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Chapter 18: Chapter 18

This year awakening ceremony was a weird one. Usually, 'The One' title will appear randomly but this year 'The One' title was given one to each of the noble clan like it was planned from the beginning. Gryth Luke from the Gryth Clan, Pom Jay from the Pom Clan, Avoc Luna from the Avoc Clan, Stries Mateo from the Stries Clan and Kregee Arabella from the Kregee Clan were given 'The One' title. Once the news about this spread, lots of people expecting interesting things happening between all of them especially during the soon to be held annual tournament between the newly awakened teens.

Kregee Clan's Residence.

"Arabella, how is your preparation for slime dungeon going?" asked an elder of the Kregee clan as well as Arabella master.

"Master, everything is going well," said Arabella.

"Hohoho, good, good," said the elder while massaging his long beard and continued, "When you and your cousins reach the slime dungeon, don't rush to complete it. Be careful. Take your time and properly plan your moves inside the dungeon. I doubt that you can complete it but we never know what will happen," said the elder.

"Yes Master, I will do this seriously," said Arabella.

"Don't be too serious, you look too stiff," said the elder.

"Yes master!" she turned stiffer.

"Sigh, girl you are too nervous. Calm down," said the elder.

Pom Clan's Residence.

In one of the training field inside Pom Clan's residence, some of the member of the Pom Clan were training.

"Spear: Rush," an attack went straight to Jay but Jay use his spear and parry the attack easily and direct his spear straight to his opponent's neck and stopped.

"Are all of you really the one who the elder chose to accompany me to the slime dungeon next week?" said Jay to 3 people around him who were already on the floor unconscious.

"You are all too weak. I will be fine even by myself. There is no need for all of you to come with me," said Jay arrogantly.

"You will go with them. It is too dangerous to complete the dungeon by yourself," said Bom, Jay older brother.

"Why do I need to go with a weakling? They will be a burden to me," said Jay angrily.

"It is the elder's order," said Bom.

"Tch, those oldies with their stupid order. I have 'The One' title so I can complete the dungeon easily," said Jay confidently.

"If you think having that title means everything will be easy, you won't live long. Being arrogant will kill you," said Bom with serious face.

Gryth City, Luke's house.

"Where are you going Luke?" asked Elder Dario.

"I'm going to the Avoc residence to meet June," said Luke.

"Meeting June again huh? Do you like her? I can ask his majesty to ask for her hands in marriage for you," said Elder Dario.

"She is my childhood friend and I never see her in that way and I will never be," said Luke.

"You know, there are a lot of people marrying their childhood friend. They all said the same thing you said but they all ended up marrying their childhood friend," said Elder Darion while smiling weirdly.

"Let's stop talking about this matter," said Luke.

"Your parents are looking for girls for you, you know. Now that you hold 'The One' title, they will wed you early so that you will have heirs fast," said Elder Dario.

"…" Luke didn't say anything and went to meet June.

Avoc Clan's residence.

Luke arrive in front of Avoc Clan's residence.

"Your Highness Luke, are you here to meet Miss June?" asked the guard.

"Yes, we promise to meet each other today," said Luke.

"Please wait a minute, we will call Miss June," said the guard. He ordered another guard to call June and that guard went to tell June about Luke. "Ah, I'm sorry, you can come in and wait at the front garden. I will lead the way. This way Your Highness," said the guard.

Luke followed the guard and enter the front garden. The garden was so beautiful with trees and flowers planted there. In the garden were few stone tables and chair. The garden gives out a sweet and soothing aroma produce by the flowers growing there. The Avoc clan was well known with their talents in plant element and earth element. Making this kind of garden was easy for them.

Luke sit on one of the chair and the guard left him. Luke was familiar with the front garden because he came to meet June a lot since he started to live in Eplia City. June lost her memories because of the monster attack and Luke always met her to help her regained her memories but for the past 9 years, no matter what Luke do, June can't remember anything.

"Oh looks who is here," a voice came from behind Luke.

"Ugh~ why are you here? Go play somewhere else," said Luke.

"Hahaha, you really hate me. I don't think I ever did anything to you though. Ah, could it be that we are rival now? But you know, rather than rival, I think we are companion since we both got 'The One' title," said Luna a beautiful girl with beautiful red hair.

"I don't hate you but you are too energetic and I got tired fast when I'm with you," said Luke.

"So how is your relationship with June going?" asked Luna while poking Luke with her elbow.

"Not you too," said Luke sighing.

"Both of you are too suspicious. You were together like a lot of times and laughing and giggling most of the time," said Luna.

"I'm not laughing and giggling," said Luke.

"Do you know? I overheard mom talking and she said she talked with your parents about your marriage with June," said Luna.

Luke shocked and said "Are you serious?"

"Yes, I am. I even ask her and she said yes," said Luna.

"What are you guys talking?" a sweet and soft voice comes from behind them. The owner of the voice was June. June now with smooth and silky long hair. She was not a tomboy as she used to when she was a kid but she was now a proper lady.

"Oh, nothing sis," said Luna while peeking at Luke. The woman who adopted June was Luna's mother. So Luna and June were sisters

"Oo, okay," said June with a question mark face. She looked towards Luke and continued, "Luke, you told me before that other than the two of us, we have one more friend right?"

"Yeah, Ethan. I told you before that he kind of disappear and no one can find him. Why?" said Luke.

"A few days ago, when Luna and I went to the adventurer guild to report our jobs completion, we overheard people talking about a newbie F-rank party from the southern area who complete many jobs in one day. They gain quite a bit of popularity and their party's name is Ethan's party. Is it the Ethan we were looking for?" said June.

"That's right Luke, I heard that too," added Luna.

"If that really Ethan, why no one able to find him? He is in this city all this time," asked Luke.

"…" Luna look at them and start talking, "I think the reason is simple. Luke, I think that people you asked to look for your friend… was not looking for him at all,"

"Luna, what do you mean?" asked June.

"We are nobles. Your friend is commoner. They wouldn't want you to befriend a commoner," said Luna.

"…That is possible," said Luke disappointed.

June looked at Luke and said, "Let's find him," with a serious face.

"… You are right. Let's go find him. Since he is an adventurer, we can find him since we too are adventurer," said Luke

"Let me join too. I want to see how this Ethan looks like," said Luna excited.

Eplia City, Southern Area's Adventurer Guild.

"We are here to get permit to enter the slime dungeon. We are Ethan's party," said Ethan.

"Oh you are the rising F-rank party I have hear a lot this few days," said the receptionist lady while smiling and continued, "Show me your guild ID and I will enter the permit inside. I need both of your ID."

"Here are our ID," Ethan give their ID to the receptionist lady.

"Please wait a bit, I will be back," the receptionist lady entered the room behind her.

"You want to go to slime dungeon right? Can I join you?" a voice came from behind Ethan and Lilia.

Ethan looked behind him and a muscular man was standing there smiling.

"And you are?" asked Ethan.

"I'm Stries Mateo from the Stries Clan."

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