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Chapter 16: Bleach Part 3 Not my fault she got hurt

-Noir's apartment-


In the apartment nothing was in the empty room they appeared in. The door was open showing Masaki reading a magazine. She as waiting to talk with Noir before picking her son Ichigo up from karate practice.

*Tap!* The two's feet hit the ground making some sound. Masaki looked over seeing the two.

"Little hood, did you make a friend?" Despite the years, she refused to cause Noir anything else. Seeing the close the little girl had on made her upset. "I will get her a change of clothes!"

"Is that your mom?" Aura asked.

"No. Just a friend." Noir removed Aura's mother from his Life Domain. Seeing her based off pictures, Aura freaked out. "Wait a moment." A black bishop piece was in his hand. But he stopped and switched it for a white one at the last second. "Huh?"

System: Visored Maker awarded. Vas Lordes upgraded to Vas Lordes II. Powers have become stronger. Increase in combat abilities when using associated powers.

'Why not give me Arrancar Maker. Ah well.' Noir watched as the Bishop sunk inside healing the woman. She recovered quickly since never actually died. On her side, a white substance formed creating her Zanpakutō. 'Well that is.. something. I can feel a connection to her. Is this a result of her spending so much time in my Life Domain?'

"Mama!" Aura despite never talking to her mother couldnt help herself. Noir looked back and forth between the two. His Analyze activating.

Analyze: Meadow Michibane Level 5

Speciality: Policewoman, Expecting Mother

Status: Hungry, Sad, Tired

"Ughh." Meadow groaned as her eyes opened. She hugged Aura knowing who she was. How, Noir had no idea. But the level of familiarity was something to witness. "I dreamt of you so long. Prayed to get to you faster. Spent so much time wondering when."

"Ehhhhh!" Noir was shocked. A dream like state is what most received when in his Life Domain. To actually be able to pray and do stuff, that was new. "Ughh what the hell!"

*Babump!* Noir felt his heartbeat erratically. Which was the first time it happened since the fight. His body became heavy as he became human again.

"I am back!" Masaki said cheerfully. Seeing the tearful hugging between the mother and daughter, she said nothing to interrupt. She placed the clothes and grabbed the dazed Noir. Stopping in the living room, she looked him over. "You seem different."

"Ugh, I got my body back. And access to my abilities." Noir checked over everything just to make sure. Checking his pocket watch revealed it switched to Human. Which would allow him to switch like normal. But everything was grayed out. "Oh for fuck's sake! Really starting to think this thing is broken!"

"Language mister!" Masaki admonished him. Seeing he was generally upset, she said nothing else. "Since you are back to normal, will you make sure Yuzu is ok?"

"Yeah. I will kick up her treatment." Noir answered as he thought about something. Feeling the info pour into his head, he rembered the time frame was about right. Masaki had the bracelet on. And she had come into her own power-wise. "Be careful picking up your brat."

"Huh!?" Looking at the time, Masaki took off in burst of motherly speed. Should would be late if she didn't hurry. "Hold on Ichigo, mama's coming!"

"Pfft, crazy." Noir sat down to get use to his body again. Nothing beats flesh and bone. As time passed, Noir looked over the points he accumulated. "Defintely worth having everything sealed off at least. Way more points awarded. Even more than Resident Evil haul. But what to buy?"

Points: 546,466,535

Operator Points: 985,764,435

Companion Points: 2,345,334

'Definitely from the quests and Genryusai gaining so much in Soul Society. He might need a little help with some things. Buy a little help for..' Noir stopped shopping when a Quest appeared.

System: Prevent the death of Ichigo and Masaki Kurasaki.

"They should have been fine with everything given to them both. Ugh!" Noir built up magic to Teleport. "Aura make sure the door is locked!"

"Umm ok." Aura got up and locked the door. Feeling a massive surge as barrier went up, made her eyes go wide.

Meadow walked over and picked her daughter up. She wanted to know everything from her what happened. She wanted to make sure she was really awake. As they talked, she could feel the Auxilary System explaining to her what was going on. She was a Follower of Noir the moment he placed her in the Life Domain. It just didn't bother her while she watched over her daughter.


-River bed-


"Run Ichigo!" Masaki yelled. Ichigo couldn't however. Seeing the large Hollow in front of him made him scared. "Hah!" Her palm raised up she fired a small spiritual blast. In her agitated state it barely did anything.

*Boom!* The little explosion just annoyed the Angler based Hollow. It wa Grand Fisher no doubt about it.

Masaki ran towards Ichigo as fast as she could. The muddy ground made it difficult. Grand Fisher turned and back handed her. The blow was so strong she hit the levee and bounced before sliding.

