78.26% The Targaryen Who Turned Dragon (ATG X GoT) / Chapter 17: There Can Only Be One.

Chapter 17: There Can Only Be One.

The junior sect girl quickly ran out of the way... it was only the young man and myself. A greatsword against a halberd, it was an interesting matchup. We stared at each other, both probably thinking of winning. He looked so calm... as if this was just another battle he would have won. It did anger me a bit. I am only a few stages below him... it isn't like he is way stronger.

He is far too arrogant... I'll put him in his place!

"Well... shall we begin?"

I smile, "Yes, may the battle commence!"

I started the battle off with a quick poke to his chest... the man jumped to dodge it!


Oh no, you don't.

Counter kill!

I stepped to the side and drove my halberd right through him, turns out it was just his afterimage. He was now behind me, his greatsword raised. The hell is up with this kid? He's not ordinary, that's for sure. He used some sort of technique to create a "clone" to distract me while he sneaked from behind... an interesting tactic. I'm not going to be tricked again, though.

I activate my Sharingan and Crimson Dragon Arm.

Before he could strike, I jab him with my dragon horn and quickly step away using Swift Wind. I turn to face him. He was surprised, and for the first time... shocked.

"How... did you do that!? You are supposed to be weaker than me! No matter, I do not need to know... as I will win anyway!!!"

The confidence this man has is... heavenly. He must have a few more tricks up his sleeve. Suddenly, his eyes turn red. Is this the Sharingan...? No, it can't be. His eyes don't have any tomoe... it must be some sort of transformation.

He suddenly became faster, stronger and less tactful. He started to attack me from all sides and I could barely keep up, especially when he got closer. Halberds are no use in close combat... I must create some distance! I tried to step back, but he was faster than me and closed the distance with ease. At this point, I had a couple of small cuts all around my body. But he too had amassed quite a few wounds, he was making simple mistakes. Then rage consumed him, someone lower in cultivation than himself was fighting back... this was unacceptable to the young man!


I was too slow to react...


The "Falling Moon Sinking Star" hit me. For a moment I only saw darkness... and then I opened my eyes. My whole body was a complete mess. My Noble Rogue uniform was non-existent, my body was covered with dragon scales and wounds... and my blood was dripping everywhere. It was clear that the intent of the move was to kill me... this fact made me enraged. This was no longer a spar... it escalated into a death match. I was all for it... he wants to kill me? Fine, I'll kill him first!

I stand up, despite my body's condition.

"Oh, you're still standing? Impressive, allow me to finish you off! Before you die... remember the man who killed you... Yun Che."

No... I can't die... not like this! As the young man was getting closer... I felt death itself coming closer. Then something took over my body, giving me the courage to stand.


Then a voice echoed through the forest, it was similar to Aerion's... but it was deeper and more dominant.


THE DRAGON ROARED... heaven-defying power gathered in his body. The young man was sent backwards from the force of the roar. Then, with one step, Aerion was right in front of the young man. He raised his halberd, his eyes glowing crimson red with bloodlust, and slashed down.

"What kind of... monster... are you!?"

These were the last words of the scared young man with the giant sword...



As the halberd was falling, a scarlet girl immediately attacked Aerion to protect Yun Che... but it was all too late.


Both Aerion's and Yun Che's blood splattered all over the floor... their bodies were split in half. Yun Che was cut in half by Aerion while Aerion was cut in half by Princess Jasmine.


"Damn you, Aerion... I have to save you again!"

The right part of Aerion's body was left in the dust while the left started to recover. The Dragon was getting straight to work by drying up Yun Che. The blood of Yun Che was being slowly absorbed by Aerion's own, dragon, blood. His broken veins were immediately replaced with new, more powerful veins. These new veins were forged from the fused blood of Aerion and Yun Che. The new veins absorbed all of the profound energy that remained. Aerion's body was recovering by taking from Yun Che, it was a slow process... but it worked. Crimson Red scales covered Aerion's body, protecting him from all outside threats. Jasmine was watching the transformation with curiosity. The floating fairy couldn't do anything either, so she floated away. Jasmine was left alone... one small tear dropped from her beautiful face.

