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Break Up, Love. (BL)

Author: pvred

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Chapter 1: Kill This Love

"Nik, what the fuck are you wearing? Come on, change into something new." Rev points his finger at the stairs, commanding me to go back into my room and change.

"What?" I drastically frown at him, trying to convey him my protest. "I can't change into something new, this is my only set of tux and tie."

"We are going to Tiff's debut. She wrote in her invitation card," he ravels his hands inside his black pants' pocket and get the invitation card. He clearly reads the invitation, "You are cordially invited into Tiffany Rio Cal's Debut Celebration. Motif: Black and Bloom. Do you understand that?"

No, I don't. What kind of motif is that? Black and Bloom? Who in their right minds would think of such idea.

Okay, the first time I read that, my fancy mind eventually thought of something colorful. I did not mind the word "black". My bad.

"You should have atleast bought a set of black tuxedo, pants, and tie. Not that checkered style. You really look like a disco ball." He says. Yes, he's right. I am wearing a green, yellow, and red patent tuxedo over my white polo shirt with black tie. Yeah, I look like a walking traffic light.

It's not bad actually. I always think it's cute the first time I saw it in Lazada. I ordered this set last week, it's a good catch actually. It only cost Php.1,599. And besides, the word "bloom" from the invitation card could mean differently. As for me, it means maximum color composition or lively life.

"You should've atleast ask me before you buy it!" he says, his face now clearly conveys irritation.

I was stunned by what he said. I could really remember last week when I was begging him for his help, but he only said he was busy with his project so he can't help me.

"What?" I ask with my face emmitting rage. "Don't you remember, Rev? Last week I came into your department to ask you to  help me find clothes but you just shut me out!" I scowl at him.

"What are you saying? I don't remember you asking me to help you. I don't even remember you going into my department."

What the fuck! Rev, the master of dodging bullets- that's what I call him. We've been together for a year, not to mention, we've been friends since high school. We shared the same circle of friends, we even live at the same home town. That's why I know him so well. So basically, we've known each other since childhood but we only got close when we went to the same school. Our families are close to each other as well.

Actually, I never had thought that we will end up being together, living in the same apartment. You know why? Because at first I treated him only as friend, neighbor, or schoolmate. Yes, we were close but only as a friend or like brothers. But when I was at my senior year, when my sexual awakening starts, he was the one whom I found I had been crushing with. My deep affection to him grew more and more each day.

Rev is a type of boy you can have a crush in a snap. His charms wanders around the area when he's passing through the hallways. He's got perfectly round eyes, Mount Apo's nose, and a fucking red lips. Rev belongs to a wealthy family, he's quite spoiled and he spends his money like licking eating ice candy- not even worrying that every peso he spent came from his parents' sweats. Such a handsome fucker.

Rev's sense of fashion is over the top. He can actually bring a worn old filthy cloth into a bright high-fashioned sheet.That's why he's been mocking me for almost half an hour about my look.

You probably wonder why Rev fall inlove with me. I don't know too, to be honest. I never thought he will find me as his partner. I am just a plain skinny guy who loves watching bl. I can't say I'm ugly because that would be too depressing. (That's my advice to everyone, don't look down on yourself. Suppress the hate and uplift the great!) I'm actually cute and handsome too. I may not have perfect eyes but I have nice thin framed eyes (Chinese eyes) with long and thick eyelashes. I also happen to have pointy nose and a perfectly shaped lips- but Angelina Jolie has better lips than me, I'm just her subsequent version.

I'm an only child and I also happen to have parents with stable jobs. So that's why I can bond with Rev and our other fucking rich friends.

So you may also wonder why Rev and I end up being together. That's easy. I can even answer that in one word. "Mutual". Yup, I found out that we've been feeling the same way to each other. On the graduation day of our senior year, he confessed his feelings towards me infront of the whole batch and the whole batch's parents. He's shameless but also brave.

You know what's funny? Our parents are our greatest shippers of all time. At first I thought that my parents would abandon me for loving someone with same dick as me - I was wrong, they knew all along. Aunt Dilea and Uncle Argus, decided that we should be going to the same university, so we did. My parents, Rosie and Verm, also rented a huge apartment for both of us so we can live and take care for each other. Yup, we've been living like a married couple.

Right. We're the perfect couple. But I think, "perfect" could be used to describe us in the beginning. Because now, we're fading.

Eversince our college life starts, we've been distant to each other. I must admit, on the first half of our relationship as boyfriends, we've been very close. Rev and I usually went out to have dinner date after our classes every night. He used to give me ride into my department. Rev apparently texted me what he's been doing every hour. Every break time he calls me to know what I've been doing.

"Couple Goals", that's what they call our relationship. Everyone in the university, every student and professor knows that we're dating.

Hah! Now I don't know what happened.

The start of the second half, our relationship eventually changed. He had been very busy eversince. Sometimes he would come back home from school late and tired. Usually, he texts me if he'll be late but now he stopped doing it.

Actually, I can understand that he's been very busy because he's majoring an engineering course. They have hectic scheds and I can accept that. But that's not the only thing that scars our relationship.

We have our occassional fights about anyone who allegedly dating me. It's like every week he'll be crushing someone over me. His possesiveness is out of place. And that's his biggest flaw. Last week we had a big fight about some guy in the Arts department that had been hitting me. But I know it's not true. And I don't know why the hell he'd been doing that. Is he making all these fights just to make an excuse to break-up with me?

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Aside from our occassional fights, our every night date has been stopped. And he never drove me again to my department.

That sucks! Every night I'm worried of his whereabouts. I'm always worrying about him to the point that I can't handle my anxiety and frustrations that I just go to our bedroom, lock the door, and cry as much as my heart can.

Can I still handle this? I don't want to give up on our relationship. I don't want to waste our time together. I don't want to throw everything that we had.

I just wanna hold on to him. But how long will I be holding on? I'm afraid that my grip is already loosing and my heart starts breaking. Please Rev, please. Can we go back to the way we've been loving each other before?


A text message comes from my friend, Lucky.

"Where are you guys? The party is about to start. Hurry up!"

"We are on our way." I lie.

"Okay, just hurry up. The roses will be called anytime soon."


"I think we should go now. I'm not going to change anymore. Anyway the guards will still let me in." I say to Rev. Rev gets up from the bed where he's lying and gets his car keys from the key stand then opens the door. I'm about to go after him when he says…

"I think I should go first. I don't want anyone from my friends think that I'm being with a lousy boyfriend."

What? What the? What the FUCK? Since when did you feel embarassed about me? Fuck that hurts!

And that's the trigger. If I must, I'll Kill This Love over him!

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