93.33% Archonlight System / Chapter 42: IN THE ARMS OF THE WOMAN I LOVE



There's no blood.

As soon as the fire wings have been removed from Yufa's back, it immediately disintegrated into specks of embers. It may be a limb created by mana, but it can inflict a traumatizing pain on the gilded girl.

"Aaaaah…. aaaaaah…." Yufa cried softly in exhaustion.

She desperately tried to crawl her way towards me. I want to reach her hand but I'm about to suffocate from being imprisoned in a giant slime bubble.

"...Yu...fa…" The blob is muffling my voice.

"...Zi...Zion…" Yufa's eyes are about to lose its glow.


The demonic silver-haired man laughs like a madman, his arms spread as if he is putting up a spectacular show. Then, he glared at the crawling blueberry-haired girl who is trying to escape from him.

"Your screaming voice is better than when you sing. Kehahahahaha!!!"

The mad demon grabbed Yufa's shoulder and forced him to look at his face. He used his left lower leg to press Yufa's thighs on the ground to prevent her from using any kicks. His left demonic claw grabbed both of Yufa's wrists and pinned it above her head.

"N...No…" Yufa's tears crawled on her cheeks. Terror has completely devoured her body, mind, and soul. At this moment, she has abandoned all hope.

"Kehehehehe!!!" The demon laughed as he revealed his right hand which was crawling with dark embers. It shaped into a hand with razor-sharp nails that can easily sink into Yufa's skin.

"No…. Nooooooooooooo!!!" Yufa's cry echoed.

Hearing that cry made my mind in full blank. Never realizing the dangers of the whole situation, I find myself charging blindly to the beast that is about to kill a person dear to me.

"Yufaaaaa!!!" I jumped forward and using all my momentum, speed, and strength. I bashed my skull to the enemy's forehead. The force of the impact made the slime blob covering my head blasted to several thousands of pieces.


Even at my full force, that headbutt wouldn't do any damage to my enemy. The least it did is to push the enemy back, away from my dear Yufa.

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The demon grabbed me by the neck and squeezed it tightly. His dagger-like nails sink into my veins, windpipe, and esophagus. I can feel a warm liquid flow through my collarbones.

With his other left claw, the demon stabbed through my chest and withdrew it immediately. Now there is a huge hole in my body, and there is a vital organ missing.

-My heart.

I saw my very own heart at the demon's left claw. Losing his temper, he immediately crunched it, and my own very heart burst like a water balloon.

"Aaa…..Aaaaah…." My voice is empty. All I can create is a silent whistle through my throat.

"Ziooooooon!!!" I heard Yufa's screams.

As soon as the demon is done with me, he dropped my soon-to-be-lifeless body on the ground. Yufa immediately cradled me on her lap as her never-ending flowing tears wash my bloodied face.

"Damn it, Ichijo!" The mysterious hooded Archon exclaimed. "The Queen's order is to take him alive! Now we have failed the mission, just because you lost your temper and got so worked up!"

The demonic man turned his back to me and slowly walked away from the scene. He didn't reply to his Archon. He just wordlessly left, just to be swallowed into the darkest road.

"Mission failed! Retreat!" The Archon of the demonic madman said as he prepared to run away.

"What about the elf!?" The other Archon asked. "Let's take her! We need to run experiments on the Time Priestess!"

"Do what you want! I'm out of here!" The Archon ran away, following his demonic Fighter.

I couldn't see what the other two mysterious persons did to Aisha. I don't have the strength to move anymore. But hearing their words, I'm pretty sure that Aisha is still alive. And now that they have left Yufa alone, I'm just glad that Yufa is not dead.

This is not the time to worry about others, though.

My windpipes have been completely broken, and my lungs are no longer consuming any air. Without a heart to pump blood, my whole body functions have ceased completely. But even though, my sense of touch is working.

I can feel Yufa's hand locking to mine.


-I can still hear her beautiful voice.

She brushed my hair so that it won't cover my eyes. Blinking is a crucial job at this point, as there is a risk of not opening my eyes once I close it.

"Zion… Please… don't leave me… I don't... want you to die…"

Yufa whispered her cries at me. Her hopeless eyes continued to sprinkle tears on my face. I want to raise my hand and pat her hair, and even hug her, telling that she shouldn't cry. But my body has completely betrayed me.

I can feel my eyelids getting heavier every millisecond. I could no longer see Yufa's face or sense Yufa's touch.

Sensing my fading life force, Yufa hollered louder than ever before. She hugged me tight, but I only sensed a bit of her warm soft embrace.

"Zion! Please don't die!"

She may be screaming out of sorrow, but I'm glad that I can still hear her voice in my last moment.

I closed my eyes, fully satisfied that I'll be dying in the arms of the woman I love.


I just realized it.

I love her.

[Zion Casterdyne]

[Status: Deceased]


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