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Chapter 138: Dominique's Origin Story

Alec speechlessly looked at the screen, which showed the area where Tatiana and Dietrich met.

He wondered whether or not Dietrich would be able to recognise Tatiana, hesitating for the briefest moments.

He had been planning to drill the Spectres for a few months before they finally met his requirements, yet he couldn't put this down. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

What if Dietrich didn't know that she was Tatiana?

Would they end up fighting the moment they met?

Alec, who hesitated only for the briefest moment before he resolved himself, had already made up his mind before he could think about it further.

He was going.

Alec checked the latest mission that Dietrich had taken, seeing the words 'Gorgestar Canyon'.

It had been three days, and Dietrich should have been back already had there been no problems, yet he still hadn't reported back. Since he'd undertaken an easy bandit extermination mission that even the weakest of the inner sect disciples could complete, this discrepancy should have already alerted those in charge of the mission hall.

In this case, the sect would issue a scouting mission.

Alec directly sent a message to the sect master, immediately getting back a message of Dorian approving. Alec going out to look for Dietrich was fine, but only if he brought Dominique along with him.

[Warning, Warning!]

[Bringing Dominique Falren along will cause the plot route to deviate.]

[The deviated plot route cannot be calculated.]

Alec locked eyes on that message but disregarded it in the end.

This world, 'Incantix' that he now lived in wasn't static, nor were its inhabitants stationary.

There were countless actions that would influence the flow of the world, yet bringing along a single Dominique would entirely change to flow of a plot?

He didn't really want to risk it, yet how would he know how much could change if he couldn't personally test it out?

Alec checked Dominique's [Plot Route].

Dominique Falren, born to Dorian Falren and Vivian Highwood.

Born on a cold, winter day, the child's personality seemed to reflect the ice that had dusted the grounds ever so lightly on the day that he was born.

The Heavenly Ascension Sect was his home, and the people that lived in the sect loved him.

He was the sect master's precious son, and his pure, clear purple eyes made him look like a miniature version of his father.

Though his father doted on him, his mother had disappeared one day. However, even when that came to pass, the elders of the sect never changed the way that they reacted to him, remaining warm and cordial.

The boy, though cold, had a pure white heart that hadn't been tainted by the outside world, shielded from the harsh parts of life by the adults in his world.

Yet, under the combination of meticulous care and affection from those in his world, the Sin's heart melted slowly, becoming a still pool of water, reflecting back what he was shown.

It wasn't until the first time where an elder brought him out to gain some experience that the true nature of his Societype acted up for the first time.

The blood that rushed through his veins caused his eyes to widen for the first time, the rush of excitement bringing colour into his pure white world for the first time. The violence from his actions surged through his body, making him incomparably excited for the first time in his life.

Everything that he'd experienced previously felt like a blank imitation compared to this feeling.

Dominique was hooked.

He couldn't get enough.

His instincts were screaming at him. Screaming for the first time, where the boy suddenly became aware of the gaping hole that had been left in his chest.

He'd never been able to connect properly with anyone else in the sect before, yet the blood that leaked out between his fingers made him feel alive for the first time.

When Dominique turned around with a wide smile, he was not greeted with a smile of his own, but instead horror, disgust and fear.

Had it been just that, he was sure that he would have been able to endure it, yet the feelings that had been invoked in the elder's eyes never went away or faded even a little.

It broke him.

Shattered him.

Had he not experienced the affection and adoration from those in his life, he would never have known what was missing, yet he had.

He never knew what he had was so precious until he lost it in a single fleeting moment.

They had directly shoved him from heaven into the coldest pits of hell, where the coldness chilled him to the bones, burrowing ice deep, until it felt like Dominique himself was made entirely of ice and chill.

So, it broke him when they discarded him. Their hands flinched whenever Dominique tried to touch them, and they kept a clear berth from him.

They never said a single thing, yet the way their eyes turned to follow him whenever he entered the room never left his body, as if he was some sort of abomination that had to be put down.

The little boy didn't know how long he tried before his eyes went hollow, before whatever feelings that he might have felt died out from inside out, withering to nothingness. All he was left with was the void.

What followed were years of him following his instincts, following the call of his blood, in the vain hopes that the empty gape in his chest would be once again filled.

The various elders remained, physically there, yet emotionally they were distant and blank. Only one spoke out against him time and time again. Elder Polren.

However, Dominique was hollow, and his words did nothing to deter him from the path that he was already treading.

When he'd left the sect one day without any reason besides the feeling of searching for something, he reached Welkton City, where there was chaos in the air, and fear was spread throughout the city.

Dominique laughed, breathing deeply as his blood sung.

There was something calling him.

There was magic in the air that called him to follow and follow he did.

In a mansion that was separate from the city, the calling grew stronger and stronger.

Though the lights were on in the mansion, the heavy scent of death permeated the air. Dominique shivered. There was something going down that night.

Slipping into the mansion, Dominique followed the scent so unique to death. Something whispered to him in his mind. This was destiny. He was going to find something that made him long for his entire life, where he would find devotion and experience affection in turn.

There was a lovely singing that echoed in the air, and Dominique followed like a moth to the flame. A few people tried to get in his way, but he cut them down without another glance.

He didn't even feel the normal bloodthirst that usually plagued him when he took action, only having eyes for the magnificent bird that had appeared.

An Ash Phoenix.

It was beautiful and resplendent. The death that shrouded the phoenix seemed to be its true nature.

At this moment, someone intruded into his happy space, causing Dominique to reflexively try to kill him.


"Quite a mouth you have on you there, boy," Dominique sneered. Crass words that he usually heard every time tried to go against him.

Yet, the Ash Phoenix made a turn and successfully recaptured Dominique's attention – right until it landed on the child's shoulder, nuzzling his hair.

His attention caught, Dominique, for once, didn't make a move before he could think about it.

The Ash Phoenix and death's chosen avatar.

Unfortunately, before he could make a decision, he was forced to flee, where he returned back to the sect, only to be sentenced to three years of solitary confinement.

Dominique regretted it.

He should have stayed around death's personification.

Fast forward three years, and Dominique joined the group that death's avatar created. The Spectres. A fitting name for a group belonging to death himself.

Followed were a series of question marks, as events that had not yet taken place.

Alec read up to this point and stiffened. If the [System's System] had a materialized form, he would have shaken it.

What sort of tragic origin story was this! It upset him greatly just reading about it when he thought of the Sin going through all of that before he'd met Alec.

More importantly, where was the future plot!

Rxel Rxel

Top 50: 4 bonus chapters

Top 150: 3 bonus chapters

How can you be a Main Character without a tragic backstory, right?

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  • Sayraah


    Thanks for the Chapter Just found this book today and decided to finish it today And I LOVE it!!!

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    Cool story. Still murderous psycho. Who actually invaded the family of sect members to murder their servants for the lulz.

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    That’s true but whyyyyyy???? Why though? It’s so sad 😭😭 TAT

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