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Chapter 1: Introduction

"Ladies and gentlemen, be welcome to the first semifinal battle of the national summoners tournament."

The voice of that presenter resonated throughout the coliseum. To be honest right now I'm not nervous, the only thing I'm a bit disappointed. I would have liked to face Alej in the final, but I had to face him in the semifinal.

The people who have come to see this fight will be disappointed but I can not do anything, I do not decide who will be my opponent in this tournament.

I am in the middle of the stage, I must say that my opponent is currently the three times champion of the tournament, and I, uhm good, I am the black horse of this competition. It's my first participation and I've reached the semifinals. And yes, I'm giving up. But that's not because I'm weak, it's because of a damn mission that I have. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

The referee is explaining the rules. To make it very simple and understand me, in the world that I am in is a fantasy world where there are different kinds of professions, such as magicians, gentlemen, etc. And the rules of this competition are like those of Pokem ... But we do not need to be shouting the name of the techniques that our invocations and we are able to invoke different kinds of creatures, which includes beasts, monsters, demons, angels, gods and even human heroes.

Anyway, the question here is that it is time to make my first invocation. Oh before I forget the invocations we make we make them through the letters of invocations, something like the letters of YU-G...

My first invocation is a unique being that I own, it is level 97 and its rank is legendary. His name is Cesar. I chose him because it is my most powerful letter of which I entered in the contest.

In the contest each participant must register which are his invocations letters with which he will participate and can only register a maximum of 15 and a minimum of 5.

Alej summoned Zeus, a card of divine rank and that is at level 105. Now we just have to wait for the battle.

There are two kinds of letters, the only ones and the common ones. Alej's letter is common, but it is very strong.

When both invocations appeared the silence took over the room. Cesar was dressed in casual clothes and had a double-edged sword in his hand. He looked at Zeus for a moment and then ran to him as he made a horizontal cut that was easily blocked by Zeus with his bare palm.

Cesar's sword broke causing him to back away immediately.

Cesar released the fragment of his sword and smiled slightly, then used an exclusive movement of him, called "destroyer of the world"

The technique managed to worry Zeus and made him use his so-called shield of lightning, the impact of the blow only made him back but did not cause any damage, but that is what Cesar was looking for, and proceeded to make a combo that has, appearing behind Zeus and with a kick to raise it about ten meters, it reappeared on top of Zeus and with another kick he threw it to the ground, causing it to form a large crater where Zeus fell. But instead of finishing his combo, Cesar returned to his original position.

I understand why he did not proceed to finish his combo because it was a massive lightning attack, but that would only make Zeus more powerful since we all know that he is God of Lightning.

A series of numbers appeared above the head of Zeus.




Zeus got up without any noticeable damage, something logical. Then I pronounce - you are strong!

To appear in front of Cesar and pierce the chest with a spear made of pure rays. Leaving Cesar with only two health points.

And before I gave the final blow I gave up, leaving everyone with honey in their mouths. And by the way, many insults I received because of my cowardice. Although I know very well that even if I could overcome it, my mission would not be completed.

At least I must confess that the face of anger that Alej put on was something worth seeing. I went straight to the guild to which I belong.

Upon reaching the base a woman came to meet me, she is responsible for, uhmm good you can say she is the secretary of the guild or the administrator, actually fulfills several functions.

-Well, if on the bright side your mission was completed successfully. - she pronounced.

-But if he was second, he would have received the opportunity to go to the world tournament.

-But the system only asked you to lose to the champion. -She answered me -What did the system give you to accomplish the mission?

When he asked that question, I realized that he still did not check the system. But he was not in the mood to do it anyway. So I went straight to my room.

-I do not know, and I'm not in the mood to find out. If they come to see me, you tell them that I am not here, that I went out on a mission and that you do not know when I will return.

I entered my room and for some strange reason I began to remember the day I arrived in this world.

Sercled Sercled

Hello everyone, this will be the only work that I will be uploading daily. I hope you like it...

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