"Damn you, Yun Che... this princess wasted so much time teaching you all those techniques. This princess gave you everything so that you could succeed... and you... just failed me! All because of your pride, arrogance and stupidity! You could have had a proper spar, but nooo... you had to turn it into a fight to the death... damn you! You left this princess..."

The Sky Poison Pearl abandoned its master for someone more worthy, Aerion. Everything Yun Che had was stripped from him and taken by Aerion... it was quite a sad end for the young man with the big sword. But at least he was taught a lesson... something he can take to his next life... what was this lesson you ask? It was "never cross the Dragon".


After a whole week of scale regeneration and absorbing Yun Che, Aerion had finally awakened. His first words were:

"I... I'm alive."

He instantly turned to his body and saw that a large part of his right body was scarred with the same faded scales his left hand has. His pretty face was still the same as before... luckily. If Jasmine had struck the head or Aerion's heart, he would be dead... but she didn't! So, Aerion lives on!


The training plan wasn't affected by the turn of events. In fact, the fight made Aerion work harder. He now understood the phrase "there will always be another sky beyond the sky". Due to the new veins, Aerion's cultivation dropped to the seventh stage of the nascent realm. However, after his training, this rose to a shocking True Profound Stage Seven! How long did this training last? Only eighty days (an average of one breakthrough every eight days)!


Oh man... I've run out of pills, I guess I should return to the Noble Rogue Sect since my training is pretty much done. But I still have to do one thing... learn this so-called "Demon King's Arts". I open the book and all of the skills instantly enter my mind. So this one works just like the other tomes... that's good to know.

I get to a safe spot and read the book first, before comprehending the skills.

"Demon King's Arts, created by the True Demon King. He had no name, only a title. This title was enough to frighten most of the Blue Wind Empire... wherever this King went, there only remained dust. He pillaged and took everything he wanted, no one could stop him. He spawned hordes of undead skeletons and other servants, with them he could (and did) conquer entire cities. Then one day he just vanished. He left all of his great knowledge in this book for his successors, but none of them managed to get past the first skill. It was too difficult. If you are up to the challenge, then continue!"

I never back down from a challenge.

I close the book and my eyes.


I appeared in a dark world, it had quite a few similarities with the Crimson Dragon's.

"So... you are the next in line... eh? Sigh... my descendants seem to become weaker and weaker as time goes on."

"Who are you?"

"I am the Demon King, or what remains of him anyway. I am a mere fragment of him, a spirit. I was left in the book to pass on my arts to worthy descendants. You do not look like a descendant of mine, now I ask the questions... who are you and how did you obtain this book?"

I was going to be honest, as there was no point in lying anyway.

"I stealthily robbed the sect as vengeance, and just happened to pick you up. It was a blessing from the Heaven's... to have me, Aerion, wield your arts is a privilege."

"Oh... is that so? You're arrogant, I love arrogance. Though, I do not remember teaching you anything yet. Whatever the case may be, I was created to pass on my knowledge. I will do just that, no matter who it is. A word of warning: cultivating these skills will push you closer to the devil path. If you do not wish for that to happen, do not cultivate them. It is time for me to go..."

Devil path, hahaha. What kind of nonsense is that? I can't limit myself just because some skills are a bit on the "darker" side.

I open my eyes and start learning the first skill: Crimson Demon Wave.

~A day later

I pretty much mastered the move, it was quite simple. You channel your profound energy to one point which could be your mouth, hand, the tip of a weapon and many other things. The longer you charge, the more powerful, longer and chaotic the wave becomes. Once it is released, a crimson red wave explodes from the point (if any of yall know Bleach, it's basically a cero).


A giant monkey swung from a tree down to the sand. Then it sensed my overwhelming strength and started to run.

Good, a chance to test out this new move. I raise my Halberd with my left hand and directly point to the retreating monkey. Crimson red profound energy starts to surge at the very tip. After a second or two, it was ready.

"Crimson... Demon... WAVE!"



After the wave hit the monkey, there was nothing left of him. There was a deep, long crater where the wave hit.

"Oh well... it'll regrow, right?"

I was finally ready to return. I finished off all my pills and tomes.

