79.48% Spider-X / Chapter 31: X-Force #10

Chapter 31: X-Force #10

Opening scene the X-Men have gathered in the kitchen after the sparring match between Peter and Logan. Logan is visually upset downing his third beer since entering the kitchen. While Peter is whistling as happy as can be making pancakes and french toast for everyone.

"So Logan ready to hold up your end of the bargain," I say with a big smile on my face as I flip a pancake.

"I ain't wearing a goddamn tutu," Logan said glaring at me.

"But a deals a deal shouldn't you as an adult be telling us to always keep our word," I say trying to put him in a corner.

"I'm a shit role model," Logan says as he gets up and walks out of the kitchen taking a six-pack of beer with him. I just roll my eyes and begin serving everyone breakfast. Everyone minus Logan is pleasantly enjoying themselves talking about the fight and their lives looking at the situation this felt like one big family sitting down for breakfast. Thinking what my life used to be like I can't help but smile and think how happy this situation makes me.

"Peter you ok," Kitty asks.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be," I say smirking.

"I don't know you've got this look on your face I've never seen before," Kitty says with a slight smile.

"Oh, what look is that," I ask leaning closer.

"I guess content is what you would call it," Kitty says.

"I've just haven't been this happy in a while," I say honestly.

"Ahhh, Your gonna make me cry, Peter," Bobby says wiping away fake tears.

"Can you ever be serious Bobby?" Kitty says annoyed. I check my watch and see I have to leave soon.

"I got to go to work see you later," I say winking at Kitty. I grab my bag as I'm packing my web-shooters I think I have to rework them considering I have natural webbing now, but I don't want to lose my taser and Vibro abilities. "Hey Doc after you check me up later think you can help me with my web-shooters," I said to the blue furry man halfway through a stack of pancakes.

"No problem," Dr. McCoy says excitedly. I open the door to walk outside when my spider-sense goes off and I notice something was thrown in front of me. At first, I think someone threw a rock but then I see it was a grenade and the pin was already pulled I slammed the door shut and screamed: "EVERYBODY GET DOWN". As soon as I finished the bomb went off blowing the door off the frame and sending me flying into the kitchen with everyone else. After the bomb went off several men in non-descript military uniforms charged the building. The X-Men were surprised, to say the least, but acted quickly. Storm got from the table first and created a gust of wind blowing all the soldiers who advanced inside out

"You are not welcome here," Storm said with a wave of deep anger in her voice and like it was the most natural thing the X-Men prepared to fight back against these attackers. I'm still slightly stunned from taking the brunt of the first explosion but get up once I hear Storm's battle cry and see her outside launching bolts of lightning at dozens of men. I activate my new powers and join in the fight. I see Logan slashing men with assault rifles and taking bullets with no protection. Bobby is freezing whatever soldier comes his way and Jean and Scott are back to back knocking down men like their dominoes. I look up and see Dr. McCoy running and jumping around like an actual animal. He's such a smart refined man that I sometimes forget how much of an animal he really is.

(Xavier where are you were in trouble here) I call out to the professor with my mind in hopes he hears this.

(Peter, Doug and I are safe in the danger room I sensed the attack is everyone ok) Xavier responded.

(Were all fighting it would be helpful if you could knock them all out with your powers) I think.

(I've been trying but all the soldiers must have psychic inhibitors blocking me like the ones Magneto has if you can get them off I could shut them down) Xavier thinks.

(Alright be ready) I say as I swing out to the battlefield and web up a few soldiers and rip off their helmets only to see their eyes roll back in their heads. (Thanks professor) I think.

(No time to stop there are plenty more soldiers to go) The professor warns. I quickly run off and do the same to some other soldiers to see them get knocked out.

