97.95% The Irregular In ATG / Chapter 45: Soul Realm

Chapter 45: Soul Realm

"I am unfortunately not the person you are looking for."

Tatsuya indifferently answered the woman before her, despite the suffocating pressure directed at him. He stared back at the woman without backing down. He knew that showing a little bit of weakness will make the situation more troublesome.

"Then, where in the world did you learn of that name?!"

Anger. It wasn't the composure that a Former Ruler should possess. Tatsuya knew that the Phoenix God can't control her emotions because of his utterance of that name. It was a piece of information that he managed to unearthed from this planet, through the usage of his Elemental Sight.

It seems that when the Phoenix God left a piece of inheritance within the Blue Star Pole, she also carved the name which she always treasured. After all, she knew that after leaving an inheritance in the Blue Star Pole, the war against the foreigners will ensue. She might fall from that chaotic war, and she wanted to at the least make sure that the name she always treasured of, will be remembered.

"It was carved on a rock deep within this planet. Your original body's aura still lingered around it, and I reached a conclusion that it must be connected with you…"

Tatsuya knew the exact location of that specific rock. He wanted to receive that rock himself, but the flames surrounding that exact space could burn even a strong Divine Realm Practitioner. It wasn't a treasure that was worth for Tatsuya to completely risk his life.

"Can you tell me where that rock is?"

I see. Tatsuya thought to himself. It seemed that when the single soul fragment of the Phoenix God halved into two, some of its memories got foggy. Even the other half of soul fragment will stake everything it currently has, just to learn the location of that rock.

After all, that rock is powerful enough to completely allow the whole soul fragment of the Phoenix God to recover the lost part of herself. It wasn't her physical body, nor her previous strength from Primordial Era. It was the Phoenix God's True Flame!


Tatsuya kept quiet even before the Phoenix God's pressure. He won't answer her question, without a fair trade happening between the two of them. This was the sole reason why he even bothered to meet the Phoenix God. He wanted to get something out of her knowledge.

"Tell me, what do you want?"

"Soul Realm…"

The Phoenix God widened her eyes in shock. It was a term that she hadn't heard for a thousand of years. She can't believe how the young man before her even knew of its existence. The mythical realm that even the Ancestral God can't step into.

"You know too much for an Earth Profound Realm cultivator. I was already surprised of your talent to bridge the gap easily, but this…"

"You can imagine whatever you want, but you must at least tell me what you know about it if you want me to answer your previous question."

Soul Realm is the other term for the Quintessential Realm. It was the mythical realm that could allow Tatsuya to directly enter the realm of omnipotence. He wanted to learn any kind of information about it for his sole purpose and desire.

"Soul Realm is the Realm beyond the current known realms in existence. Ancestral God already possessed nigh-omnipotence power, but it still wasn't in the level of real omnipotence. It wasn't enough to keep herself from dying because of the natural cycle of the cosmos."

"I see. So that is the reason why she split herself into different fragments…"

It made sense. Tatsuya felt that way when he first encountered the different information about the True Gods of this universe. Even then, he couldn't help but narrow his eyes, as the White Tiger God entered his thought. He was sure that his Master knew more information about the Soul Realm, but he felt like even his Master isn't at that realm.

He didn't know where that hunch came from, but he felt this some sort of feeling that even the White Tiger God haven't reached that realm. It surely might be wrong, but there's a high possibility that it was right.

"Then how…?"

He muttered to himself, as he recalled the rare oddity within Xia Qingyue's body that allowed him to enter the Quintessential Realm. In the process, he managed to retrieve back his emotions, as well as his wandering soul. If not for that coincidence, Tatsuya might haven't even woken up from that soulless state.

He knew from the information he digested from the Information Realm that the Heart of Snow Glazed Glass couldn't possibly allow someone enter the Quintessential Realm. Because if that was indeed the case, Xia Qingyue would have directly entered that realm of power.

Something is different about her Heart of Snow Glazed Glass. Tatsuya inwardly thought. It seems that he must really seek her out for the same purpose, and that is to learn more about the rare oddity within her body. Her attitude is really something, but he knew that it was only because of the backlash from Frozen Cloud Arts.

"That is the only information and details that I know of regarding the Soul Realm."

"I see. It's more than enough. Then I'll tell you the exact location where you can find the rock. It currently resides in the Cloud End's Cliff. Is that enough?"

"Yes, thank you."

The Phoenix God bowed, expressing her utmost gratitude. She could sense from Tatsuya that he wasn't lying at all about the location of that rock. She didn't really care about her True Flames, but she only wanted to regain every memory she lost from being separated to her true body. The Phoenix God's True Flames is just a bonus from seeking out that rock.

"What's your name, benefactor?"

"Shiba… Shiba Tatsuya."

"I see. Shiba Tatsuya, I'll wake them up now."

The humanoid form of the Phoenix God suddenly vanished before Tatsuya, as she returned to her previous form. The huge scarlet eyes floated in the air like a god overlooking the world. But Tatsuya can't sense the hostility any longer. He knew that he learning of that rock saved him from becoming the enemy of the universe.

Chu Xin, Fenlong, and Feng Xue'er regained the lights on their eyes, as they still stared at Tatsuya and the hovering Phoenix God. It seems that they weren't even aware that they fell asleep, but it made things more convenient for the Phoenix God and Tatsuya.

Chu Xin and Fenlong gravely stared at the Phoenix God, as they struggled to hide their hostility towards the Phoenix God. Tatsuya felt warm when he saw their gestures. They really are his comrades, aren't they?

