66.66% Vampire: God&Destruction / Chapter 8: Chapter 6: The path of blood, Preperarion

Chapter 8: Chapter 6: The path of blood, Preperarion

The orcs were slaughtered their blood smeared across the walls of the throne room as the ants were performing clean up rather happily as the large stock of food increased...

At what they could get at any rate before Eto came along and ate them whole...

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My army increased to 200 watchers, 120 knights, and 1000 blood spirits, 2 lesser blood demons...

Standing atop ruins of a forgotten time has its beauty... my hand tread across the crumbling stone railing letting the dust and eroding stone brush of onto the ever crumbling floor beneath my feet...

It's intoxicating... imagine if the whole world was like this?

Closing my eyes as I heard nothing but silence and the wind brushing past my ears...

This could only be described as my own version of heaven... sadly... all good things seem to come to an end....


Glancing behind me as the smell of blood fills my senses...

I see four blood spirits slowly taking apart and eating away at a former comrade... sharing this happy meal...

The corpse lay there content as it was slowly becoming less and less... entrails, blood. And bone exposed to the world... and it's green skin being shared by two bloodied half eaten blood spirits, they were orcs, one of them had their forearm partially non existant it was there but it was hanging on by thread of meat.

The others had similar looks...

Farren stood solemnly behind me as my two guards went off to have their own portion of food...

He had a slightly concerned look in his face...

My usual apathetic expression changed momentarily as I saw that look...

Seeing so he spoke.

"Forgive me, but arnt you neglecting yourself?"

Ah yes.. the concept of vampires isn't foreign from the world he came from?

But still not necessary I'm not bound by the impulses of the lesser

"No need... whether I feed or not is my choice. When i feel the need, on who and what is my own choice."

Apart from the fact that I can sustain myself with the ambient magic in the air... I can feel the anger slowly trying to naw at me... as much as I respect gorging ourself in your own baser desires... I WILL CHOOSE when and how I do so... or if the need arises of course...

He nodded but still looked concerned...

My attention didn't last long on him though....

I looked at the two new expendable additions to my forces...

The ex commanders of the two forces that were recently massacres and became food for my forces.

They stood there... vigilantly as they scanned the surroundings... the two minds that once inhabited those bodies no longer existed... instead those souls were consumed, body corrupted by my blood, and natural residue of my soul brought forth new life in those sacks of meat...

Life that belonged to the underworld...

Fortunately as those two pitiful souls were consumed they have their memories but not the useless feelings they held.

No longer holding humanity, but one of a demon...

What's more? They can abandon the flesh they were born in... after all the blood is their catalyst and the seat of their existance... I could even hold their bodies in my own body... lint why would I want these two useless and weak filth stained by mortal kind?

At any rate.

"Where is the closest human settlement?"

Obviously talking to them... the orc spoke...

"Directly to the east is a militaristic town. And is he seat of operations for this part of the forest."

He reported loyally as one would to their creator and the source of their origin... how loyal can a demon be anyway? Perhaps it may just be may stereotypical view of them.... they might be more 'human' than the articles themselves?

Not that I care enough to find out for the moment...

But there is another addition to my forces witch will be useful...

I turned my gaze to one of the ants cleaning up the area... taking and rolling up on if the entrails and than carting it back to its colony...

Can I turn the queen? Can I change her to be... a demonic monster? To evolve her to a different species?

Wondering this I asked the system...

[ of course host. If you can slaughter the entire colony down below and have me absorb them. Along with some System points you can change and mutate them all you like... the only limit is the Bio meterials given. ]

A very unkind smile rose across my lips...

"Prepare the knights... we are going down. And send the blood spirits to the nearby town... destroy it. If you can't don't bother coming back alive, this is your trial."

The two ex commanders nodded... as they rounded up the others...

While Varrel solemnly went to round up the knights making sure they are properly fed and ready to go...

For once since the time he came here he saw the perfect force

These ants, were fairly large... roughly the size of a human themselves, but these were merely workers, the soldiers or majors were likely two times as large and stronger.

( AC: sorry bout the delay guys... kinda got lost in reading :P lemme know if you if you guys are enjoying this! I can give the usual WB or if you want more detail in certain things I can do that too. Have a wonderful day guys and enjoy)

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