"X-Men they have dampeners in their helmets remove them and the professor or Jean can knock them out" I scream over the gunfire and thunder. As I said it I saw Kitty phasing through as many soldiers as she could taking their helmets with her. We begin working together as a team knocking down soldiers and taking off their helmets as I swing by to help Kitty my Spider-sense flares and a gunshot is fired from a distance away and I barely move out of the way in time. I look up in the direction of the shot and see a flash from a tree in the distance when I realize they have a sniper. Judging based off the line of sight it looks like he is aiming for me but suddenly changes directions and I see the only other target in the vicinity is Kitty. I rush to her and scream "KITTY PHASE NOW". Before Kitty could register what I said I heard the gunfire again and kitty hit the floor. I rushed to her side and see the bullet only scratched her but the fall knocked her out. Suddenly the world stopped moving for me my blood was on fire and all sound ceased to exist except for my own heartbeat. Acting completely on instinct I started to web swing toward the sniper he fired some shots to stop me but my danger sense alerted me in advance. I landed right in front of him on the tall tree's strong branches I grabbed his gun and crush it in my hands like it was made of paper. The sniper got up and pulled a second gun which quickly met the fate of his first. I then grab his right hand and begin crushing it, I heard him scream and cry out in pain but for some reason, it didn't bother me, in fact, I wanted him to scream more. I picked him up by his collar and held him against the trunk of the tree.

"LET ME GO MAN I'M SORRY I'M SORRY," the sniper said.

"Sorry," I say coldly. "You come to my home try to kill the closet thing I have to a family and you say sorry," I say as a dam breaks within me and the cold tone I had before is suddenly replaced with an angry one.

"Look I was just under orders I have no skin in this it wasn't personal," The sniper says hoping to reason with me.

"Not personal, NOT PERSONAL" I scream the last line and I go to punch him but for some reason, my fist doesn't stop and I see blood lots of blood my fist went through him. The sniper's eyes go white and his body goes limp. I pull back and see my fist covered with it and think "what did I do" "I never meant for it to happen" "I killed him" "Why would I do that" as I think this my body starts to feel weak and suddenly everything goes black.

******3rd POV

The X-Men were in the middle of the battle when it looks like Kitty one of the younger X-Men got hurt and her boyfriend Spider-man went to take down the shooter who hurt her when suddenly he kills the shooter. The fight was ending and most of the men knocked out when Peter falls from the tree to be caught by Jean with her telekinetic powers.

"What just happened," Kitty says confused and in shock coming too and seeing her boyfriend murder a man in cold blood. Xavier rolls out to the battlefield and tells the team to bring Peter inside he exchanges a knowing look with Jean and Logan as the rest of the X-Men follow behind as they apprehend the soldiers who attack them. Peter was placed down on a bed in Dr. McCoy's lab Dr. McCoy immediately got to work studying the young mutant he pulled out dozens of devices took his blood and measured his biological functions to see for any irregularities that could have caused his actions.

"What's wrong Dr. McCoy what are the new powers Peter has and why did he do that" Kitty asks scared of everything that's going on.

"I'm not sure Kitty I've only just started examing him give me a moment" Dr. McCoy explained trying his best to calm down the young brunette. Kitty looked around the room and saw everyone's reaction Storm looked worried, Bobby still surprised and scared, Doug left the room as soon as Peter was safe in the lab, Scott seemed suspicious of Jean and the professor who themselves looked guilty, while Logan appeared calm.

"Are you going to explain what just happened?" Scott said in a serious.

"Scott I want to tell you but I can't," Jean said with a sadness in her voice. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"BULLSHIT" Kitty yelled "It's obvious you, Peter, Logan, and the professor are keeping secrets from the rest of us now tell us you owe us an explanation," Kitty demanded

"Kitty some things are difficult to talk about," Xavier said in a calm tone.

"She's right Chuck," Logan said surprising everyone "She deserves to know they all do".

Jean and the professor look at each other assumingly have a telepathic conversation before Xavier speaks up and explains "Jean, Logan, and recently young Peter are all members of a secret task force I created that perform missions outside of the country" Xavier tells his team everything he has done in the name of a better world all the lies he's told the secrets he's kept and the people he has recruited in his mission. After he finished explaining the room fell silent the only sound was the heart monitor attached to Peter.

"Who were the soldiers that attacked us," Storm asked slightly angry

"They were independent contractors sent by a group called the Weapon X program," Xavier said.

"Weapon X?" Storm said curiously.

"Their psychopaths that make mutants weapons they're the ones that put metal in my body," Logan said coldly.

