50% Wizarding World : Unchained / Chapter 2: CHAPTER 2

Chapter 2: CHAPTER 2

I understood that the ministry of magic were plotting something really bad , and they want to get rid of me as fast as possible, because I was one of the strongest wizards in our Wizarding World. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

My heart was broken because of Frodo's betrayal , how could he kill 2 of his best friends with no mercy. Frodo was always a timid person , I remember back in the days when we studied together in Hogwarts , he was getting bullied all the time and I defended him . But instead of admiring me , he started being jealous and started hating me in secret , but I didn't pay attention to that.

Ahhh , such good days at Hogwarts. I still remember the day I wore the sorting hat .

" Ohhh , what a nasty lad , still , talented and witty with an immense pride , SLYTHERIN " Said the sorting hat with his thick voice. I really enjoyed all the subjects back in Hogwarts , but my favorite was the Defense Against the Dark Arts. I have beaten 20 students in a row , I was admired and feared at the same time. I still remember the day I participated in the Goblet Of Fire Tournament. After The Last tournament where The Boy Who Lived participated . The Goblet started picking 4 competitors and not only 3. And the 4 were Montesquieu , Frodo from Hogwarts , Joseline from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and Fantasmo from Durmstrang Institute.

It was an enjoyable tournament . And yes , I won . But not easily , Fantasmo was a tough lad. Although , an accident happened in that tournament and only we 4 knew about it. The day the last task of the tournament started , it was a full moon. Until yet , nobody knew that Frodo was a werewolf until he transformed and started attacking Joseline and so I interfered and used an anti Animagus spell that turned Frodo to his human state , but he lost consciousness so I used this moment of distraction to Stupify Fantasmo , then I grabbed the Triwizard Cup and won.

I started my life as a nobody , an normal orphan picked by Minerva and put in a Wizarding School , and here I am now . One of the strongest wizards up there , if not the strongest and I cannot let this incident pass by without revenge. I need to escape Azkaban before the execution day , and find out why would the ministry steal The Time Turner , and for what will they use it? Go back and save Voldemort , or maybe Grindewald ? Both don't matter , they were talented wizards but now magic is way more advanced. They are basically grand grandpas in this domain , I would beat them easily.

Anyway , I should focus on how Azkaban works , the shifts of the guards , how dementors work.

The enchanted chains is a piece of cake , since I crafted them for the ministry. I did well when I created a secret code that can unlock them in case I get caught in the future , and I really did. Fate is funny. The code was to move both your hands up and then turn your left hand to the left side , your right arm to the right side , as you were lifting something , and say Mischief Managed.

This my third day here in Azkaban , I have already deduced the food routine , and the guards checkings. Two meals a day , 9 am and 9 pm. 3 checkings in the cell , 5:00 am , 12:00 am , 17:00 pm consecutively. Except sunday , there were 5 checkings , 5:00 am , 12:00 am , 17:00 pm , 20:00 pm , 00:00 am , because the Minister of Magic himself visited the prison every Sunday . Yes , Kingsley Shacklebolt himself. Funny , and kind lad he was, until he changed drastically. What if someone was using a Confondus charm on him regularly , who knows , The Wizarding World is dark and wild.

I decided to escape Azkaban in Sunday. You might think I am a mad man , but no. If there are 5 checkins it means there are 5 chances of stealing the keys of the cell , and there is a chance to meet the Minister of Magic and see if he was controlled or not.

So the plan is escaping at one of the checkings , Transfigure myself into my own bed so the guards would think I escaped , then when they open the cell , My chupacabra will be behind all the guards transfigured in my form and run to bait them. Oh , I forgot to tell you about my Chupacabra , his name is Antonio , and nobody knows he is with me inside the cell. He was allegedly the pet of Gellert Grindelwald , until he was thrown by him when Gellert tried to escape the Wizarding Congress , and everybody thought this resulted to its certain death. But no Antonio lived and traveled from city to another , till I found him , heard his story and kept him with me as a friend. After I would have baited the guards to follow Antonio , I will escape from the other side and go to The Ministers Chambers and talk with him. And then If there is nothing I can do about it , I will just escape and use Accio to recover my dear Antonio. The last gate of Azkaban doesn't contain any dementors so I will be fine.

I asked Antonio to bring me my notebook where I have written many self created spells , many tactics , and my achievements and corrections of mistakes in the Wizarding knowledge. This idea was inspired by the Legend Severus Snape , how he has corrected the potions book , corrected notions and created spells. I rehearsed the 'play' I am gonna act in front of everyone today.

Part 1 , escaping Azkaban has started and I am ready for it.

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  • atakumi


    So he found the Antonio " Who was thrown into the water by Grindelwald but that happened in 1920 and unchained as a matter of fact is in the future after the the boy who lived and he survived that many years(Antonio). ????

  • DevilsArray


    More please

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