*Crack!* A few bones broke as she coughed up blood.

"Bleaaah!" Masaki could barelty focus. But the hit snapped her out of it. She could have taken care of the Hollow no problem if she was in her right mind. Getting up, she drew on her Quincy powers. Something she promised Noir she would never do. "Sorry little hood."

*Fizzle!* The moment she formed a bow, it disappeared. As well as all her Quincy powers. The Quincy King was pulling the power away. But he would not get his way. The powers shot towards Ichigo.

"Ahhh!" Ichigo freaked out seeing the light come his way. Feeling warm he didnt know what to think. He opened his eyes hoping the Hollow was gone. "Still here!" Back tracking in fear didnt help. His mom was looking worse for wear. 'Have to be brave!'

Grand Fisher looked to be stronger than he originally was Noir thought.

Constant eating of a few Quincies made him tougher. A side effect of those spared in the War. The ones that didn't die by Mayuri experimenting anyway were sent back to the Human World. With their memories erased or altered. Most were caught by Hollows and eaten.

"I can't." Ichigo closed his eyes wishing everything went away. "This isn't happening!"

"Hehehehe.." Grand Fisher loomed over Ichigo playfully. His eye light blaring in amusement "..you will taste good. The scared the better." Opening its mouth wide to swallow him whole for a single bite was the plan.

"Hado 1, Sho!" Masaki cried out. The bracelet lit up helping her use Isshin's powers.

*Thump!* A wave of energy pushed Grand Fisher down over Ichigo and into the river. The water carried it away downstream. But not before its angle on its head grabbed Masaki.

"Ahhhh!" Masaki cried as she was dragged under. The last thing she saw was Ichigo crying.

"Mom!" Ichigo cried as he looked on in horror.

*Scatter!* Noir disappeared down stream. Masaki was way down there. Her spirit connected by the soul chain. As her body laid on the bank bleeding out.

"Wow... just fucking wow. Why could you not listen?" Noir looked her over. Masaki kept her head down. She knew that this was not good. "Penalty." Noir broke her soul chain. He grabbed the chain and pulled her into his Life Domain. "As per the agreement."

"Just.. watch over them." Masaki's voice trailed out. Noir looked at the body and left it there. As for Grand Fisher, he flew over the water after it.

*Pow!* A shot from his pistol pierced the large Hollows mask.

"Ahhhhh!" The cry it let out was very human. Fighting against the current still, it threw a log at Noir. That small respite allowed the current to pull it away. "Ah!" Suprised that it was pulled under, it shrieked. The area under had turn a lot deeper.

"Pffttt!" Noir started laughing. Turning around he felt the others arrived. Still to late like what originally happens. "Oh well." Noir shrugged, Gran Fisher had gotten away in that little bit of time. A Garganta had opened underwater. Some body saved the Hollow. "Small traces of.. a Vasto Lorde rank. How odd."

*Babump!* Noir clenched his chest in pain. His inner Hollow felt challenged. But try as he might he couldnt open a gate to Hueco Mundo still.

"Dammit!" Noir cursed as the pain intensified. Floating down, he deactivated the spell. "Ugh... why cant I go there!" As Noir thought it over, he started to search with the Operator screen.

Only thing he received was that is was tide to a Quest he had and that it was the World testing him. If he succeeds the Quest, he will receive all the World Shards for the place. Effectively making it his own.

"You ok?" Yorichi asked. She couldnt see under his hood, which annoyed her. 'Now would be a perfect time to find out who you are.'

*Pulse!* A wave of spirit energy caused her to jump back defensively.

It wasn't long before Noir had control of himself. He met up with the others as they went to Urahara's shop.




After a long annoying explanation, Isshin left upset. He carried his wife's body to bury. Ichigo following along quietly after. All the forces that operated the Shadow Sqoud on Earth were currently here. Consisted of the Visored, Urahara, Yoruichi, and Tessai.

"So.. what really happened?" Lisa asked. She fixed her glasses staring down at Noir. She wore a sailor uniform out of some weird fetish. Both her and her former captain Shinsui were kind of pervs. But they keep it to themselves. Most of the time.

"What I said happened. And maybe some other stuff. I dont know other than that." Noir shrugged at her. His chest still hurt a bit. Didnt help the other Visored were annoying him. "How about you go ahead and get stronger instead of bothering me with details!"

"Why you.." Hiyori the little fire cracker in the group started to get upset. Her comrades held her back however. They could feel the animosity growing in Noir. "Mmpff let me.. moof go!"

"Take her out back." Urahara said. He hid behind his fan and stared at Noir critically. 'He looks ill. But also.. human. How did that happen?'

