90.74% The Irregular In ATG / Chapter 46: Mirror of Samsara

Chapter 46: Mirror of Samsara

The surroundings felt just like the previous night in the hills of the Floating Cloud City. There was this chilly wind that would go around and touch your body. The stars hanged in the sky, while shining brightly like diamonds.

Suddenly, a slight disturbance that not even strong cultivators would detect, manifested in the hills. The space was distorting silently, just like a snake preying for its predator. The profound beasts immediately ran away from this disturbance, as they have strong sense of space disturbances.


A young man silently appeared within the hills of the Floating Cloud City. He possessed an indifferent gaze that would make you wonder why he possess such eyes. He stared at the Floating Cloud City under the hills.

"It's been a while, and it seems that nothing changed at all."

Tatsuya murmured to himself, as he immediately perceived the different presence inside the span around of the Floating Cloud City. Aside from Xia Yuanba and Xia Qingyue who left for their sects, their father is still living a healthy life.

"…This is unexpected."

Tatsuya said to himself, with an inaudible voice. His access to the Information Dimension allowed him to constantly receive information about the world. Nothing could escape his perception, unless it's hidden very well. Even that hidden information could be traced, as long as Tatsuya would put his mind into it.

"I did not expect that the young man from that time is her husband."

Tatsuya felt amused, as to how fate seems to be manipulating everything behind his back. However, he didn't believe in such thing. He is the one who's controlling his fate, not somebody else. It wasn't something that Tatsuya would even hesitate about.

"Xiao Che, was it?"

Tatsuya focused his mind on Elemental Sight, as his innate ability gathered more information from the Information Dimension. Little by little, he could receive information about the young man named Xiao Che. He felt surprised by the information he received from the Information Dimension.

(He was poisoned by his cousin just because of his marriage with Xia Qingyue. That poison instantly killed someone of him, who doesn't possess any profound veins. Then, the Mirror of Samsara suddenly brightened in that single instant, as he suddenly regained consciousness…)

Tatsuya inwardly thought, as he slowly shook his head. This is unprecedented, as Xiao Che actually managed to activate it through someone else's interference. He fell into deep thought, as his Elemental Sight gathered more information.

He could gather such information, because even materials from nature have their own senses. Basically, everything that exists is Tatsuya's eyes. It allowed him to gathered an infinite amount of information, as long as it happened in reality.


Tatsuya pulled out the Mirror of Samsara from his Spatial Ring, as he inspected it closely. It looked crude and ordinary compared to even cheap necklaces. It didn't emit anything special, but Tatsuya could sense it through his Supreme Territory that this necklace possesses an extremely unique power.

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As long as the owner or wielder of the Mirror of Samsara desired something, this object would manipulate everything just to make it happen. It seems easy, but Tatsuya knew otherwise. This item couldn't be activated unless you possess a bountiful amount of Primal Origin Energy.

Only True Gods could possess and control such energy, but Tatsuya is an exception due to his unique capabilities. Xiao Che also didn't possess such energy from that time, based on the information from the Information Dimension. This only pointed into a single thing.

"Somebody interfered in that specific moment…"

This is particularly troublesome. Tatsuya thought. It seems that someone is manipulating everything behind the scenes. Tatsuya is particularly weak to detection of existences in Soul State. His Elemental Sight couldn't detect them at all.

He didn't expect that just by coming here, he already managed to unearth a very vital information that might decide the path of this universe. Whether it leads to destruction or not, involves Tatsuya in every way. He can't allow this universe to be destroyed, unless he already had the prowess to access the Quintessential Dimension.

"Mo Yan'er, it seems that I might just spare your life after all."

Tatsuya murmured to himself, not afraid of somebody hearing it. He's always deploying a formation diagram around his body, whenever he's by himself. This formation diagram isolates the sound coming from Tatsuya, so he could only hear his voice-out thoughts by himself.

He stared at the sky, as he used his perception to sense Mo Yan'er who's within the Heavenly Sword Villa. Likewise, his stare made the young lady who's currently practicing a sword art, shudder in intense fear. He immediately retrieved his sense afterwards.

Tatsuya had already planned to kill Mo Yan'er in his travel to the Blue Wind Empire. After all, she might somehow broke free from Tatsuya's bind. But, with the current events stealthily happening around him, he considered to spare her life. Her innate talent, Partial Divine Sense, is particularly good at sensing physical and non-physical existential beings. Right now, it lacked its full capability, but Tatsuya knew that it'll be a strong weapon.

Suddenly, Tatsuya sensed his Divine Sense that he left to Xiao Che and the Divine Realm Practitioner vanish into nothingness. He widened his eyes in surprised, as it seems that the incarnations of the Dragon God's underlings managed to erase it sooner than what he expected.

"I already expected them to do so… Their capabilities really exceed one's expectation."

Tatsuya expected that it would take the incarnations of the Dragon God's underlings at least a single week to erase his Divine Sense. This prediction was based on their individual strength, and if they managed to prove this prediction false, then they must have used some sort of treasure.

