47.5% Can't help falling in love / Chapter 19: I'm a bloody surgeon

Chapter 19: I'm a bloody surgeon

"I know. I'm sorry..." Ethan apologized​ , stepping away from her.

Samantha raised her head to look at him, pale face, bloodshot eyes , heavy breathing....

He must be having high fever

Samantha unknowingly felt bad.

She grabbed his arm to help him walk to the bed.

She then grabbed a bottle of antipyretic and handed him "Eat"

Ethan raised his eyes to look at her stern face.

She was ordering him. Yes, she was ordering him.

But he liked it.

If it was someone else... he would have lashed out on them by now.

He took the tablets and swallowed them with a mouthful of water. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Samantha looked around the ward, which has just survived a disaster.

She shakes her head....how childish this man is?

"Sleep. We need to run some tests on you after your fevers comes down" She said as she was tidying the room.

Ethan lie down on the bed watching her as she busied herself , moving here and there.

Ethan smiled, he liked it this way.

"Sam" he called her after some time.

She didn't remember introducing herself. Weird!!!


"Stay at night too" he asked sheepishly.

"...Why?" She asked back raising her brows at him.

"If I got fever again at night..."

"Other nurses are here for the night shift"

"You stay... I'll double your salary"

Samantha raised her brows at her

"Oh then I'll give you double your salary if you will stop insisting for me to be your nurse, how is it Mr. moneyhead ?"

Ethan was choked dumbfounded by her words.


Do you even know how much my salary is??


Zach got a call from Hugo informing that Ethan's having high fever and on top of that he is not eating his medicines, when he was only halfway to his office, Tang was also with him.

So they returned south side to check on Ethan.

"Ethan ...f-uck you..." Zach roared angrily but he stopped midway through, spotting that little nurse there.

Ethan smiled at him cheekily. His ever calm best friend has lost his cool because of him.

There are probably a few times in his entire life when he has lost his cool and it's always because of Ethan.

"Bastard" Zach cursed his friend.

"Hey little ki... Erm...Sam" Tang quickly corrected himself. His calf's still hurting.

Samantha nodded still busy tidying around.

"Medicine?" Zach asked touching his forehead.

Ethan nodded "Yeah..."

"I'll tell aunty if you cause anymore trouble" Zach warned. Ethan loved his mother the most and is always scared of worrying his mother.

"How old are you? Grow up, still threatening me with 'Tell your mum stuff' " Ethan scoffed him.

"But it still works, right?" Tang chuckled.

He looked at Ethan who was busy is stealing glances at Samantha.


"Hey Sam my leg hurts, will you give me a massage?" He asked grinning, noticing her glare he added " you are the one responsible for it"

"You deserve it"

"But aren't​ you a nurse it's your job"

"I'm not your nurse"

"Fine!! Give Ethan one. Isn't that a part of your job" He was deliberately making things difficult for her. So that this fierce little thing will give in to his friend.

Enough of it!!! I can't tolerate them anymore

"Job my ass!!! I'm a bloody surgeon!!!" She shouted. She has lost it totally "Asshole"

She cursed and stormed out of the ward to wash her hands.

sassy1497 sassy1497

Hey readers , give my novel a chance to survive please.

It's my first novel my first love no probably more important than my first love ha ha.

So please support me I'll get better. I promise.

Love Love♥️

Comment (1)

  • Alihaa


    Your novel will surely survive. Marks my words author you are too talented if this is really your first novel. I'm supporting your work fully. Never give up!!!

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