100% Jack Schnee [RWBY] / Chapter 30: Escape! Escape! Escape!

Chapter 30: Escape! Escape! Escape!

To begin with, I used my aura to create binds around Cinders arm and legs. Its not unbreakable but it should hold her in place for a while since she doesn't have maiden powers anymore. Now I have to think about how I'm going to escape. They don't wait for me to finish my train of thought as they all rush to attack me. Eve and Ruby fired of some shots at me but they simply bounced off my armor. Olga and Jaune rushed at me from two different sides hoping that they could catch me off guard and deal some damage. Unfortunately for them, I know all their moves and abilities. Jaune tried slashing at me from the side and although Jaune has improved by leaps and bounds. I still fight with him all the time and know his moves like the back of my hand. I quickly move out the way and push him into the direction Olga was coming from. Olga tried to attack me with his bracelet but was met with a flustered Jaune instead. He stopped his attack only to collide with Jaune and fall onto the floor. Blake, Yang, and Kim rushed forward next to attack me. Yang managed to punch me and sent me into Kim direction. Kim used her red pole to hit me a few times on my back while Blake ran towards me ready to fight. Since I had no weapons I used my hand (covered in armor) to block her attacks. After a few blows there would be an opening I would use to punch or kick her. She sometimes used her semblance to dodge but I wasn't disturbed or caught off guard since I was expecting it. Thinking that Jack would become suspicions if he doesn't attack, I summon Bagels and a couple of Grimm near Jack to make it appear as if he summoned them. I ordered them to attack myself as a couple other people rushed to attack me such as Nora, Pyrrha, and Jack. Eventually, it was just too many people and things to keep track of and I started getting hit by a lot more attacks then I was expecting. Thinking that my armor wouldn't be able to keep up, I chose to use the fall maiden's power to send a burst of energy out of my body towards the ground to send myself into the air where, I could keep using the energy to send myself to someplace away from here. As I was escaping, a green light wrapped around me and pulled me toward the ground. I look down and see that Ozpin was using magic to restrict me. Ozpin control is much stronger than mine since I just got this power so I was slowly being pulled back down to my fate. Thinking that they probably be less obvious from up here, I used my devouring power to sever the connection Ozpin had to me and used my newfound powers to escape from Beacon and head into town with a new disguise.


[Dark Phantom (Jack) P.O.V]

Taking Jack's place in the dance is a pain. Why did I even offer to help him out in the first place? Honestly, I think it may be that I'm looking at a mirror. I feel like he's just like me. When I look at him, I can see the darkness that lurks in his heart just like it does with me. I think he feels the same way about me except that he sees the good in the darkness while I only see the bad. I go over to the punch table and grab some punch thinking that I'll probably have less to say if I'm drinking the refreshments. I don't have to worry about my voice since I can also shift my vocal cords to match the person I'm imitating, but their knowledge and experiences are completely lost on me. I go over and give some to Kim with a grin on my face thinking that I'll kiss this girl while Jack is away and establish my dominance. I head over and give Kim the drink and she starts talking about the party.

Kim: Hey. You good.

Jack: Yeah, just handled some business. What's up with the dress on that guy?

Kim: I don't why Jaune put on the dress, but its pretty funny if you ask me.

Jack: I don't think I could ever rock a dress (not in a male body that is).

Kim: Do you remember when we went into that town and fought against that horde of Grimm.

Jack: Yeah, it was a lot of them and that weird robot man was there too. I'm glad I wont have to deal with the likes of him anymore.

Kim: The horde was a big part of the problem, but I was more worried about the family we came across that seemed to be related to the robot man.

Jack: Well, now that he's gone, the family will be much better off and will be able to relax again.

Kim: Yeah, its just that I can't help but feel that they need someone else there with them to give them all more strength. It just seems like a piece of them has been separated from them and in order for them to truly be happy, then it needs to return to them.

Jack: Do you know enough about their situation to make that judgement?

Kim: Probably not. Its just a gut feeling I have.

Jack: It's scary how accurate that seems to be.

Kim: Do you know if I'm right then?

Jack: No, I just think that your right idea, but that's just a gut feeling of mine as well.

Before I knew it Ruby was contacting everyone in the immediate vicinity to help stop this fight happening in front of the tower. I knew that Jack must have been seen, but I couldn't just do nothing. I quickly gave him a warning that people were coming, but didn't get a response back. What's going on? Is he ignoring me or did something happen. I went with everyone to where the fight was going on. Obviously, I couldn't summon any weapons since I didn't know the code so I was kind of worried that our plan might be seen through. All those doubts faded from my mind as I took in the scene before me. Jack had his hand over her throat and was about to kill Cinder. I couldn't help but smirk that I was right about him and that he had the ability to become just like himself. My smile faded away as I realized that we interrupted him and that Cinder is still left alive. Well, you know how the fight goes at this point, so lets just skip to the part after the battle which will be told in the next chapter of Jack Schnee. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

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    Thanks for the chapter bud! Will Ozpin realize what Jack did at the end? Guess I gotta wait and see, also great work as always 😁

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