They indeed erased the Divine Sense from Xiao Che and that Divine Realm Practitioner, but Tatsuya came prepared. One of his tasks from this travel is to directly head into the Grand Asura Nation where he last felt the Divine Realm's Practitioner's presence, alongside Xia Qingyue's husband.

Tatsuya then deployed an extremely complicated formation diagram that directly entered the Mirror of Samsara. It is a formation diagram that could instantly wipe Soul Imprint of the previous owner in a profound treasure.

It took not a single instant, but a few minutes before the formation diagram could completely wipe off the Soul Imprint of the previous owner. In that process, Tatsuya also sensed a sliver thread of Divine Sense from somebody else. It was from a very powerful powerhouse, possible at True God Realm.

"But, even if you're a True God Realm, you couldn't possibly sense my location with just a sliver thread of Divine Sense."

It was a fact, as Tatsuya knew that for that True God Realm powerhouse to even leave a thread of Divine Sense on an owned object, it had to leave a sliver of Divine Sense that doesn't even have a single drop of his power, else the Mirror of Samsara would automatically wipe it out. This specific thread is only a tunnel or passage where the True God Realm powerhouse transferred Primal Chaos Energy.

Tatsuya could feel whether someone is spying on him, even if it's a True God, with his Supreme Territory. But he couldn't feel anything, thus he was confident that the True God powerhouse could only monitor Yun Che because of the dimensional restriction.

A True God is too strong for this Blue Pole Star to sustain. This meant that a living True God Realm powerhouse can't possibly descend at this planet. The Dragon God, and the other divine beasts only managed to exist because they're only a soul fragment of their original self. They could only replicate the aura of their original self, not the strength itself. At most, they are only at the peak of Seven Divine Profound Realms.

Even Tatsuya's master, the White Tiger God, used a space-dimensional passage to connect his own created space where he could exist, to this planet. In this way, he could personally inspect the people who came for his inheritance, without collapsing the planet itself.

Tatsuya slowly grabbed the ownerless Mirror of Samsara, and wear it around his neck. He didn't know that even a drop of Primal Origin Energy can affect the Mirror of Samsara, as the heavenly profound treasure suddenly brightened in intensity.


In that single instant, Tatsuya's cultivation directly jumped into the first stage of the Emperor Profound Realm. This was possible because there was still drops of Primal Origin Energy left within Tatsuya's body, and the Mirror of Samsara used it to consolidate Tatsuya's cultivation.

His direct jump of cultivation wasn't ordinary, because the Mirror of Samsara forcibly consolidated and reinforced Tatsuya's cultivation base. He was now a real Throne powerhouse, and he wouldn't experience any backlash at all from this sudden jump.


Shock. This was the first time that Tatsuya felt shocked. It wasn't a half-assed shock, but a real emotion that was brought out because of the Mirror of Samsara. Tatsuya knew that he slightly activated the Mirror of Samsara, which he thought wouldn't happen because of the lack of Primal Origin Energy. However, the Mirror of Samsara activated by itself, as if intentionally doing so.

Tatsuya then felt his psions reserve instantly get absorbed by the Mirror of Samsara. This psions reserve seemed to have great effect on the Mirror of Samsara, as it suddenly changed form.

Different archaic engravings suddenly appeared on the Mirror of Samsara, as it's ordinary-like color suddenly morphed into that of transparent. It then forcefully teleported before Tatsuya, and seems to be inspecting Tatsuya in every different way.


Suddenly, the Mirror of Samsara directly entered Tatsuya's forehead. Tatsuya had longed entered the Information Dimension to avoid feeling pain. It is also a way to avoid himself losing consciousness, at the least, he could take drastic measure if the Mirror of Samsara tried something harmful.


The two lightnings that Tatsuya could control, suddenly emerged from his body like two dragon beasts thirsty for world's destruction. Tatsuya who's inside the Information Dimension, watched everything with his calm eyes, he had already regained his calmness. This was the first time that a physical object managed to hide its real capabilities from him. This only meant that the information about the Mirror of Samsara lies within the Quintessential Dimension.

The Tribulation Lightning hovered in the air like a god overlooking the world. It seemed to possess eyes that inspected its surroundings, but it didn't move drastically. However, the Death Lightning seems to sense something, as it directly flied into the space where the fifty kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystals.

Tatsuya recalled the fact that the Death Lightning he can control possesses the same aura as the Black Lightning that once struck that specific place. After all, he could feel its rippling energy even if he's at the Divine Phoenix Empire.

(Just like what Master said, my lightnings also possessed their own intelligence. But they would never harm their wielder… They would sometime take action by themselves, if it's something that would benefit their wielder…)

The Death Lightning directly entered the ground, and skipped the fifty kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystals. It seems to know that Tatsuya still needed that crystals, thus it avoided destroying it.