"So your secret strike force put us all in danger" Storm said with an accusatory tone. Xavier looked hurt and guilty by Storm accurate assessment of the situation.

"But wait how did being apart of X-Force give Peter new powers," Bobby asks.

"Our last mission was to destroy a new mutant controlling parasite in North Korea" Jean explains. "This parasite is supposed to enhance a mutant's natural abilities while making them susceptible to outside influences" Jean continues.

"So Peter's infected with something and that thing made him kill a man," Kitty says.

"Yes," Jean said flatly.

"Well, why don't we just get rid of it and then he'll be ok again right," Kitty asks.

"I'm afraid it's not that simple we don't fully understand this parasite effects and all research on it we personally destroyed," Xavier said.

"But Dr. McCoy you must know something studying Peter" Kitty practically begs.

"I've discovered this parasite as you so call it is some kind of living entity that seems to affect the mood chemicals in Peter's brain which would explain his behavior for the past day" Dr.McCoy explained.

"Past day what do you mean," Bobby asks. A look of realization strikes Kitty's face when she remembers how Peter has been off all day he's been super upbeat and content in his mood and he was downright cocky in his new abilities to fight Logan.

"It's been giving him mood swings all day," Kitty says out loud

"That would be an accurate assessment" Dr. McCoy states.

"Well if the only real problem is the parasite is giving him mood swings can't Jean and the professor help with that" Bobby asks.

"Yeah, can you" Kitty face lits up with hope. Jean looks at the professor and says "That could work we may be able to put barriers in his mind keeping the parasite from fully accessing his mind we may even be able to stop the mood swings entirely with some psychic therapy".

"It's possible but we don't know how the parasite or even Peter will react to it, it could lead to unforeseen consequences" Xavier sates.

"Why won't you help professor he's in this situation because he trusted you and when you have the option of saving him you want to leave him like this. You claim to want to help mutants, but you haven't done much helping lately all you've done is care about yourself. Want to know what I think PROFESSOR XAVIER YOU'RE A JERK". Kitty yelled the last part loud enough for the whole house to hear. Xavier looked at Kitty first appalled then remorseful feeling that she is right in the end.

"Professor I know it's risky but I think this is Peter's best bet at controlling the thing inside him," Jean says giving a hopeful look at the young girl in front of her.

"Your right I'm sorry I have been only thinking of myself I will help," Xavier said looking Kitty in the eyes.

"Don't tell me your sorry tell him," Kitty says stepping out of the way allowing Xavier to roll to the side of Peter's bed Jean stood behind him and they both closed their eyes and prepared to enter his mind.

******Inside Peter's mind

At first Jean and Xavier stood in a white space devoid of any signifying structures but as they walked forward they began to see places and people spring into existence.

"These are Peter's memories correct," Jean asks the professor.

"Correct" The professor states.

"I'm not sensing any abnormalities or any outside influences affecting his mind are you?" Jean says curiously.

"No let's dive deeper," Xavier says examining his student's mind. They both walk deeper into Peter's mind they see important moments in his life his first fight with Magneto, him meeting the X-Men, Him getting his job at the Daily Bugle, and him living in the foreclosed home.

"Wait do you sense that," Jean says sensing something ominous just up ahead. They both focus their power and see what looks like shadows moving in Peter's mindscape they walk towards them protecting themselves from the shadow with their own psychic abilities as they walk into the shadow they see on the other side a small house isolated from the rest of Peter's mindscape upon closer inspecting Jean and Xavier see the shadow they sensed before enveloping this house.

"This must be the center of the parasite it must feed off the memories associated with this house," Jean says examining it. "But what is this house to Peter" Jean asks.

"It was his home before he became aware he was a mutant," Xavier says.

"How do you know that," Jean asks.

"I looked up Peter's history when he joined only the most basic information where he went to school and how he came to live on the street" Xavier states. "But now is not the time to talk we must enter and see if we can hold back this parasite affecting his mind,"

They both enter the house it seems eerie and unsettling as they walk forward in the house's living room is Peter kneeling on the floor with a vacant look in his eyes.

