44.44% Demon queen / Chapter 4: Chapter 3 dungeon guardian 2

Chapter 4: Chapter 3 dungeon guardian 2

But what make roger amazed is all of them only a little kid but have so high level cultivation, a green haired kid throws something on the enemy crowd and suddenly six tree growth out from that place and tree branches attacking the enemy.

The branches attacked like a whip, some of enemy flying out like a kite, some of the enemy is tied by the tree branch and dryad innate ability active, mana drain or energy drain, this ability will absorbing enemy energy and this energy will be use by feline the dryad to recover the energy when she use to manipulate the tree.

Not only to recover energy, this ability can also be used to catch the enemy.

Felice methods is more simple, because all of the enemy is male felice simply use her innate ability charm to entrap the enemy and make them follwing her willingly, with this ability she can charm the enemy who have mental power below her to fight for her until their death.

Even though she in her kids form her mental power is strong and with her high cultivation she can charm the enemy easily.

sasha command them to catch the as many enemy they could catch to be use as food resources for sasha subordinate.

Of all the sasha subordinate the easiest to keep is ark the lich king and the dryad queen feline, because the only need mana to life, after it is bruce the dark alchemist because he is the only human of all sasha subordinates, after that is draco, lucia, and wallace which only need to eat meat to living, and rustam the elf king which only need vegetable, and the most difficult to manage is william the vampire which need blood, felice the succubus which need man fluid and lucia the ice queen which need lower themperature place to live.

So they need these enemy as william and felice food, that's way only felice and feline move to fight the enemy while the other stood there to protect sasha soldier.

The enemy's troop is around 6 000 people, but their power is far lower than felice and feline they only around level 7 to level 9 body tempering stage, while the strongest of them is julian at level 6 qi gathering stage but he alone can't fight again feline and felice more over her opponents ability is weird so he quickly run away.

But whem he run about 100 km he found a wall, he try to attack the wall to escape but the everytime after he attack the wall will repairing itself in the visible speed which make julian dumbfounded, so he decide to change direction but wherever he run to he only met a wall and those wall have the ability to repair itself.

Julian is tired and he decided to sit under the tree to recover his energy, but when he sit there the tree suddenly sprouting another branch and tie him up, julian suddenly feel his energy is drying out quickly.

A girl head with a green hair suddenly appear from the tree and she said "you didn't try to run away anymore?".

Julian shocked, and scream "how? How did you appear here suddenly?".

"this one of my race ability, 'embodiment of forest'" said feline innocently.

"you...you are demon?" asked julian scaredly.

"yes, i am tree demon dryad" said feline.

Hear her confession julian whole body is shivering, he never thought he will meet the demon like this, he is a demonic cultivation so he knew how horrible the demon is.

So he try to free himself using his demonic energy which can corrode the living thing, but it's useless not only it didn't have any effect on the tree even his energy in drain rapidly and make him feel weak a girl voice sounded "it's useless you know, your demonic energy is weak again my life energy, all of your energy will become my food so just give up"

"please don't kill me, i will do anything for you, i will make an oath that i will follow you for the rest of my life" said julian weakly.

Feline look at julian innocently she smile brightly and said "don't worry none of you or any of your subordinate will die you know".

Julian get his hope back and ask tearfully "really, you wouldn't kill any of us?".

But the loli's next pull him back to hell, the nodded her head to him and said "yes, you are our food resource so my queen will not kill you, don't worry he will use every part of your body wisely".

"nooooooooo" said julian scream weakly in despair before he lose his consciousness.

The loli's take julian to get back to the castle.

Meanwhile roger look at the kid's, he confuse where this incredible kid coming from and this baby dragon too, he heard about dragon much from legend the sacred beast which will have a divine core cultivation strength when it's mature. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

But he never hear the dragon who have a strength qi releasing middle stage when it's hatch from the eggs, he only hear from legend they only have strength around level 1 qi gathering stage, so he knew this dragon have a superior bloodline than normal dragon.

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