~Two days later

I was already out of the Wasteland of Death and halfway to Oldtown. I looked around and saw a small town ahead. Perhaps I can get some good rest and food from some inn, it wouldn't hurt to relax a bit.

There was indeed an inn, I smiled. Yes, some rest wouldn't hurt. I enter the inn and walk up to the innkeeper.

"Got a spare room?"

"What do you think this is? A charity?"

The disrespect was as clear as glass. This man thought I was some sort of beggar, very insulting. But I understood why... I was wearing one of the bandit's clothing (which happened to be ripped). The bandit's clothing did have some resemblance to a homeless man's clothing, I can't blame him.

The entire bar laughed at the comment. I felt embarrassed. Then everyone fell silent and the atmosphere in the room darkened. I turned around to see what was causing this silence...

"The Infernal Demon Sect has nobly arrived to relieve you all of your precious inventories. Do not do anything you will regret. Do not resist. Do not speak. Just cooperate, and you might just survive this encounter."

Infernal Demon Sect... here!? What in the seven hells is going on? A quick "observe" reveals that they are all in the true profound realm, some are in the lower part of the spirit profound realm. I smirk, I will make them regret delaying my sleep!

I watch for a minute as the people who laughed at me get their goods taken away. Then one of the Infernal Demon Sect members approaches me.

"Give me your spatial ring, boy."

He shows me his hand, indicating that he wants the ring on his palm.

"Boy? I am your grandfather, and you shall address me as such!"

I release my profound energy on him and he instantly bends his knee.

"What is this... madness!? Too... much... pressure."

"Let me relieve you..."

Before the other sect members could interrupt, I drive sky piercer right through him. One of the older sect members commands the others to attack me at once. He's not being reckless at all, good. With just one counter kill, all of them drop to the floor. I quickly scoop up their spatial rings and put them into my own ring.

"What just... happened?" One of the people who got robbed asked.

"Can we get our stuff back?" Another asked.

"Uhh, no. So... innkeeper, can I get a room or not?"

"Yes...yes, you can! Of course... for free!"

His stuttering made it apparent that he feared me and didn't want to cause any trouble. I was fine with that.

"Show me the room then."

"Of course... follow me, young master."

Looks like my status has elevated from a homeless man to a young master! He walks upstairs, and I follow. He leads me to a door and gives me the keys.

"How long are you staying?"

"A day to a week, depending on my mood."

"I see, please return the keys when you are leaving. I would be very grateful."

I nodded.

"Very well, I'll do that."

I unlock the door and enter, I was surprised by what I saw. For a temporary home, this place had everything a man would need. The first thing I did was lay down on the bed since I was exhausted from all of the travelling.

Finally, some good rest on a good bed!

What a crazy time to be alive... since I've come here I've almost died twice (perhaps even three if you count the trials)! Almost half of my body could instantly grow scales, I can breathe fire and I can shoot waves with my halberd. What if I came back to Westeros right now...? People would either start to worship me as God or perhaps, brand me as the Devil himself! I can do so many things that the people in Westeros could only dream of doing.


I had a beautiful girl sitting on my lap. We spent the whole night talking to each other and getting closer. We reached a certain point... it was my chance!

"How about you and I sleep together? I'd give you a good tumbling!"

"Oh... you would? But you're still inexperienced... a virgin. What can I do with that? Hmph, come back to me when you are a man."

She left me all alone, in the brightly lit mansion. Damn, I blew it!

Still a virgin, at sixteen years old... almost seventeen. I'm failing my father, he's probably shaking his head in heaven. I could picture it quite well.

"My son... a virgin, at seventeen! When I was seventeen, I..."

Wow, I don't need any further details. Seriously, though, I need to drop this burden off my shoulders. Once I lose my virginity, I wouldn't have to worry about protecting it... if that makes sense.

The dream burnt away and my status was shown.


Xiao_Wentian Xiao_Wentian

Sheesh, this chapter hella long. I just into the zone and bang! 1800+ words in one school day. The longest chapter so far! Also the end of the second volume.

(2645 words... definitely the longest chapter. I just kept writing until I found a suitable end. That suitable end just took slightly longer than expected kekeke.)

(Btw MC won't go down the devil path, he will only touch it slightly.)

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