12.12% Harry Potter and Drake Dumbledore / Chapter 3: Chap 2

Chapter 3: Chap 2

30 of July, the year 1980, Hogwarts

In large circle room, with a desk and whit a silver instrument on it, surrounded by portraits of several Hogwarts directors on the walls. Several shelves with a lot of ancient books, and in the corner of one of the shelves, the sorting hat lays there snoozing out. Behind the desk, Albus Dumbledore was writing something and eating some acid pods and on his left side was phenix and on the other side a small carpet with some toy and one little boy playing with it.

*poof* *poof* *poof*

Suddenly several smoke clouds start to appear on the toy alerting, Dumbledore….

"By Merlin's beard, Drake! It seems your magic power is getting stronger and out of control more often, someday you will burn my down my office", said Dumbledore complaining.

*sighs* *Sighs*

He picked up Drake and put it on his lap, then he started to create some small magic with like light bulbs making Drake laughing. He starts talking to Drake.

"You know Drake, this year has been hard on me and on you too…but I think things will get better and then I can pay more attention to you…do you understand. Of course, you don't…I…"

*rumbling* *rumbling*

Before Dumbledore could finish, he started to hear the entrance of his office opening…

"Albus, Albus, I bring you great news!" said an excited Minerva McGonagall, storming in the office without knocking it.

"Lili and James had the son today…I'm so happy Albus"

"I know Minerva, I know…his name will be Harry and who knows maybe Drake and he could become friends HAHAHA!".

Meanwhile, Drake was trying to pull the feathers of Fawkes, which eventually he managed to do. Gaining a stern glare from it and brought the attention of the two adults back to him.

"So, Albus are you still going to take care of him? After all, some parents are already making some fuss about the boy and rumors said you are being biased about him." Commented Minerva with a gentle and concerned look in her eyes.

"Don't worry, about it…I will send the boy to one my family's secret houses in Godric hollow…I will also assign a house-elf to him and give a word to Aberforth."

"Yeah. I think that's for the best Albus…well I will get going, see you later"

"See you later." Waved Dumbledore to Minerva…" Well, I think we should be going to Drake, I need to meet with Snape in a few moments." Said Dumbledore in almost whispering.

But before he went out Dumbledore snapped the fingers and two house-elves appeared before him. They were no old and have young features, one of them was female the other male, both dressed in rags but with happy faces.

"What is your commands master?" asked the male elve.

"Well, Alina and Alfred, you two will take care of Drake when I'm absent…you will also be responsible for protecting him whatever it takes. Do you two understand" asked Albus with stern voice while eyeing both house-elves

"We do master, we do master."

"Good, now shall we go?!"

31 of October year 1981

Godric Hollow

In one of the several houses, a 3-year boy could be seen playing hid and seek in the garden with two elves. Meanwhile, he started to chant a spell, one of the easiest conjuring spells.


Said Drake in a very quiet voice. The bird started to fly in the direction of the two house-elves who already had found him but were missing him on purpose.

"Oh! Young master already knows how to perfectly perform this spell and without a wand, wonderful news!" commented Wendy.

"Of course, he knows…after all, when he started to speak, master started to teach him a lot of simple spells and we have been supervising and teach him too. He also can control most of his magic too," replied Alfred.

"Yeah, it seems he will do great things…" said Wendy.

As they were talking a boy started to get impatient, so he controlled his birds into attacking both elves.

"Stupid, Wendy and Alf…ignoring me…this will make them to not ignore me…huff" rumbled a boy while he was crouching behind a tree.

As the playtime goes on, two persons were seen walking with a 1-year old boy on the lady lap, while there were passing the garden. Drake got up and greeted both.

"Hi Mr. and Ms. Potter, how are you doing?"

"Oh, we are fine and you, young Drake? Responded Lily with a gracefully smile

"I see that you are still making the living of your house-elves hard HAHAHA!" said James laughing at the elves

"Oh, no…they are the best…hehehe! At least, more than my father who doesn't have time to play with me" complained Drake.

As the talking kept on for a little longer both families start to get their separate ways ending with the promise of a reunion between the Potter and Dumbledore families, since it was getting late. What Drake didn't know its that would be the last time seeing Ms. And Mr. Potter alive because late that night, the Dark Lord would make is appearance.

Hogwarts, later that day

Inside of his office, Albus Dumbledore was reading a book with a serene and calm face, when one of the several portraits of the former directors speak to him after he listened to the message, he sends some messages thought other portraits and disappears from the office with a concerned, angry, sad look. All the portraits in the room looked concerned.

Godric hollow

Albus Dumbledore apparates inside a hidden passage in his house, to check on Drake and the house-elves. When he arrived, Drake was crying in his room with the two-elves. The house-elves explained how Drake went outside to get some fresh air when he saw that shadow entering the house across a street. Moments after, he could hear screams and green flashlights coming from the house. And then he came running into the house crying on top of Wendy.

"Master, when we noticed the guy it was already too late…he avoided all the charms and wards made by you and us… we had only time to get young master into the hiding passage and then Wendy went to the Potters house…but they were already gone….we failed you! Please punish us!" said Alfred in a sad tone.

"We send you the warning before I went to their house. When we were there, we started hearing footsteps and" completed Wendy.

"I know, I know all of that…no one will be punished…So, Drake how are you holding up?" talked Dumbledore after hearing the fast-talking elves.

"Come here Drake, sit beside me…" said the Wizard with a gentle and sad tone " You, know you don't have to be sad, they went to a better place and I know that they are with your parents protecting the young harry as your parents are protecting you. So, cheer up…I brought you a book about magic charms and I will teach you how to read it next time." Talked Dumbledore while patting his head. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"You, know dad…*sob* I know what happened and I heard the story about the bad guy…and I will be strong to protect my friend and family from a person like them… *sob* I liked Ms. and Mr. Potter…*sob* they were my friends…and they are gone…too..*sob* *sob* responded Drake sobbing."

"I know Drake, I know Drake…its good to think like that…but don't forget...power comes with sacrifices and its very hazardous path….you need to be sure of yourself and don't hesitate on it if you want to follow it." Replied Dumbledore.

After putting Drake on the bed asleep, Dumbledore went to take care of the aftermath, it would be a long night and tomorrow all the wizard world would know and remember has the night that scar boy survived to The Dark Lord. What they didn't know, is this night was also the night that planted a seed on one boy…who would become the strongest wizard in the same stage has Merlin or superior to him.

DarkNoobWriter11 DarkNoobWriter11

well...the date I think is correct

Also, I'm not following strictly the books

And any questions or comments you have you may write

so until next time

Any errors, or something you could comment too

And he won't be very much OP hehe

Now, do you want a time skip to his first day on school or more time skips like these ones I made in this chap?

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  • EternalNova


    why did one of the elves name change from Alina to Wendy

  • NotAHero


    Thanks for the chapter

  • CapGrizzlyBear1203


    Grandpas can take care of kids you know? If you don't want to change it don't, but I think changing "Dad" to "Grandpa" is better.

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