"Humans, you don't need to be so angry anymore. I already deemed Shiba Tatsuya to be an ally of this god."

The voice of the Phoenix God reverberated across the entire enclosed space, as Chu Xin and Fenlong slightly relaxed their bodies. Feng Xue'er also stared at Tatsuya and Phoenix God with a relieved expression.

"Shiba Tatsuya, I'll have to thank you first."

"For what?"

Tatsuya felt confused, because he knew that his business is already done here. He's currently analyzing the profound veins of Feng Xue'er, in his curiosity. Because it might possess something that could allow him to consolidate his current strength.

"When you deployed the Space Formation Diagram, Feng Xue'er regained her freedom. I always thought that it was best for Feng Xue'er to be locked away in the Phoenix Perching Valley, but recently, I'm hesitating about it. Your appearance allowed me to completely wash that hesitation away. Thank you again."

Tatsuya nodded at the Phoenix God's gratitude. He just finished analyzing Princess Feng's profound veins, and he discovered that her profound entrances are all open. It seems that she's indeed a heavenly genius. Aside from the Phoenix Flame within her profound veins, it wasn't any special that could allow Tatsuya to gain more attributes for his profound veins.

"I also have to thank you again, and I have finally regained myself."

Tatsuya nodded again. When he mentioned the name of the Phoenix God, it seems that her clarity of mind returned. The corruption of the world's desire vanished from the Phoenix God's soul, allowing her to regain full control over herself. But it was soon bound to happen, thus Tatsuya felt nothing.

"My business is done here, but I would like to ask you to allow my companions to cultivate here."

"I'll have Xue'er guide them to the best locations."

"You have my gratitude, Phoenix God."

Tatsuya bowed towards the Phoenix God for accepting his unreasonable request. Even the core members of the Divine Phoenix Sect weren't allowed to cultivate here, only Feng Xue'er was allowed to. Chu Xin and Fenlong followed Tatsuya, and bowed towards the Phoenix God.

"Then Xin'er and Fenlong, remain here and cultivate."

"What about you, big brother?"

Chu Xin looked at Tatsuya worriedly. She doesn't want Tatsuya to leave her again, as Tatsuya could clearly see it from her shaking hands. She had grown too attached to Tatsuya. They really look like siblings now.

"Don't worry. After you guys are done cultivating, I'll come back again. I still have an unfinished business, so I'll take care of that while you guys are cultivating."

"Is that really true, big brother?"

Chu Xin clutched Tatsuya's robe with her shaking hands. She felt anxiety and nervousness. She didn't want to be away from Tatsuya again.

"Yes, I promise. I'll come back for sure. Trust your big brother."

"Then I'll believe in you!"

She then took a step forward, and tightly hugged Tatsuya. Her hug was so tight, as if she was afraid that Tatsuya might just suddenly disappear from her grasp again. Still, she believed at Tatsuya that he will come back no matter what. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Fenlong, cultivate well. The purity of Fire Elemental Energy here is the purest in this planet. Don't waste this chance bestowed upon you."

"Yes, Master."

Fenlong bowed towards Tatsuya. He felt grateful that Tatsuya allowed him to gain such chance. He gripped both of his fists, as he swore to not let down Tatsuya's expectation of him.

"Then, please follow me."

Feng Xue'er waved her hand, as she enveloped Chu Xin and Fenlong with her power. Chu Xin and Fenlong felt a soaring power around their body, enabling them to fly. They couldn't help but feel surprised that the little girl at the same age as Chu Xin, is actually already a cultivator of tenth stage of Tyrant Profound Realm.

Chu Xin and Fenlong waved their hands at Tatsuya, bidding their farewell. Determination filled their eyes, as they both desired to gain more strength from this chance. They wanted to prove themselves, that they really are worthy to be Tatsuya's companions. They don't want to be a burden.


The three of them then flew away from Tatsuya and the hovering Phoenix God. Tatsuya just stared at the directed where they vanished, as he made sure that they are safe. He knew that the Phoenix God wouldn't take back its word, now that it finally managed to regain herself.

"What do you plan to do now, Shiba Tatsuya?"

"I'm leaving for the Blue Wind Empire."

Tatsuya answered the Phoenix God's query. Revealing where he would go wouldn't really matter, as the Phoenix God still had her own plans. It seems that she is really considering on going to the Azure Cloud Continent where the Cloud End's Cliff is located.

Tatsuya then waved his hand, as a complex formation diagram materialized around his body. It emitted the dominating power of space, as even the Phoenix God can't help but stare at it in wonder. She could feel that as long as there's an enough power source, the formation diagram that Tatsuya just deployed could allow him to teleport anywhere.

"I'll be back, Phoenix God."


In that single instant, Tatsuya vanished from the enclosed space that the Phoenix God created. Not a single trace was left, as if he didn't even exist in the first place.

The Phoenix God stared at the sky, as her eyes pierced through the air, as her gaze landed at a dark space. Within that dark space, a scarlet flame lit up and brightened the surroundings. The space revealed a throne with a scarlet woman sitting on it. The woman had the same appearance as the humanoid form of the Phoenix God that Tatsuya saw.

"It's time to correct everything…"

The Phoenix God muttered to herself, as she also vanished from the enclosed space. It was the time for her to fully regain herself, attaining her peak form. No one was aware of it, other than Tatsuya, of the Phoenix God's plans. But it didn't bring any negative effects, rather it will bring positive effects that will benefit the whole planet in a whole…

Osolation Osolation


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