"Peter is that you" Jean runs forward putting her hands on his shoulder. Peter looks up but only stares at her blankly before looking at the ground again he whispers something.

"Peter did you say something" Xavier comes forward and asks.

"Its all my fault," Peter says in a flat tone "He's dead because of me" he continues.

"Peter you weren't in control at the time we need your help to free you from this parasite," Jean says shaking him trying to get him to wake up. Just then gunshots and glass breaking are heard all through the house and a man is lying dead in front of Peter he looks middle-aged and is lying right in front of Peter.

"It's all my fault" Peter continues.

"Peter it's not real these are all just memories your mind is putting on a loop we need to get you up and back to the real world with the people that love you" Jean pleads.

"I think we'll have to force him, awake," Xavier says. Just then a scream can be heard throughout the house.

"YOU KILLED HIM, HE RAISED YOU AND YOU KILLED HIM" The voice screamed. at first, it was hard to tell where it came from but them the shadows around the house formed into a person a middleaged woman who kept screaming about how she raised him how she cared for him with her husband and hoe Peter repaid them in death and misery. Jean created a psychic barrier between with Peter, the professor, and her inside and the woman outside screaming.

"The parasite must be affecting his memories making him stuck in some kind of depression loop," Xavier says.

"How do we get him out" As Jean said this the shadow all around the house began attacking her shield.

"We need to figure out something fast my powers aren't going to last forever," Jean says.

"We need to keep the parasite at bay and establish barriers preventing it access from Peter's mind for those to be at their most effective Peter has to be awake, you focus on waking up Peter while I fight the thing plaguing his mind," Xavier says as he rolls out of the barrier he bings firing psychic energy at the monster holding it back and giving Peter and Jean time.

"Peter you need to wake up, we need you, Doug looks up to you, Bobby respects you, Kitty loves you," Jean says pulling Peter in for a hug.

"Kitty," Peter says with faint recognition.

"Yes, Kitty the opinionated girl who you love you have to get up for her, for yourself you need to get up" Jean demands. As she says this the light returns to Peter's eyes.

"Jean where are we," Peter says.

"We don't have much time but were inside your mind and to keep the parasite at bay we need your help to make a more permeate barrier," Jean says in a hurry.

"How- I don't" Peter stumbles over his words not sure what to do.

"Peter it's ok were in your mind your the one with the power here if you want that shadow gone all you have to do, is will it hard enough," Jean says reassuringly. Peter gets up and becomes determined and rushes to Xavier's side and suddenly Peter is in his Spider-Man uniform punching and kicking away the shadows form the wheelchair-bound man.

"Peter for this to truly work you need to use all your power to push the shadow in the dar recess of your mind," Xavier says.

"I'll try," Peter says. As he says that Peter starts to glow and shadows are burned by his light he walks forward and somehow grabs the amorphous blob of shadow burning it in the process. He opens the basement door and throws the shadow in what looks to be infinite darkness. Xavier and Jean walk behind him and with a flick of their wrists, several locks appear on the door locking it shut.

"Peter it's time to wake up," Xavier says in a calm tone.

******Peter's POV

I wake up in what looks to be a hospital and see Jean and Xavier standing over me.

"What happened," I ask rubbing my face with my hands. Just then Kitty basically tackles me to the bed crying holding onto me for dear life. That's when I remember what happened and realize I killed someone I got infected with something and killed someone before I knew it tears were falling down my face and I held onto Kitty hoping to never let go.

Anthony_Essex Anthony_Essex

What do you guys think ruff chapter right? With this X-Force, arc is brought to a close but not without consequences.

Anyway I always liked the symbiote with Spider-Man so I made it for this fanfic but I always thought it would be better if the weakness the suit gave were more psychological like emotional instability or mood swings. Anyway tell me what you guys think

Comments (4)

  • WolfLord


    The Symbio already did that in the first place the other effects of course was growing dependence addiction on it when the symbiote left people would go into organ failure and die so your symbiote only has minor side effects.Thanks for the chapter on a good story

  • Anthony_Essex


    I actually didn't know that thanks for reading and all the comments ;)

  • ddsurvivor


    Thanks for the chapter

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