In the instant that it vanished to the ground, Tatsuya sensed an otherworldly aura descend into the whole planet. It was so great that even his consciousness inside the Information Dimension, felt the density of that aura. It was coming from his Death Lightning!


It only took a single instant for his Death Lightning to come back beside his physical body. It emitted a very powerful aura that shook the whole planet to the core. Every powerful being sensed it, and felt alarmed by the pure energy that the Death Lightning is emitting.

However, it still wasn't the end. The Death Lightning and the Tribulation Lightning slowly approached each other, as they began interacting with each other. The extremely dense aura of the Death Lightning slowly vanished, as it also shared its newly-found meal to the Tribulation Lightning. They achieved balance with each other, as they both possessed the same amount of aura strength.

Tatsuya could instantly feel his prowess becoming even stronger. He gained even more control over his lightnings, allowing him to use the Divine Lightning Art Forms more than what he could sustained back then. The Divine Lightning Bead also seemed to produce lightning energy in a faster rate.

The Tribulation Lightning and Death Lightning then vanished into Tatsuya's body once again, as they both further consolidated Tatsuya's strength. His cultivation base didn't jump, but he could feel his physical body getting stronger in each second. He was becoming even more powerful than before. It was all because of the Mirror of Samsara!

(This is the strength of a heavenly profound treasure…)

Tatsuya inwardly thought to himself, as he came back to his physical body. He could feel the Mirror of Samsara hovering around his soul, and it seems to be protecting his soul from any harmful entities. It had become a soul-protecting treasure.

His sapphire-blue eyes now contained a tinge of green, emitting a very vibrant vitality. Tatsuya's atmosphere changed, as he now emitted an uncontained aura of a powerhouse. He immediately deployed a formation diagram to isolate this natural aura from leaking out.

"I didn't expect this bountiful harvest. Is this what they call, a piece of meat falling from the sky?"

Tatsuya asked himself, as he inspected himself once again. He definitely changed in every aspect, as he could also feel his senses heightening into extreme degrees. It was even more important that he could feel this sort of feeling of domination. He felt like he now fully controlled his fate, as nothing could possibly interfere with it anymore! It was a great feeling.

"It seems that the Ancestral God hasn't given up. Everyone really desires to live, even a nigh-omnipotent being desired such thing."

Tatsuya thought to himself, as he recalled the information that the Death Lightning gave to him, when it ate the Black Lightning energy hidden deep within the place of the Purple Veined Divine Crystals. It was deeper than the location of the divine crystals itself. If Tatsuya didn't possess his extreme sensitivity with lightning energies, he wouldn't have thought that an even greater treasure lies under the chunk of divine crystals.

He instantly appeared before the burned ground of the Purple Veined Divine Crystal's location. Tatsuya didn't even hesitate, as he deployed a formation diagram that instantly covered every corner of the fifty kilograms of Purple Veined Divine Crystal.


A very loud sound echoed from the hills, extending into the Floating Cloud City. The residents felt something in the ground, as they heard a very loud sound from the hills. They felt curious, as some cultivators immediately went to the hills to check.

The formation diagram directly transported the Purple Veined Divine Crystal to Tatsuya's spatial ring. Previously, Tatsuya's spatial ring can't afford to store such quantity of materials, but Tatsuya modified the structure of the spatial ring.


Tatsuya stared at the wide crater before him, as it looked like a meteorite was unearthed from this specific place. He then manipulated the land using his formation diagram to cover the crater. He did it all in an instant, as he didn't want to waste any time at all.

Now that his motives here are done, Tatsuya already planned to leave. However, he suddenly felt a single entity approach him, opting him to instantly enter the Realm of Nothingness. Tatsuya suddenly vanished from the hill.

"W-what? I thought I heard something from here…"

It was a young lady looking confused, while looking around her surroundings. She was sure that she heard something rustling within this location. She shook her head, as she went into the center of the hill, where the Purple Veined Divine Crystal once hid.

She sat on the ground, as she stared at the sky with longing. She seemed to be reminiscing something. She would suddenly blush, smile weirdly, and even cry. She felt very complicated about her current situation.

"Just where are you, Little Che? You haven't come back since you have left…"

She murmured to herself, as her face expressed sadness. Tatsuya watched her with surprise, as he didn't expect someone related to that young man come here. He could also sense other cultivators rapidly approaching the place, as he prepared himself to leave.

"If something were to happen to you, I…"

Tatsuya's steps halted, as his Space Formation Diagram dispersed into the air. He turned his head back to the young lady behind him. His eyes widened in surprise, as he noticed the silent changes happening within the young lady's body. However, those changes only happened in a single instant, and soon vanished, as if it didn't happen in the first place.


Tatsuya remained silent. He had encountered far too many things at this piece of hill. He didn't even think twice, as he immediately deployed his Space Formation Diagram. He simply vanished from the hill, without anyone knowing it. His current destination, Heavenly Sword Villa. It was time to fetch Mo Yan'er…

Osolation Osolation


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