79.16% I Really Want Go Against The Sky / Chapter 38: Giant Golden Snake

Chapter 38: Giant Golden Snake

Zhu Zhengqi looked the snake and was stunned, the bloody hole on the golden giant python about seven-inch below its neck that had just been pierced by Yang Fan was closed and almost healed.

  If not for the residual blood on the wounded area you wouldn't even know that a few minutes ago there used to be a bloody hole of about a bowls size there.

  What kind of monster is this, it is able to survive such a injure and heal within no time?

  "Little brother, this monster is very strong, how about the two of us take care of it together?"

  Zhu Zhengqi did not want to stand by and watch again. He was also a master of innate level. How can he watch as a young boy is battle with his on stake, when did He Zhu Zhengqi become a tortoise?

  Yang Fan turned his head and glanced at Zhu Zhengqi, and suddenly smiled.

  don't panic, don't be afraid of monsters. This is the courage of a Martial warrior.

  Although Zhu Zhengqi is very selfish and old, but after seeing the golden giant snake, he is not afraid, but he wants to help, which shows his courage.

  Such a person, no matter where, will be the powerful force of the human race to kill the monsters.


  Yang Fan did not refuse, even after seeing the ferocity of the giant snake, Zhu Zhengqi still showed the courage to fight together,so Yang Fan would naturally give him a chance.

  With the strength of 9th level martial artist, to deal with a Peak First Grade monster should be more than enough.

  The gold giant Snake seems to be able to understand people's words. It also feels stronger strength from Zhu Zhengqi's body than the abominable human being in front of it, and can't help but retreat.

  It opened its mouth squirted Venom on Yang Fan, and then the huge body once again vacated and wanted to escape the way it came in.

  Yang Fan had expected this, his body shape shook slightly and escaped range of the venom. The venom spilled on the ground, and the lawn on the ground instantly turned into ink black color. The originally vivid grass corroded around two meter radius of the venom.

  Yang Fan glanced at the Lawn that was still emitting black smoke, and the corrosion still spreading , he did not intercept it.

  Because he saw that at that moment the golden giant snake fled, Zhu Zhengqi flew up, met in halfway with escaping giant snake, and punched the snake, due to unbearable pain the snake fall to the ground again.

  "His combat experience is very rich! constitution is also very good, only his 9th level martial artist strength seems to be not as strong as the west chu city 9th level martial artist!"

  Yang Fan couldn't help but admire. Originally, he thought that the warriors during peace time would not have much practical experience and when they will fight for first time against the monsters, they would lag little but now it seems that this is not the case.

  Zhu Zhengqi's every move was very accurate shot, guessing the gold python's escape route beforehand, and reaching there few seconds ahead of it and striking it with the full strength of a Innate master, it looked like the golden giant itself ran into Zhu Zhengqi's fist.

  The full strength of a innate realm is enough to lift thousands of kilograms, even the second-grade monster can't bear it let alone a first-grade monsters can not bear, let alone one the serious injured to the golden giant snake.

  Seeing that the golden giant is about to fall to the ground, Yang Fan used moon shadow instantaneously, and it took only him only a few seconds to appear directly below the head of the golden giant.

  this time he didn't use any special moves, he just simply raised his double fists and once again aiming at the seven-inch below the neck position of the golden giant snake.

  "I don't believe that your resilience is unlimited! lets see if you can recover completely once again!"

  Yang Fan whole body's strength was transported to his fist Then his body like a rocket suddenly rose into the sky, hit the rapidly falling gold giant snake.


  The giant python fell and the blood showered in the sky. Yang Fan's arms were bloody and felt coldly.

  "You successfully killed the first Grade Serpent Dragon Monster , spirit will +2, blood intensity +15."

  Hearing the pleasant reminder sound of the prompt in the ear, Yang Fan's heart was finally in peace.

  It is worthily a Serpent monster with the blood of the dragons, it brought him +15 units of blood intensity.

  Feeling the familiar blood and Qi flow in him, so he couldn't help but stretch his body with a very satisfying smile.

  The four monsters brought him + 34 units of blood intensity, which made him take a big step forward on the road to the fourth level Martial Artist.


  Zhu Zhengqi also flew down at this time, carefully watching the body of the golden giant python, after he saw the blood hole of the size of the seven-inch washbasin, his corner of the mouth could not help but twitch feeling murderous air around YangFan's.

  Seeing Yang Fan's face filled with satisfied and refreshed smile, there was a ripple in Zhu Zhengqi's heart.

  This Yang Fan, his violent tendency are very serious, Is this related to his mental illness?

  Little Moon said that this guy seems have a moderately depression. Is his violent tendency related to this disease?

  No, I have to ask Little Moon be a little farther away from him.

  "Little brother, is this worm really dead this time?"

  Packing up his mood, Zhu Zhengqi stepped forward to tentatively scorn the head of the golden giant snake, and asked Yang Fan about snake: "This time, it will not resurrect again, is this worm really dead this time ?"

  Yang Fan shook his head lightly: "Rest assured, I have already conformed that it is dead and can't die any more. Mr. Zhu is waiting a little, I will take some things out first!"

