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Mauri's Tale

Author: JuanOrt10410556

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Chapter 1: On That Day

After The war with the Dragonoids is finally over, Four unique individuals that were born with the Hero's Blessing stepped up and helped push back the Dragonoid army, in which they were forced to sign a peace treaty between them and the alliance, the alliance consisted of the Humans, Elves, Dwarves, And Demi Humans. The four heroes were born with mana that some say are similar or even equal to that of the advanced civilization who came before the current races, these four had many unmatched unique abilites that even those who were considered talented, couldn't measure up to them, they were known as, Mauri The Conjurer, Malika The Shadow, Arthur The Muscle, And Isaac The Mana Manipulator, All four of them are face to face with the Dragonid's Emperor and his generals, the Dragonoids are a intelligent Bipedal version, of their distant cousins the great dragons, which are huge in comparison and utilize wings to fly naturally. Arthur a very bulky man with short spiky hair, approaches the emperor, holds out his open hand and says.

"Great Emperor Ryuaki, there is no point in continuing this war, both sides have lost many in battle, and we the representatives of the alliance want to enter a peace treaty so the bloodshed can stop." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Ryuaki, exhaled and asks.

"So if we enter this peace treaty, does this mean the alliance will no longer, interfere with our continent and our affairs?"

Arthur looks back at Mauri, Malika, and Isaac, they all nod in agreement, he then replies.

"yeah, the alliance has agreed to longer interfere with any of your affairs."

Ryuaki grins showing his sharp teeth, and says.


before Arthur gets to say anything, Ryuaki continues.

"I hope all four of you understand, that i have no respect for the alliance."

he pauses for moment and continues

"but i do respect and fear all four of you, which is the only reason I considered signing this treaty."

he then reaches out and shakes hands with Arthur. The peace treaty is signed and all four heroes say their farewells and are ready to finally head back home to the Human region that consists of four major kingdoms, Rozlania, Telpon, Arcadia, and Corpus, Mauri left her home Grezia when the war with the Dragonoids became critical when the Elves began to lose many of their cities, and begged the alliance for support, during the fighting in the elven cities, Mauri saved a male elf, who then fell in love with her, she would always rejects his advances, by saying.

"look at me, I'm not feminine."

"there are many human and elf women who have better qualities."

but he would still insist day in day out that she has many qualities he loves, Mauri finally gave him a chance and quickly fell in love with him, even though she was in the frontlines fighting in the war, they arranged a marriage, and promised him that once the war is over that they can raise a family together in a new house at Grezia, and the day finally came, she headed back home to people celebrating in the streets recognizing here as the hero of the people, and after the celebratory welcome she then heads to her house and there he was standing outside their home dressed like a nobleman, and holding flowers and says with an elegant voice.

"Madam Mauri welcome home."

with tears of joy she says.

"thank you I love you."

he replies.

"I love you too."

they embrace eachother with a hug and a kiss, and finally get to spend quality time together, on that day Mauri, found herself enjoying life unlike any days before. Three years pass by, Mauri and Her husband

Cirdain, added one member to their family, a daughter named Aruwen, but the human and elf regions are going through chaotic times, where Elves are exterminating humans and elf-human hybrids from their region and the Humans are trying everything they can politically to put a stop to the geonicide, the four great heroes are gathered once again and are sent to try to solve this peacefully, they meet with the many kings of the elves, Arthur angrily shouts.

"how can you let your people, kill innocent humans and human-elf hybrids!?"

one the kings smuggly replies.

"humans and elves aren't meant to mix, so purging the Humans and hybrids is a legitimately public service."

Mauri expresses a face twisted with anger, Arhtur looks at her and mouths.

"I know your angry, but dont make it worse."

the same king calmly asks.

"so tell me heroes, why did your kings not show up?"

arhtur replies.

"obviously we were sent here to talk sense into all of you."

all of the kings start laughing hysterically, all of the heroes are looking at each other confused, and then one of the kings says.

"I guess they didnt tell you."

Arthur angrily replies.

"tell us what!?"

he replies with smirk.

"they sent you here, so you wouldn't stop them from purging the elves and hybrids in their kingdoms."

Mauri breaks her silence and asks with terror in her voice.

"what are you talking about?"

he replies with a question

"oh so I hit a nerve? so do you have a loved one who's and elf or a hybrid?"

she stays silent, and he continues.

"if this is the case the I suggest for you to stop wasting you time here and head back to your home."

Mauri without a second thought leaves the meeting, Arthur then shouts to here.

"hold on Mauri I'm coming with you."

Mauri and Arthur arrive at Grezia and the streets are filled with mobs of people, destroying shops owned by elves, dragging elves and hybrids out of their home, Arthur looks in terror and says to Mauri.

"Go check on your family and I'll try to stop these people."

Mauri quickly heads to her home, she runs and stops at her front yard, she looks and her heart stops, the world freezes, and the noise of the chaos is drowned out, as she is staring at her husband Cirdan and her daughter Aruwen layed out on the grass covered in blood.

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