98% villainess : Antagonist story / Chapter 49: You can't do this!

Chapter 49: You can't do this!

Inside the living room

Lily is sitting on the sofa. Her gaze falls on Aunt jenny, then moving her gaze looking scrutinisingly over the maids standing in line. A slight smirk fall on her face 'You all wants me to act as villain then I shall be'.

"Madam, I call everyone as per your instructions" Aunt jenny said expressionless.

Lily relax her body and cross her leg, her body poster showing of arrogance "My ears has become quite sensitive this days. I could hear lot of murmuring and whisper. It seems a lot of people here is dissatisfied with the fact your master marriage."

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Maids feet freeze on the ground, cold sweat fall from their forehead. Aunt jenny is expressionless, no one knew what's going inside her head. Lily look over Aunt jenny, for her aunt jenny is tough nut to crack and moreover for some reason she could feel that Aunt jenny is holding some sort of prejudice against her.

Suddenly one of the maid spat "You shouldn't be so arrogant that Master married you. Who knows what sort of tricks you have inside your sleeves that you trick our Master into marrying you" she said looking at Lily haughtily.

Lily lips twitch, she remembers this maid who stole glances at Leonard, behaving like a love sick teenager. Lily at first find those glance amusing but as time passes she heard this maid slandering her behind her back "So, you are questioning your master choice or should I rather say like this. You pointing out that your Master has weak sense of judgement?"

The maid tongue tied, she venomously look at Lily "I didn't mean that!" she spat.

Lily ignore her, she is in no mood to deal with this silly fight with maids, who is infatuated with Leonard. She look over at everyone, many of them giving her death glare, but cover up their hate in eyes whenever Lily gaze falls on them. A mocking smile spread across her lips, she has deal with this type of people a lot in past. This what she used to deal with Zachary and his countless mistresses, who laugh at her 'a wife who couldn't satisfy her husband', 'a woman who fails to gain her husband affection'.

Lily sign she knew how this maids is looking at her. For them she is always will be a vicious and schemer who, trick their Master into marriage. If Lily is wife of Leonard and will be staying in this house then she needs a loyal and respectful servants around her. She just wants a peaceful life.

Lily tighten her heart, she have to act like a Madam, enough of being friendly with this people "Aunt jenny I want list of people working here. It's time I shall make changes in this house"

Aunt jenny expression stiffen "But Madam! all the decisions related to this mansion is taken by the Master"

Lily roll her eyes "When he married me. Didn't he declare that I'm the Madam of the house."

Aunt jenny expression stiffen more "Yes Madam"

"Then in this way I can decide whatever related to this house" Lily said.

"Yes Madam" Aunt jenny said. She truly under estimated Lily, she sneer inwardly 'before her I'm the one who is taking decision in this house! atrocious! she wants to take my power away!"

Many of the maids expression stiffen as well. They know what changes she is talking about. Their face become white as sheet "Madam, You can't do this!. Many of us needed this job. Don't forget that you were once at our place. Now you have married our Master So, you will be showing your arrogance like this!" one of them said giving her ugly look.

Lily sneer "What do you know about me! How dare you to say that I have become arrogant. Didn't I be polite to you all. Didn't I treated you well. Did I ever slander any of you or abuse my power. Infact it's you all who is slandering me for no reason. As I said I'm the Madam of the house so, whatever I do, I don't need your so called opinion. Trust me I'm a Villainess, being a heroin is too boring. If you all have treated me with respect then I would have treated you with respect but Alas!"

"You can't do this! We will become an union and complain to Master" One of them said and others nodded "Yes yes we would do that!"

Lily smirk "I'm looking forward to it! Isn't it will be fun"

mehu mehu

First, Thanks @Angel_Siho for the review.

Secondly, sorry for the late update. I was busy with the festival, rather I was enjoying the festival.

I have one question:- what in upcoming chapters you are looking for? and don't also forget to comment how you like this chapter.

a) Daisy entry in Tulip life


b) Zachary entry in Lily life.

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Comments (12)

  • AstralWhite


    Daisy, we don't know much about her so far except for what Tulip or Sol said before.

  • marieseravin


    Even the aunt jenny doesnt respect her, she should doing something, showing to her home staff that she is the madam

  • JiJi


    DAISY’S ENTRY IN TULIP’S LIFE (with a side of tulip rejecting Sol). Please and thank you 😊

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