  After that, Yang Fan lifted the carcass of the snake and caressed it back and forth near the lower abdomen of the golden giant python. Finally, he stabilized the body of the snake and directly blasted a bloody hole with his fist in the lower left side of the snake belly.

  Then, in front of Zhu Zhengqi's stunned eyes, he pulled out with two blue balls of the snakes belly.

  Zhu Zhengqi's eyes brightened suddenly with understanding, snake gallbladder is a rare treasure in Chinese medicine. Ordinary snake gallbladder has the effect of dehumidification, good eyesight, detoxification and delaying the aging of the body. This is the bile of a giant snake that has evolved into a demon. Isn't it more miraculous?

  "Take it!"

  Yang Fan didn't even think much about it. He threw the bloody snake balls directly to Zhu Zhengqi and He said: "There is 40 pounds of fresh bile in it. you find a container to store it in. Everyone present here will be given a bowl, and the rest of it Zhu old gentleman can have it."

  Zhu Zhengqi took the snake bile holding it, his face showed a smile: "The little brother is generous enough, and the old man will not be polite!"

  "However, the old man will not let the little brother suffer, and later let the old people estimate the value of this snake bile left and repay you in cash what do you think."

  Yang Fan's eyes lit up, this old guy finally opened up. This old man he wants to give him money?

  "Thank you!"

  Yang Fan was not polite with him. This snake bile is a rare treasure of heaven and earth. It is a kind of elixir that is rich and difficult to buy. If you want to calculate it, Zhu famly made a profit.

  Yang Fan continued to walk to the front of the giant snake.

  The head of the snake had turned sideways and was resting on its body in a coiling shape, and its upper and lower jaws are tightly closed, like a closed doors, without revealing a gap.

  Its Snakes Nostrils were of a bowls size, its eyes were as big as basin with huge inverted triangles pupils, even if there is dead, it still looked amazing and frightening, timid ones still can't come near the corpse, seeing it, scared silly, they will not even be able to open their legs.

  Zhu Zhengqi held the snake bile, which was not yet cool, and curiously scraped a little of bile juice but when He saw that Yang Fan was standing against the head of the giant python and staring at it up and down. He couldn't help but be eager and slap his face. Besides the bile, what other treasures are there in the snakes body?

He didn't say anything to disturb Yang Fan, but looked quietly from the side.

To tell the truth, today he can have a pair of snake bile he was already satisfied, when he just took over the snake bile, he had been secretly with his fingers scraping on the bile juice to taste a little.

  Just the tiny little drop the bile juice, let Zhu Zhengqi's innate blood and qi increase by a layer!

  It is not effective as the scared fruit last night but this snake bile is only a little worse than the spirit fruit.

  There was only one sacred fruit but this snake bile about total forty pounds, enough to fill a ordinary bucket.

  This kind of medicine, he got so much, it has far exceeded his expectations, he is content.

  Yang Fan did not care about Zhu Zhengqi's gaze. First, he extended his hands to force open the mouth of the giant gold snake, and an unpleasant scent came out from inside.

  Yang Fan quickly held his breath and squinted his eyes, and then he put his head into the mouth of the snake. His eyes were like small led lights as he was looking around.

  After a while, he pulled his head out and released his hands, and the snakes mouth closed again.

  Under Zhu Zhengqi's gaze, Yang Fan's hand shrunked and drilled into the position where the snake's head was connected to its neck. First, he stroked the white soft scales with his palm and explored them for a moment. Then he re-applied strength and punched the scales, separating the flesh and blood.

  After that, Yang Fan once again explored and pulled out two football-sized sacs from the inside of the snake and there seemed to be liquid material in the sac.

  Throwing one of the meat sac to the side, the meat sac falls to the ground and breaks. Instantly a black smoke rises, it is the same as the venom that it had just sprayed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

  Zhu Zhengqi face color change and unconsciously stepped back.

  What kind of poison is this, such a strong toxicity, it can easily kill a elephant.

  The second meat sac, Yang Fan, did not throw it away. Instead, he carefully wiped it off and wiped it neatly in his hand. Like Zhu Zhengqi, holding bile in his hand, he can be careless, otherwise juice will be oozing out.

  "Little brother!" Zhu Zhengqi came forward at this moment, and glanced at the meat sac in Yang Fan's hand and He said: "The old man has much experience than you as a martial artist, I have to persuade you that the poison Martial art may seem amazing, but it is not the right way, and if you are not careful enough, it will harm you more than others, so be careful!"

  Yang Fan stunned and understood that this old man must have misunderstood his actions, but he just smiled and was not prepared to explain anything to the old man.

  It's actually better to misunderstood. Anyway, he didn't think about sharing it with these people. This good thing he saved it for himself.

  "Mr. Zhu Lao is assured that I know what I am doing!"

  Yang Fan smiled and returned to the main hall, and greeted the black lion dog inside: "Big black, the big mouse outside is left to you."

  The black lion dog was excited, and its eyes flashed with excitement and joy. Before Yang Fan came in, it rushed out and went straight to the body of the giant mouse.


   Swallowing the mouse's head black lion dog screamed cheerfully. It seems that such a master is not bad. In less than half a day it enjoyed two delicious meals.

MoonChasingSun MoonChasingSun

hope you people are enjoying the novel so far.

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