90.99% Reborn : The Lion To Hunt The Wolf / Chapter 100: Now, You Will Rot In Jail

Chapter 100: Now, You Will Rot In Jail

---A short-time before coming-to vet---

Yue Wan and Yue Xiang reached the pet clinic which was near to a pet shop name Happy Paws. 

It was considered to be one of the best vets in all of City A based on (social-website)Baidu's rating, so Yue Wan had picked it.

She gazed down at her lap and found Little Bao to be fast asleep. Yue Wan's warm caressing calmed him into a deep state of sleep. So, Little Bao had no idea that his cute mommy brought him to his nightmare.

Seeing her son's peaceful face, she buzzed, "Will he be alright?"

"Just keep up with the plan..." Yue Xiang had a sly grin as he spoke. He knew that Little Bao would act cute and innocent before his dumb mommy in order to escape the vet's office, so Yue Xiang strictly ordered her to stay in the pet shop while he took this guy to the veterinarian. 

Yue Wan rubbed Little Bao's slender body slowly and cooed, "Don't bully him in the... clinic."

Yue Xiang raised his and stared at the annoying brat, 'I can't wait to see his crying face.'


After this mini-episode, Little Bao was carried out by his meanie of an Uncle, his energy was all worn out from crying. 

With a small yelp and a tear falling down his face, he laid his head on his Uncle's chest and scowled at the Lunatic Doctor while cursing him in his head.

Currently, they were getting some medicine from that Lunatic Doctor, who was instructing Yue Xiang about the pet's food intake limit and daily exercise as Little Bao had gained some weight.

Yue Xiang took a glance at the guy in his embrace, 'See, I was right. You are Fatty!'

Rubbing his tears and snort on his Uncle's shirt, Little Bao grunted, 'I am not.' 

---At the Pet Shop---

Yue Wan was astonished to see all those brand named items especially for cats. The last time she purchased things for Little Bao in a nearby pet shop they didn't have this many things.

Seeing Yue Wan in simple clothes, the two lady shopkeepers thought that she must be from the middle class so they didn't bother to entertain her. They just gave her look which said, 'She is a beggar.'

An old salesperson saw the frown on her face and walked towards her. She calmly explained the usage of various things and made some suggestions for which product to buy. 

Yue Wan loved it all, so she waved her hand in all directions indicating what she wanted to buy. 

Her list was never-ending, "Pack that one... That one too... give me two of those as well..."

Looking at that scene, those two women interjected with a harsh tone: "Do you know the cost of those things?"

"Your mind will disintegrate while counting the zeros next to it." They both spoke from behind the counter with a vicious look in their eyes and resentment at Yue Wan's beauty. 

Yue Wan didn't turn back as she was not interested in interacting with those women. 

"See, your body froze up hearing the amount, what can we expect from a lowly life."

"Shu Shu..." Lady with pink hair (Pink Lady) waved to Yue Wan as if she was chasing a stray away, "This place is not for people like you. Go away."

Yue Wan signed inwardly and carried out the orders, "Pack them all and send it by tomorrow." 

She gave her a Black Platinum Card and said, "Pay the bill for all."

The old salesperson happily agreed to her request and went to the counter while giving those two co-workers a mocking stare, 'You guys misjudged her.'

The Pink Lady fumed in anger looking at the black shining card. Jealousy and envy covered her eyes, she bit her lip in frustration. 

"You B**h, how dare you, ignore me?" She hollered at Yue Wan.

"Leader, she might be a kept woman. And that's why she isn't afraid to buy this much." The sidekick of the Pink Lack made an assumption.

Looking at Yue Wan's body up and down, the Pink Lady sneered with an ugly thought, "Oh, she a leg opener, a F**kng W***e."

They both chuckled and scorned at Yue Wan, "Which old man is your sugar daddy? Tell us."

"She must have pleased him every night to get this much money. HaHaHaHa."

They both stood on either of Yue Wan and nudged her by the elbow. 

Yue Wan had a tough time restraining her rage, she felt discomfort to their nudges. So, she stepped away from them to avoid it.

But the Pink Lady misunderstood and thought that Yue Wan was trying to escape, "Where are you trying to escape to?"

She lifted her hand to touch Yue Wan burned right hand forcefully, but before she could reach it, a heavy slap echoed off her face.


She plopped on the floor with blood sprouting from her mouth, one half of her face had swelled up with palm print mark. The slap was as loud as a clap and stung her face to the point where there was a red welt.

As for the other girl, she ran away to hide in the storage room as soon as the slap was heard. 

She shivered with a murmuring, "We picked a wrong opponent."

That Pink Lady wanted to cry as rage filled her belly. She glared at Yue Wan then spat out, "YOU? YOU?"

Yue Wan sneered at her lame appearance and then laughed. It only added fuel to the Pink Lady's wrath.

Then she bent to close to the Pink Lady's face and using her index finger, lifted her chin.

"I'm hardly suppressing my rage right now that was provoked by that old man and here you are aggravating me. Do you have a death wish?"

With a trembling hand and teary eyes, the Pink Lady reached to slap Yue Wan's finger away, but an unknown fear erupted inside her body instead. 'Is she going to kill me?'

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"Stop it," a rough male voice ordered.

The Pink Lady's face beamed when she heard the shop owner's voice.

Like a pitiful lady, she stood up with a wobbling leg and touched her swollen cheek with tear rimmed red eyes.

She appealed, "Owner, please call the police. This violent woman is going to kill me."

"I said stop it," said the same rough voice with a bit of anger in it now.

With proud eyes, the Pink Lady raised her eyebrows as she looked at Yue Wan. Smiling triumphantly she said: "Now, you will rot in jail."

The Shopowner rushed in front of Yue Wan and bowed suddenly with a frightened face.

His voice trembled in fear as he pleaded, "Madame, I'm extremely sorry for the way my staff acted right now. As compensation for your suffering, please accept 40% off of your purchase today."

The Pink Lady screamed at the Owner: "40% off?!? Owner are you crazy? Where you bewitched by that Wo---?"


Another slap landed on the other half of her face. This time the sound was much louder than the one before.

Bellsin Bellsin

Author: Thank you my dear readers...we've reached 100th chapter yesterday...

Please continue to support me always...

Love you all...

Next chapter at night


Upcoming scene-:

Yue Wan wiped the tears resting on Little Bao's eyelashes and whiskers.

"My baby, was the injection really that painful?"


"Next time we don't go there, okay?" She pacified with a honeyed voice.

Little Bao responded by rubbing his face all over his Mommy and got into a more comfortable position on her lap.


ML: Why that brat gets more scene than me..(;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

Author: He is cute( ̄┰ ̄*)ゞ


Little Bao blushing...(^//▽//^*)

Author: see, he so cute...(づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ.

ML: Give me change, I can give more..(¬‿¬)

Author: More what?(¬_¬ )

ML: Daughters cuter than the brat.( •̀ ω •́ )✧

Author: really༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give me...

(╬▔皿▔)╯. FL kick those two flyings: Get lost you bakas....

ML&Author: ━((*′д`)爻(′д`*))━!!!!

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