98.36% Illimitable Fantasy Works / Chapter 55: Unexpected Encounter

Chapter 55: Unexpected Encounter

Within a dark alley, a group of men were huddling together, prepared to do an ambush. While one of their accomplice was baiting a certain Britannian who looked like a noble. Knife, bandage, rope and certain tools for robbing and kidnapping were also carried by them, especially by Shinichirō Tamaki who looked so eager in their little operation.

Looking at their eagerness and quick preparation, it seemed like they were already accustomed to these kind of things.

"Hey, do you know? It seems Prince Clovis la Britannia died in that attack on Shinjuku ghetto."

"For real?! Where did you get that news?"

"My brother-in-law happened to listen to a passing Britannian soldiers. Even the culprit is also unknown.

I don't know if this news is real, but their government is pretty much silent on this matter now."

"Haha! That's good to hear. That culprit may be a hero among us! That bastard Britannia prince really got his deserved death!"

"Hussh... don't be too loud, Tamaki. We are still doing the usual operation."

"My bad. I was just excited a bit."

"That's not a bit..."

When Rafi looked at his side, some murmurs could be heard from those old members of resistance group as they talked about Clovis' apparent death. He was slightly surprised that they could get the news so quickly. Though, he felt slightly awkward that it was him who was talked by them actually...

"*cough*...this...do you really need to do this every times?" Rafi asked, slightly dumbfounded.

"What're you saying, newbie?! This is a kind of welcome ritual for every new members!" Shinichirō Tamaki said as he glared at him.


"Haha, don't listen to Tamaki. He is always excited to do these things, Rafi.

It is just that we know about some nobles' wrongdoings, and it coincides with the fact that we need more resources now." Kaname Ohgi said calmly.

"Now that you're one of our members, we must share these crimes together. You can't back down now, hehe!"

"No, what I am saying is, your method is inefficient. Watch how I do it, guys." Rafi said as he smiled strangely at them before going toward that nobleman under their shocked gazes.

"Hey?! It is not the time to play around, newbie!"

"Wait a bit, Tamaki. Let him do what he wants. If thing starts going bad, then we will act to help him."

"Are you sure??"

"It is just my intuition, but he doesn't seem the type of person to do things he isn't sure to work."

"...well, even if he gets busted by that bastard of a Britannian noble, then we can consider it a lesson for him. Haha!"

Meanwhile, when those old members were still buzzing about him, Rafi already arrived in front of that Britannian noble, facing him close up. He was quite a stalwart man, with him being slightly fat. The arrogance of a nobility could be felt strongly from him, as if he saw anyone other than himself as mere ants, especially when he looked at the Numbers' residents.

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"Hm, no, don't be mistaken. Your looks is so unbearable to me that I want to puke at the sight of it. Instead, I am just looking at how much money you can cough up for me."

"You, son of bastard!! Just a lowly Numbers, and you dare to-?!"

Hearing his words, Rafi quickly made a hidden gesture of creating a runic magecraft to hypnotize that nobleman to do his bidding.

"You talk too much shit.

'Give me a half of your properties. I will contact you later for the details. And when I need more, you have to immediately provide it again. Of course, you will keep our conversation a secret to bring until your death. Understand?'."

"...understood, my Lord."

"You know, even if my old man is such a prankster, at least, he is still a good father of mine in this life." Rafi smiled coldly after he put that Britannian noble into a trance, as he then spoke several more commands to that Britannian noble before borrowing his phone.

'It may be good idea to call him now. This Britannian noble can only provide our resources for some time, but it won't be enough if I want to quickly upgrade their strength.'

Shortly after, Rafi called using a secret code he left for that man as he said calmly after their connection was initiated,

"Yo. It's me, Third Prince."

"Wha-what do you want?! I already did as you asked, didn't I?!"

"No need to be too paranoid like that. Even more so when I only want you to be 'died' for awhile, Prince Clovis."


"Anyway, if you keep shouting nonsense, I will activate the curse on your body, alright?"


"Good. Now, I want you to transfer some resources and funding to me periodically. I will inform you the details later on.

I know that you are able to do this much with your secret stash. Otherwise, if you can't, hehe..."

"Hhiii!! I will do it! Really, I will complete it to your demand!

Th-then, is that all?"

"What? You want me to ask more? Fine."

"No, no, it's not like that... Please have mercy on me, Mr. Magician.

It is just, since you asked me to pretend to be dead, then you should have been aiming for the next governor, right? One of my brothers or sisters..."

"Oh, it is amusing that you are unexpectedly quite sharp. Go on."

"No, it should have been one of my sisters. Some of my brothers are still unfit or they are too good that it is a waste for them to be instated as governor of Area 11...

