32.32% Starting life in another world / Chapter 32: Chapter 032 : Changing Job

Chapter 32: Chapter 032 : Changing Job

The next morning.

Today the gear of history while start to move for this kingdom.

Emilia, Arthur and Roswaal walking together in the corridor to the conference room, there is no one who stop them.

And in the end of corridor a fully armored soldier in front of the door took a step forward, saluting her with his sword. He removed his great helm and looked over Emilia and the others with an intellectual air.

"We have been expecting you, Emilia-sama."

The man was around forty years old, give or take, with an expression that was not so much tough as stern. His face was as austere as an image carved into a boulder, giving off the air of a man who'd seen plenty of combat, he just look at Roswaal and Arthur briefly but his eyes faintly twinkles

"I cannot detect any dangerous magic, the sword and knives set is your only weapon, sir knight?"

"Yes, but if it will make thing difficult for Emilia-sama, i can leave all of my weapon in your care, i believe i didn't need it with royal guard protecting this place"

"Thank you for your believe on us. You didn't need to leave your weapon here, should an incident occur, please concentrate on protecting your master, Emilia-sama, and leave the rest to us guards"

The man dipped his head and shifted his gaze toward the huge doors, which slowly began to open

"Crusch-sama and Anastasia-sama is already in the room with your presence, we just need to wait for Priscilla-sama before starting it"

"Iiiit's very lonely when someone ignore meee like this"

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"Oww how rude, i was the greatest magician in kingdom, hooow can they haaate me?"

This time Arthur decide to ignore him

When they're entering the room some people who is chatting with their acquaintances is turn their face to the newcomers.

This time not just Emilia who change her outfit, but Arthur also decided to change his outfit because even if he fine using it outside, but with half of the people here use same uniform, and if him who is not a member of royal gurad wear the same uniforn with just different colors, it will raise a problem itself so Arthur use his specific item card to upgrade his outfit and choose to wear an outfit like how Sorey when use Lailah power without head decorations, and on his red belt there is a row of knife and kusanagi sword hanging.

"Arthur, it's feel weird when you call me use honorific" Emilia slowing her walking speed so she can walk side by side with Arthur

"In this place, i was your knight, but if you didn't like it, how about i change it to be your babysitter?" Arthur tease her slightly to make her relax a bit, because he knew, the moment she enter this room she is look tense

"Can you at least change it become guardian? It's more weird if i introduce you as my babysitter" Replied Emilia with a smile that return to her face

When they're talking, the door behind them is open again, and this time ther is a girl with blood red eyes with long orange hair that she keeps tied. She wears a red and black dress along with a red fan, red shoes, and red and black hair accessories.

But what catch attention of the trio is not her or a weird looking man beside her, but Subaru who is with her.

'It's seem something can't be changed'

"Subaru? How you can " Emilia speak slowly but before she can let out her question Arthur put both of his hand on her shoulder and whisper

"Emi, it's not look good to make a fuss for a servant here, let's leave it to Roswaal"

"...you're right" Emilia turn away and walking to the center of the room with Arthur following her. She knew, from the start not many people who have good opinions about her and she knew, she have to do something for getting a fair treatment, she can't other think her more negatively. If she make a commotion here for a servant, that will make her image become more worst, like Arthur said she need to leave it to Roswaal, because he is Subaru's employer.

Subaru feel very dejected when he see Emilia choose to ignore him and walk away, he think she is disappointed because he come here with her competitor.

When Arthur and Emilia arrive at the front row this time Anastasia is the one who come with Julius following her.

"So this is what you mean when you said we will meat again in the very near future? Also, you're more attractive with your curent outfit, different with when we first met"

"You're still look beautiful, Anastasia"

Arthur decide to replied with courtesy

Anastasia look to Emilia before have a smile on her face and once again focus to Arthur

"So it's what you mean as give you some face?"

