16.66% Universe System! [DROPPED] / Chapter 1: Getting the system
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Universe System! [DROPPED]

Author: WannaBeAuthorHaru

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Chapter 1: Getting the system

Earth, Universe 7, February 30, 2069.

Hiro and his mom were in the lowest class of society, they live in the slums in a 1 story house with 2 rooms for them, their kitchen and living room are combined to make use of all the space, Hiro's mom works a 9-7 job at a department store 10 minutes away from their house so he just play games to waste time and to entertain himself, if he doesn't feel like playing games he just reads mangas or novels and imagine himself as the Main Character so he could escape his mundane life.

One day, Hiro is just doing what he always does, playing CSGO, this was his 7th game and this is gonna be his 7th loss of the day, when He lost he had the urge to punch his monitor when suddenly, a notification popped up from his steam messages.

{Do you want to be the ruler of all? The one who will make people shiver in fear with the mention of your name? THE ONE WHO WILL RULE ALL WORLDS AND UNIVERSES?


Hiro thought this was a prank so he just replied yes to satisfy the one who pranked him.

:{Do you want to be the ruler of all? The one who will make people shiver in fear with the mention of your name? THE ONE WHO WILL RULE ALL WORLDS AND UNIVERSES?


Hiro: Yes.

After he replied he immediately fainted.

When he woke up, it was already 7:25 pm he heard a bunch of notifications from what he thought was his phone.

*Ding* [System binding to the host's soul.]

1%, 8%, 15%, 30%, 50%, 66%, 85%, 99%, 100%, Binding Complete.

*Ding* [Welcome Host to the Universe System.]

*Ding* [Host is given a beginner gift pack and a skill of your choice for being the system's first Host]

*Ding* [Do you wish to open the beginner gift pack?]

When Hiro heard the notifications his first thought was it was just his phone so he reached at the table beside his bed and took his phone,

He turned on the phone but it just kept vibrating, when he realized that his phone is dead he remembered the notifications he heard, he said silently in his breath.


*Ding* [How may I help you Host?]

He was in shock for a couple of seconds but he regained his senses and said

He slapped his face and said, "Is this real?"

*Ding*[Yes Host, this is real]

"What can you do?"

*Ding* [I can do whatever the Host wants with enough System points.]

"How do I get system points?"

*Ding*[By doing Quests, Opening Gift Packs, Killing Beasts, Humans and/or Gods or converting money into System points $500=1Sp]


"Can you show me my status, System?"

*Ding*[Affirmative host.] Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.


Name: Hiro Hasegawa


Cultivation: Hasn't Begun

Talent: C+

System Points: 0

Skills: None

Strength: 7

Agility: 6

Defense: 10

HP: 100

System Evaluation: Can get beaten by a normal 14-year-old

When he saw how his System evaluated him he almost threw up blood but he knew that he can't change facts, for now.

"System, Open the Beginner Gift Pack."


*Ding*[Opening Beginner Gift Pack...]

*Ding*[You have received the following:

Body Enhancing Pills, 1,000 Years of Cultivation pill, 5 x100 Multiplier card, 1 Sub-System of your choice, Max Talent Pill x1, 1,000,000 System Points.]


Body Enhancing Pills: Can change the physique of the person who swallows the pill

1,000 Years of Cultivation: Allow the person that took the pill to cultivate for 1,000 years in a world rich in Qi, Time will stop in earth when user swallows the pill.

Max Talent Pill: Makes the person who took the pill to have the maximum talent this universe has

Sub-System: Can get any system in any universe, be it in a novel or a manga.

x100 Multiplier Card: Will multiply anything or anyone to x100 if used on it or him/her

"Okay then, let's use Max talent pill for now."

*Ding*[Max Talent Pill used, Host's Talent is now maxed]

After the system finished talking Hiro said "System, use 1,000 Years of Cultivation pill"

After he said that he was immediately transported to a place filled with Qi. The place he transported to has huge mountains in the background with a river just below it, Hiro was startled cause he was transported to another world and floated in the air like a god. After that, he lost consciousness and went into a cultivation state.

While cultivating for 1 year, beasts started to notice his presence, then it became 2 to 3 to 4 to 5 years when it became qi heaven for the beasts, the beasts cultivated below him to at least get a breakthrough. 700 years have passed and he received a notification.

*Ding*[Forcefully waking up host as host has already reached the peak of cultivation.]

When he woke up he already got transported back to his room, when he opened his eyes he realized that he was cross-legged on the floor of his room, when he got up he felt light but just dismissed it and asked the system.

"System, what else did I get from the gift pack?"

*Ding*[You received: Body enhancing pills, 5 x100 Multiplier card, 1 Sub-System of your choice, 1,000,000 System Points.]

After he asked the system he went to the mirror first to check out his body, when he got to the mirror he removed his T-shirt, he was in awe at his body, but he quickly remembered something so he asks his trusty system

"System, won't everyone notice my physical change?"

*Ding*[Don't worry host, I already altered the memory of the people you know to think that you started exercising.]

"Phew, Thanks system," said Hiro while wiping the sweat on his forehead.

*Ding*[No problem host.]



