41.17% Fall In Love With You is Inevitable / Chapter 7: Take Care of Me From Now On

Chapter 7: Take Care of Me From Now On

Fang Moyu almost vomit all his blood hearing his boss shameless statements. What paparazzi?! What actors?! The hotel that has been arranged for her is not just any hotel a person can get in dammit!! It was the kind of hotel exclusively only for an influential person such as Prime Minister, President, and Royalty. It's not where any Tom, Dick, or Harry could enter as they please.

Velove thought what Jun Kaien said makes sense, and thinking about it deeply, if she were to choose to stay at a hotel, she would need to see many people. Furthermore, to stay and sleep in a room where all kinds of people have been at, she shudders at the thought and quickly agree with Jun Kaien. Not at all suspicious of him.

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Seeing the stunning lady beside him nodding her head, Jun Kaien put on a victory smirk on his face, although it was hidden in the shadow. He already made a lot of scenario to make her stay in his house 'memorable'.

Fang Moyu who had been listening and observing the pair of odd people on the backseat saw his smirk. He felt like he had just been thrown into a seat of roller coaster of emotions without his consent.

He thought the eternal winter on his boss's face is already terrifying, but this side of his boss was, without question, on another level.

After series of security checked up, the huge iron black gate finally opened and the car continued moving until it stopped in front of a normal two stories house.

The super genius Velove of Vladimir suddenly felt her IQ just decreased. She thought with a huge black iron gate and the best security equipments in the whole country, this man's house must as big as a castle, but it turns out it looks just like any normal house you could find out there. Sure, his house is quite big, but considering his status and prestige, this is out of her expectation.

Jun Kaien watched her funny stupefied expression with full of amusement. He doesn't know why but his heart felt very itchy, he had this urge to stroke her cheek and pulled her to his embrace and he was surprised at his own thoughts.

"Seeing my house like that, are you disappointed?" Jun Kaien nervously asked her. He suddenly wanted to hear her opinion about his house, if she thinks his house was not to her taste, he was ready to destroy it and build a new one that she likes.

"Do you mind if I ask you why?" Her gaze and eyes was completely focused on him. He could see his own reflection on her amethyst eyes. He was drowning in it.

"Sure, I don't mind at all" He stops for a second before continuing to answered her question, "I'm a solitary person, and I find it's such a waste of time as well as energy if I had to walk 5 minutes from my bedroom to the kitchen or to the front door, so why I had to torture myself if I could make it easy?" Jun Kaien usually hated it when he had to explain himself to other people, but the thing is, the young lady in front of him was not just other people, she is his- at least she will be.

Velove nodded to herself after hearing his explanation. She could completely relate to his reasoning, because whenever she wants to go to the dining room or any other room in her mansion on the Island, she had to walk for at least 4-6 minutes from her bed or study room. It was very troublesome.

"Mr. Jun, if you liked solitude, then I don't want to intrude. I will just find another hotel and that would be fine"

"Kai." Jun Kaien said.

"I beg your pardon?" Velove tilted her head confusedly.

"Please call me Kai.. and.. No. You are not intruding at all Miss Vladimir" in fact, he wants her to intrude. He wants her to be there in every corner of his life.

"Are you sure?"

"A hundred percent sure, and I insist. Please use it as if it is your own house"

Feeling his sincerity, Velove decide she will just accept it for now, but if in the future he feel bothered by her presence then she will just move out.

"Alright, if you insist. It'll be rude of me if I refused. You can call me Vivi and please take care of me from now on.." Velove bowed her head a little at Jun Kaien.

"Please take care of me too.. Vivi" Ah, he could finally call her with such intimacy, and of course, she doesn't need to be worried about anything, because he will definitely take a very good care of her.

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