"You feel it when you still nothing right? You must remember how it feel, so you can know how hard it on her"

"Your intentions to make previous agreements, just for this?" Anastasia ask curiously

"Just part of it? You're have a trading route between Lugunica and Kararagi so the profit is more large if i cooperate with you, and there is still a lot of thing we need discuss further. I also need to order many thing from you after this conference is over"

"I can see alot of gold coming to me from you" replied Anastasia jokingly

"But i must tell you a bad news here, i didn't know if i get demoted or promoted because the moment i step to this room i appoint as her guardian and not her knight. But the same thing about this position is, i still didn't have a wage, so you can't find a single cooper coin in my body"

"Hahaha, you're interesting person, well and for you... Emilia, right? You have very good knight here, i won't said i will change my view to you drastically, you and i also know, it's not your fault but, the wound is too deep, you must fight for it" Anastasia left after she complete her speech and nodding to Arthur.

"Arthur what are you doing in the last two day?" Emilia ask with surprise because he didn't know how Arthur can make Anastasia treat her a bit better, she is aware he is have a good looking face but, is his face really have that much worth to someone who have a personality of merchant?

Arthur smile and comb her hair with his hand

"You don't need to worry about it, i will tell you after this, you need to prepare yourself, this is your battlefield, go and remember i will be here for you"

Emilia smile and nodded with determination on her face before turn away and walk side by side with other candidates

"You're really fit a job of guardian, I'm sorry, my name is Julius Euclius, i was a knight of Anastasia-sama "

Julius gesture is very smooth and refined, it's not a waste to dubbed as the finest knight

"Well i will take it as compliment, she is worrying too much about other people feeling rather than how hurt it was for her. Well if you said i wis fit my new job then that must be true. My name is Arthur Spencer, as you already know, i was Emilia guardian"

When Arthur and Julius standing in the front row Reinhard who is already there greeted them, Julius nod at him and walk to his place.

"Long time no see, Arthur "

"It's not really long but well, how about her?"

"She is very energetic so it's very lively everyday"

The two of them knew, even if everything will change today, it's more appropriate if they didn't speak her name yet.

"I'm very curious how you can predict the future, it's very hard on us to find the last and you appear out of nowhere and give me a clue"

"You can't predict something like future, maybe you know it already, fate is something that unpredictable and always changes"

"You're right, everyone choice can make a future change so fate will also change"

When they're chating Subaru also arrive with Al, and when Reinhard talking with Subaru, Arthur decide to Felix.

"Aahh.. so you want to talk with Crusch-sama, mew? But Ferri-chan didn't know if she will agree or not"

Felix replied playfully but Arthur just brush it off, seriously with his face and his voice he is absolute trap here.

"Don't said something like that Ferri-chan, i know she agree if you're the one who said it to her"

"Ferri-chan is very happy you call my name like that, but Ferri-chan didn't know how you can be confident in Ferri-chan"

"She will heard you, I'm sure, even when you said this is maybe a banquet, she will believe it"

"Nya nya?! You know Ferri-chan said it to Crusch-sama? How you know it, mew?"

"So you really doing it..."

"Nya?! So you jist make a guest? Ferri-chan is fell to your trap... i will said your request to Crusch-sama, but Ferri-chan didn't promise she will agree"

"You tell her about it, is already enough"

"But come to think of this... your outfit is really good, where do you get it?"

"What a jumble up conversation... make it, but if you want a new good dress i will give you a design"

"Then that's promise mew"

'She is really have a unique hobby...'

The sound of chattering in the room is died down, so Arthur focus his attention to the center of the room. The conference will start now.

FallenCat FallenCat

i noticed it, in several chapter there is a tags on some paragraphs about my typo, and there is a reason why I didn't repair it....

It is a proof someone putting attention to my work so i will not change it , it's also a reminder for me to improve my writing ability.... but that's a lie.

i just to lazy to change it and make an update, so i will leave it like that.

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    Oh i absolutely love this story but please find someone to edit it before releasing or use some app such as grammarly

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