Chapter 14: The Fangs of the Wolf!

Zangetsu had decided to help me, he was a big white wolf, with a scar on over his left eye, he was missing that eye, he was big enough to be considered a bear, my zanpakuto was a white blade with a white line in the middle, similar like ichigo's in the last arc in the manga.

'You know my name, and you know my power, now let's win this' Zangetsu said in my mind with a smile on his face, slowly fading away.

"Got it," I said.

"Isn't that nice, the old wolf is giving you a hand," The hollow commented giggling like a mad man, "Or should I say a paw?! Hahahahahah"

"Would you shut it?!," I shout charging towards him, swinging my sword, "Getsuga tensho!"

A slash of white energy shoot towards the hollow, who countered with his own black getsuga.

"You might be matching my power now, but, I know how to use it! And you don't!" The hollow shouted, charging towards me, "Die!"

"Moon Light Sword Style: 13th dance; Twister," with grace I block every attack the hollow threw at me, "You lost the moment you allowed you rage to reign you,"

"What!?" The hollow in front of asked in anger, "you think you won?!"

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"Moon Light Sword Style, Hellfire Ark enchantment: Getsuga Lunar halo!" I slashed the hollow downwards cutting him in half,

"Hahah, I lost.... what a time, you will be facing the real me," The hollow said slowly fading away, leaving behind a big black wolf with only one eye, the left one, and a scar over the right eye.

"What, who are you?" I ask the wolf,

'You already know my name,' the wolf calmly replied,

"Zangetsu,." I said in realization.

'We are both Zangetsu, the twin wolfs of the moon, I represent your Quincy powers,' the white wolf said.

'And I represent your shinigami powers,' the black wolf said.

'The hollow is a part of you, and a part of us, next time, is going to be hard to face him, you had our help, but next time it will take more than that.' The white wolf said slowy fading away,

'Enjoy for the moment, next time the pack will have your back ' The black wolf said smiling, slowly I started to fade-away, going back to the real world.


[I was so scared, sorry I couldn't help you more Max.]

"Where am I?" I started to look around, all I could see is water.

[In the lake of the lady, I teleported you here so your magic didn't drain completely]

"Thanks for that and Glariza?"

[Shes still waiting for you.]

"All right lets go...." as I jumped out of the lake I felt a incredible pain in all my body, "Why is my body is extreme pain?"

[The hollow was careless and allowed Mael to destroy haft of your body, even with your goddess powers you can't heal the internal damage, but it's only superficial, the regeneration the hollow added to your body took care of the worst parts.]

"Al right," I said flying towards Glariza, "Zangetsu"

Two swords appeared in my hands, one black and one white, my two fangs.

[I forgot to tell you, your power level has increased]

"I'll check that out later, thanks anyway, let's go with her," I said going to Glariza's location.


As I approached where Glariza was, I started to think in how to approach the situation, should I let her accompany me?, no that would be a bad idea, how can I make sure Gowther thinks she's dead?...I will seal her, that's the only way.

"Hey Glariza," I said descending to where she was.

"You saved everyone I was so worried about you, did you escape from Mael,?" Glariza said worried.

"I did, in a sense of the word," I replied, "remember our deal?"

"Yeah, you save everyone, and I'll follow your orders," Glariza said nodding.

[Seal of the Celestial - is available on store for 15.000, wanna buy it?]


"Then, this is what I want," I said raising my hands making the symbols and incantations to seal her, "Seal of the Celestials!"

"I see," Glariza said with a smile of her face, while the seal got her.

"You'll be free soon" I said , seeing her disappear,

[The Seal distorts time and space , she won't age or feel time passing by.]

"Thanks, Phoenix,"

[Congrats, let's go onto the next mission,]

"Yeah, I sure hope the timeline remains the same, otherwise my knowledge will be useless" I said.


"Well that was interesting, bring Mael to me," a feminine and commanding voice.

"Yes my supreme lady," a goddess said.

"Also, bring the other archangels , that creature has to die , it's a threat to us," the supreme goddess said.

"On it" another goddess said.

"I will kill anyone that stands in my way," the supreme goddess said with a wicked smile.

Comments (17)

  • Kenizhi


    Buen capitulo,nos dejo con ganas dé lo que sigue

  • Asher20912


    Chapters meaning is clear and it's awesome it's just the mistakes and pronouncing the sentences that has mistakes in them. There is an editing text in the update in the Google board that would help with the mistakes you make and increase your viewers. Love the book so far though keep at it

  • lee2313


    Moarrrr plzzz

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