Name: Hiro Hasegawa

Age: 16 *716 in soul*

Cultivation: Apex (Cannot cultivate anymore.)

Talent: ∞

System Points: 1,000,000

Skills: None

Strenght: ∞

Agility: ∞

Defense: ∞

HP: ∞

System Evaluation: Is the physical definition of "Op"

When Hiro saw his stats once again he had the Pikachu surprised face.

When he was done fantasizing about what he's gonna do next Hiro immediately got out of his stinky room and went to the table cause it was already 7:30 pm but his Mom wasn't home yet so he tried calling her but before he does someone called him on their telephone and told him that if he didn't pay them $100,000 they won't give his Mom back, he heard his Mom crying in the background which made him mad and not think straight, it made the whole world shake by his aura alone.



[Calming down host]



Kill all the thugs and save Mom.

Failure: Mom will die.


Immortality pill x1

All system functions unlock.

When Hiro saw the quest he replied calmly.

"Where did you take my mom?'

Guy on the phone:"At *****,***,****. Prepare the money by next week or else your mom will die and if you try to call the cops, be prepared to see your mom's corpse here."

Hiro replied, "I'm coming there now."

Hiro told the system to use all of his x100 multiplier on his System points and told the system to buy all the skills.

*Ding*[Does host want to buy all the skills in the store for 2 Quadrillion SystemPoints?]

Hiro quickly replied "Yes"

then he went to where the guy told him to go but before he could run he got a notification.


"System, can you put a limiter to my strength?"

*Ding*[Yes Host, To how low?]

"To a peak Earth realm cultivator"

*Ding*[It's done, Host.]

"Thanks, system"

*Ding*[No Problem Host.]

He immediately flew with a speed of 250mph to where he was told to go, He arrived there after 5 minutes of flying, he arrived a few blocks away to avoid suspicions. He saw a huge warehouse that has 2 thugs guarding on each side of the huge door, he walked over to them and told them that he is there for his mom, they obliged and let him through, when he went inside the warehouse he saw his mom in his peripheral vision and immediately looked at over his side. He saw his mom tied up and behind his mom was 20 thugs holding all sorts of melee weapons and in front of his mom was a 6'2 Guy that is a full head taller than him.

When the guy saw Hiro, he grinned and said

"Oh, you're here, do you have the money?"

Hiro saw his mom crying behind the guy, he couldn't control his emotions so he acted rashly. He ran towards the man they called Scar at full speed, they couldn't react fast so all they could do was watch Scar get his head blown by Hiro, when they saw this they were dumbfounded and don't know what to do so the second in command shouted "BEAT HIM UP TOGETHER, WE HAVE NUMBE-" but before he could finish he was punched by Hiro on his chest, he couldn't believe what he just saw, before he could regain his senses, Hiro sent a punch to his face. The punch Hiro sent made a huge gust of air which made the guy's surroundings turn to dust, before he punched he said to his system "System, make a barrier for mom to protect her from my strength"

*Ding*[Affirmative host]

The other thugs saw this and just ran towards Hiro, they arrived at where Hiro stands and got ready to swing their bats into Hiro's head but they quickly realize that Hiro wasn't there anymore so they turned back and saw Hiro. Hiro was behind them untying his mom that fainted and put her down, he released all of his aura to the thugs and before they could run to him they were all turned to dust.



Kill all the thugs and save Mom.

Failure: Mom will die.


Immortality pill x1

All system functions unlock.

[Quest complete, check inventory for rewards]

Hiro said to his system.

"System, can you make a hell-like place to place their souls in?"

*Ding*[Yes, Host can make hell and put heir souls there for eternity for 1,000,000SP.]

Hiro quickly replied, "Make one and put their souls into the hell you made."


Hiro thought to himself how this event will traumatize his Mom so he asked his system again.

"System, can you make Mom forget all of this?"

*Ding*[Host can make Host's mom forget this event for 100SP]

"Do it"


He picked up his mom, got outside and flew upwards. Hiro is looking at the warehouse they were just in and immediately destroyed it with an AOE skill he bought from the system. Hiro and his mom are now back home and Hiro placed his mom in her bed and Hiro went back to his room and asked the system "System, could I exchange SP to real-life currency?"

*Ding*[Yes host, you can. 1SP=$500]

"How many Points do I have?"

*Ding*[You have 7,999,999,998,999,900SP Host.]

"Exchange 900SystemPoints to USD"

*Ding*[Done, You can check your inventory Host.]

When he checked his inventory he saw $450,000 in $100 bills, he took $1,000 and put it in his Mom's table beside her bed. Hiro immediately got to his room and slept cause it was already 11:00 pm.

WannaBeAuthorHaru WannaBeAuthorHaru

Next chapter when I feel like it or when someone comments a cool idea to implement.

Comments (8)

  • WannaBeAuthorHaru


    It's a System fan fic so you should see a lot of similarities considering how many System fan fics there are on webnovel.

  • Gutterstomp


    I thought it was really similar to something I read about

  • Weirdo


    Except the other one is a fool that didn't know how to do anything and lock his strength away just to go lvling up again... This one may also the same I guess..

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