on the demon and orc situation we have for years. It made me realize I do not want to be helpless anymore especially when time came my people would also need me." Harith claimed, a cheery smile on his face again.

"That's why I signed up to train in the empire. It was a good thing Tigreal knows you were the one to bring me there. I do not know if I can ever be in the magic council if not for that." Lastly he added.

The demon hunters looked at each other confoundingly, having no absolute idea who or how Harith and Alucard somehow knew each other, even when Harith said he was his savior, their conversation was still bleak to the point it makes them want to question more.

"I am glad you had become chief now. I knew you'll achieve great things in the future."

"Thanks master Alucard." Harith says for the last time before arriving at a grand hall inside the tree of life.

Many were awe-stricken at the expanse of the closed space, and even the demon hunters could not comprehend why there exist in the tree of life, a great wide corridor. But that is not just the reason to be astounded, in the center of the macabre walls of the great hallway, was a deep seated person, presumably the king Estes, together with someone who seems to be conversing with him.

"Your highness." Harith announced, abruptly cutting off their discoursed.

"Someone asked for you audience."

Miya and the elf king Estes simultaneously looked up to see who has spoken. Alucard at the moment could not help but notice Miya who stood next to the king, an icy glare in her face as if their prescence was not made aware to her.

The king however, did not respond and instead barred his line of sight to the demon hunters standing atleast a few feet away from him. The demon hunters, feeling the king's gaze could not help but shudder at the coldness. Somehow, the king has an effect to them, his title was just an added precaution to be in fear of.

The expedition head gulped, for once, afraid to speak out. His lungs seemed to be empty in air as he struggle to release the words in his mouth.

"W-we...I m-mean y-your h-higness. W-we ask..."

Harith almost rolled his eyes at the ridiculous reason to be frightened of. And instead interjected.

"Your highness. They request that you ail master Alucard on his worsening condition." Harith exlaimed which made the expedition head sigh in relief.

The elf king, once again, did not responded nor stirred in his position. Eyes still trained on them, he motioned the one mentioned to come forward. Alucard followed suit and kneeled in front of the king. The king Estes closed his eyes, merely laid his palm on Alucard's head, and eventually know what Alucard's problem was. It was for a brief second and the demon hunter's could not believe their eyes upon hearing the words come out from him.

"Abyssal poison."

They almost clapped back up, unknowing if the ordeal was a lucky guess. With what the king demonstrated, they could not help but chatter at the matter.

"Why is the king so kind? I thought they say he is 'non-accomodating'." The demon hunter trainee asked in a hushed whisper.

"I know! With all the commotion about him!"

Another one chimed in. "How can he diagnosed him with just tapping his head?"

"He must be that good!"

"Silence" The voice echoed, making the trainees jittery, and weakened from head to toe.

"I can hear you conversing."

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Unbeknownst to them that Miya as a matter of fact can hear their hushed conversations. It was a skill she acquired during her intensive training that led her be wary of other's prescence.

"Yes. What you heard is true about others. The king does not accomodate. Unless you're someone who is familiar with the kingdom. You have saved someone from our kind. And we thank you for that." She implied, clearly pertaining to Harith.

Miya looked at the demon hunter trainees, then to Alucard who still has his gaze on her, before landing her eyes on the seated elf king. He motioned for her to head outside, and with the unspoken words, she immediately knew what the king mandated. Bowing as a sign of respect, Miya hastily walked out of the grand hall.

A few moments of silence passed as they watch Miya's retreating form, Harith spoke in return.

"We must go and follow the king." He blatantly said before bowing to the now standing king.

The demon hunters, although unknowing of the casualties of royalty, bowed in respect for paying heed to one of their kind. The king ushered a waving hand, dismissing their formality and set foot at the direction of the exit with others silently complying.

The expedition head could not help but pry on the situation. "So...chief umm magic council...umm sire..." He trailed on, not knowing what to address Harith as.

"Harith. Just call me Harith." Harith replied, plastering his mouth into a thin line.

"Harith...if I may ask. Where is the king taking us?"

Harith for a moment did not respond.

"To the center of the elf kingdom. The moon lake." He calmly replied.

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