Haaa, we are trying." Shinji the leader of the Visored said. "It is not that easy as you say."

"Oh my god, yes it is. Accept your self. Understand yourself. The same shit you did for the damn sword spirits. Get rid of the stigma that they are your enemy. If they are, then you are you own enemy." He turned to Mashiro Kuna. With her Android 009 nine get up and green hair, he was suprised she actually became stronger. "This one at least became stronger. If you do not get stronger what good are you from stopping Aizen and the Quincy King?"

"The Quincy King is dead. What is the big deal?" Kensei Muguruma said serious. He was a very tall man with silver-gray hair. A punk-themed haircut and cargo shorts defintely suited his always scowling face.

"He is not dead. How many fucking times do I have to tell you idiots this?!" Noir's anger broke free as his presence of an Emperor weighed down on them. "Get it through your stupid heads. He is alive and he will beat the living dog crap out of all of you! Get with the program!"

The masks appeared on all of their faces. The inner hollow wanted to take over. Not out of compulsion. But self-preservation.

*Pressure!* As they were all bogged down by the power, Tessei put up a barrier to relieve the burden. Hachigen Ushōda, the other trained member of the Kido Corps helped. The large main was more of a pacifist than anything. He was as big as a mini van with pink hair.

"Little Ancestor calm down!" A voice came from the underground opening. It was Kaien with coming with a message.

"Haaa annoying." Noir relaxed and looked at him. Spotting package on him as well beg the question. "What is that you got there?"

"Ugh, this monster is not on our side!" Yoruichi said recovering. The others started to come to. But not the Visored's. "Are you all ok?"

"Get back!" Tessei yelled. He smacked his hands erecting a barrier to stop them from getting up. "Seal!"

*Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!!* Monuments appeared wrapping them each in bandages. The barrier was still unperfected. But it held them why they struggled.

"What did you do to them!" Yoruichi looked at Noir who was reading the letter from Kaien. "Answer me!" Urahara had grabbed her from striking him. "Let me go. You see what he did to them. No way they went crazy on their own!"

"They need it." Urahara said serious. "Noir is able to force them to change, what else do you think he can do to them? Be smart about this." She calmed down but kept staring at Noir ready to claw his eyes out. Her purple hair almost looked electrified.

"Well better than nothing. Still does not explain what you have there." Noir responded to the letter and removed his hood. Those who could see, froze. "I want to know what it is Kaien."

"Here ya go. It is a gift" Kaien smiled like a kid on Christmas. If Noir didn't know any better he would have thought the other man was the one receiving something. "Happy to have it back?"

"Yeah." Noir said with a soft expression. It was his sword hilt. "Hello again. Feels like an eternity since I last held you."

*Vrrr!* The hilt vibrated then disappeared into his pocket watch.

"Of course I cant use you. Stupid watch. Lousy no good pain in the.." Noir went on a tirade looking at the watch. As he did so, Kaien held a camera recording it. He would show the others when he got back. "..I swear Genryusai better not be behind this."

"Benefactor!" Tessei called out. Noir turned to him. The large man had tears in his eyes. "It really is you."

"Yeah. I thought you figured it out already." noir said plainly. He figured Tessei would have been the first to know since he had the journal of his great grandfather. "No matter really."

"Noir Shiba, as I live and breathe." Yoruichi looked even more bothered. "My great-grandma said you were an ass. But not this much of one. Why are you a kid? Were you reborn?"

"Ehhh maybe. I do not know or really care. Have my body back so do not sweat the little things." Noir shrugged at her. He really didnt know. It couldnt be reborn really. If a User dies they are forced out of the World they are in and return to the Homeworld. Weaker and with a damaged soul. "Ahh I am sleepy."

"How about you tell us what you did to them before you leave!?" Kaein stuck why the iron was hot.

"Making them fight the inner Hollow to prove they are worth their miserable lives." Noir waved as he started walking. "Best of luck."

"Wait!" Kaien ran over in front of him. "Do you have the Shiba Seal?"

"No. Isshin has it. He was suppose to give it to you though. It is weird that he kept it." Noir blinked at him in surprise. He was doubting that was the case. "So you do not have it or any other member of the Clan?"

"Nope. Last it was with him." Kaien shook his hand distressed.

"I will get him to hand it over hopefully." Noir looked at a quest he still had that tied to the clan. He thought with Kaien alive it would be ok. 'It updated with a time limit, just great.'

System: Restoration of the Shiba Clan. Time limit: Two months after Rukia's arrival. Failure: Result in the destruction of several abilities, Operator points reduced significantly. Reward: ???, ????

"Ughhh." Noir Teleported away. At least he had some years to do so. How hard could it be.

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