Wait, it can't be! You're aiming for Cornelia or Euphy-?!"

"Ok. That's all for now. I will call you up again if something more crop up, Prince Clovis."



'Hu, that's quite a surprise. Even if he is a hedonist, he is still a Prince in the end. But, even if you knew, there are some things that you can and can't say.

However, you should be glad that Charles could actually talk to the dead through the Thought Accelerator. If I didn't also have a concern due to that, your head may have rolled off by now, Prince Clovis.'

"Now, that's over, time to go back."

As he quietly thought to himself, he glanced at the shocked gazes of those old members. He smiled lightly to himself as he then went over to them, explaining that due to his 'persuasion', the Britannian noble had agreed to send some provisions for them in which they only lacked the agreed place. He added that they shouldn't worry for the security, as it had already been solved. Even if they were mostly skeptical about it, they decided to see the truth of his words and sent another newbie to receive the unexpected goods.

Amidst their mostly surprised and shocked stares, Rafi lightly excused himself as he said that he had another place to go. Though, he had another layer of mystery on his true identity, seeing that he easily solved their provision problem. Even so, they still restrained themselves because they respected Kallen's decision, as Kallen usually had a good eye in judging someone.


Meanwhile, inside a secluded villa in a corner of Area 11, Clovis could be seen smiling wryly after his phone call was cut off.

"Mr. Magician is really a strange person. If he wanted to, he would be able to kill me with ease back then.

But, he took this roundabout path to make me 'die', just to lure my sisters? Isn't he just too considerate of them...?

Even so, Father is also not a simple man. He should know that my death is just a ruse. I just don't know who will he send in my place.

But, ugh, Mr. Magician also had those strange and evil methods. Really, if I was told to choose, Mr. Magician is much more scary than Father...

Nah, it is a confrontation among two behemoths. I don't want any part in their fight. Besides, lying low like this is fine. Even if one of them win in the end, perhaps I may be able to keep my current life.

Sometimes, living a quiet and serene life like this is also nice..."

Inside the hidden villa, Clovis was accompanied by several of his trusted maids as they took care of him for the meantime. His connection to outside world was mostly cut off, as he lived a secluded life until Rafi said otherwise. Even so, it seemed that he was enjoying living such a quiet life as he went to paint for most of his time...


After excusing himself from the group, Rafi went toward Ashford Academy as he walked calmly through the city. The architecture were actually pretty good and neat, as Clovis seemed to pay attention more on the art of it. Even so, the gap between Numbers and Britannian could be seen along the street as Number mostly received unjust treatment, outright or subtle bullying. If he passed them, Rafi lightly solved their case of bullying through using rune magecraft. Considerring that bullying Numbers residents was an everyday sight, onlookers only saw that those bullies were bored to it as they finally left those Numbers alone.

Although, when Rafi was passing by a certain hotel, however, a shadow flashed above his head, quickly falling to his direction.

"I am sorryyyy!!!" A pleasant feminine scream could be heard along with that falling shadow, as it was unexpectedly a young woman who fell down from the nearby hotel.

Hearing her scream, his instinct kicked in as he lightly glanced upward before catching her softly when she was about to fall to the ground.

"I am sorry... I have inconvenienced you greatly..." That young woman had a pair of sunglasses, while her hair was seemingly tied to a bun inside her travelling hat. Even so, some of her pink hair could be seen as her apparent disguise couldn't conceal some of her charm.

She was a familiar sight to him, as he immediately knew her identity. Though, he kept it to himself, and acted as if only a bystander to her.

As he looked at her, and then at the hotel's window, there was a line made from bedsheets hanging through the window until almost reaching the ground. It was clear that she had just snuck out from there...

"Hn. Please don't make such stunt again, girl. Do you run away from a bad person? If so, I may be able to help you."

"Ahaha...no, they aren't bad people. They are just too strict sometimes." That girl said with an awkward laugh to his sincere question.

"Is that so? Then, I don't think you need more of my help. I will take my leave here, as I still have another matter to do. Just don't make your guardian worry too much at you, ok. Bye-!"

"Wait. Could you please accompany me through the city? It is my first time coming here, please..."

"Ugh, it can't be helped then. Just this one time, right?" He replied as he quietly thought, 'It seems I will need to postpone my trip to Ashford Academy...'


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    I just want you to know that your story is awesome Keep up the good work author

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    I have an idea for you to consider, maybe u can send him to a dungeon world with a limitation when he is entering it. Example when he is going to god of high-school he will be limited to just only use physical ability so no magic,except magic eye. Or go to tower of god,it's seem fun. Use some limitations when entering a dungeon so the story wouldn't became stagnant and boring. That's all,1 Vote for the new chapter btw~

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