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Chapter 1: God and wishes

Miyamoto Rei found himself in a large room, completely white walls and a tall ceiling. He looked around but quickly fell to the ground whilst clutching his head in pain. He remembered his life-he was an orphan since birth and at the age of 18 he decided to join the army,to give him a family. Finding it not challenging enough he joined the English SAS(the reputed most challenging special forces unit on the planet) at the age of 24 and he remembers being on a carrier, where they were supposed to drop of for a recon mission. He remembers a loud noise of metal screeching, explosions and flames engulfing his body.

Rei: "That was one hell of a way to go out huh?" He chuckled to himself with a bit of disbelief and bitterness in his voice.

? : "You're absolutely right. That was more than a hell of a way to go out. And for that, I offer you two choices." A sudden deep voice rang from behind him.

Rein turned around, looking for the owner of the voice and found a handsome looking old man in a white suit, sat behind a black desk.

Rei: "I guess you must be God?"

God: "Again, you are absolutely right. Now, back to the topic at hand." He says as he waves his hand. " I will offer you the choice of reincarnation in your previous world, or a world of your choosing-comes with three wishes by the way." He winked at the last part of the sentence.

Rei: "I don't really want to go back to my world, but I'm not really looking for an adventure any time soon either. Are there any peaceful worlds out there God?"

God: "Well, I do have some recommendations, but the one that I believe would fit your taste the most would be my personal created anime world."

Rei: "Alright, I was into most of the popular anime so it does sound pretty interesting. Now...about the wishes.." he trailed off slightly.

God: "Go on." He moved his gaze upward towards Rei's eye level.

Rei: "Can my first wish be that I get to reincarnate with the looks I choose?"

God: "Done. You would actually be surprised at the amount of people I tell that they have to use a wish to actually getting their wanted appearance. And oh boy, the amount of complaints." He shook his head whilst sighing, seeming pretty tired.

Rei: "*ahem* As for my second wish, it would be the legendary system." His eyes glittering with hope.

God: "Well.... actually... people abuse that one way too often so I decided to not give it anymore. I can however give you a lottery gacha kind of system. Where you complete quests for lottery tickets. Do you still want it?"

Rei: "Sure... doesn't sound to bad. Now for my third and final wish. I wish for a genius level intellect." He sounded not the least bit dissatisfied with God's previous statement.

God: "IQ level of 160? Coming right up. Now before you leave, you do have to customise your appearance, and as soon as your done I will send you to where you need to be." He now lowered his eyes, to a stack of newly appeared paperwork in front of him and started to work his way through it.

A character creation screen popped up, with what Rei guessed would be his adult look. He decided to make himself look deadly good looking- silky black hair, light purple eyes, Indian dimples when he smiles, perfectly sized nose and lips and arched eyebrows.

Rei wasn't a virgin in his previous life, but his contact with women was still extremely limited. He decided that in this life he was going to make the most of it, and let's say that's a lot easier to do, if you're the living reincarnation of the god of beauty.

Rei: "I'm done...so..bye and thanks I guess?" He extended his hand for a shake.

God didn't move his eyes from the papers and replied "Have a nice trip."

Rei didn't even get to hear the full sentence before he passed out and found himself in a dark place, hearing strange noises all around him. He tried to move around but it felt like he had no strength, or he was surrounded by a viscous liquid.*An I in my mothers womb?* he thought to himself.

Moments later he saw a bright light, and a giant pair of hands were pulling him. The shock of the cold air against his body was too much and so he left out a loud cry. His eyes were still blurry, as he tried to adjust to the light but he heard the sound of a woman.

Woman: "Quickly, give him to me! I want to see my little Rei!" She spoke with the little amount of strength she had left.

When he finally adjusted to the light, he saw a beautiful woman smiling brilliantly at him, with a gaze full of love. He left out a giggle in his baby form causing a lot of awws from everyone on the room. How could he not be happy when in his previous life he was stripped of the parental he desired. This peaceful atmosphere was suddenly disturbed by the sound of a door slamming open, and a loud shout. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Man: " Honey are you fine?! Where is my baby boy?! Let me see him?!" Rei glances sideways and recognised the figure of what seemed like a younger Issei Ichijo.

Rei: *Nisekoi??? I'm in the world of Nisekoi??? Judging from the fact that my mother didn't die from giving birth to me, I can only presume I'm Raku's older brother.*

Issei took the tiny man into his hands gently, and held him in the sky, his eyes tearing up.

Issei: "My little baby boy... you're going to become the pride and joy of our family!" He then took Rei into his embrace and afterwards gave him back to his mother for feeding.

Rei: *It's just your mother!* he screamed to himself. * Don't get excited! It's just your mother!* he kept repeating to himself as he started suckling on the exposed nipple in front of him. That however didn't last that long...

Rei: *The stamina of a baby really sucks* was his final thought, before he passed asleep with his tiny hand still around his mother's breast.

Mother: "Have beautiful dreams my child. My lovely Rei..." She also fell asleep because of the exhaustion, with Rei still in her hands.

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    "Judging from the fact that my mother didn't die from giving birth to me, I can only presume I'm Raku's older brother" Raku's mother still alive, she live in other country because of her hobby, why you suddenly assume she would die because of giving birth of Raku?

  • Kayox23


    I want to know how can people say to a baby who has just been born cute I mean all babies when they're born look like potatoes

  • Apophis_


    Very good but please do not make he it idiot like Mangaka mc

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