88.88% The Chronicles: Green Night / Chapter 8: "That was weird"

Chapter 8: "That was weird"

"You little asshole! You leave us alone and don't tell where you are going and now you just show up as if nothing happened!" The men shouted at Adam as he approached him with pace.

"Dad I can explain, I was just…" Adam was cut off by a fist that landed directly in the middle of his face. The shocking part was that it wasn't his dad that punched him but a girl that looked like she was probably same age as Adam.

"Adam you cunt! I should kick you in your balls for not telling me that you were going." Said the girl that punched Adam in the face. Her black hair twirling in the wind thanks to her aggressive approach and the anger that radiated from her.

After Adam recovered from the blow he started to smile and hugged the girl with much enthusiasm. It looked kind of funny if you ask me. A giant hugging a little child that punched him minutes ago into the face.

"I missed you Marie. How was my older sister doing when I was away? Did you finally found your mate?" he asked with a chuckle. His sentence triggered the small woman as if he would have made a very rude remark about her figure.

"No I didn't you ass! You don't need to remind me about it." She said with some sadness in her voice but you could see that she started to hug him back despite the fact I could tell she wanted to punch him again. Maybe she wanted to restrain her anger with the hug or she just wanted to make him feel secure before she would strike again.

After some time of Adam hugging his pack members Marie turned to me with a confused face. Now I could finally see her clearly. Her black hair that was long enough to reach her waist and her brown eyes that didn't stop looking at me. She looked pretty out of the ordinary but thanks to her other pack members that were all at least six feet tall you could have though she was one of the children of the pack. The fact that she was even older than Adam made me quite baffled.

"Who is this, little brother? Did you finally came out?" Marie asked with a smirk plastered on her face. The other pack members laughing in the background. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"What!? No, No I'm just a friend of Adam" I quickly denied.

"Yeah. He is only a friend. I met him in Paris and he helped me to get home. His name is Patrick, he is a witcher." Adam said as he put his arm around my shoulder.

"Oh! Really? Then I must thank you for bringing that bag of potatoes back. You leave like for two minutes and he already disappeared from your sight for at least a month." She said with a smile while giving Adam a glare.

"Hey! What does that mean?" Adam asked with a pout.

"I think everybody knows what it means beside you." Adams father came nearer to us and greeted me.

"So son you need to tell me everything that happened to you in my office and Patrick I invite you to eat with us dinner if it is alright?" Adams dad said. I could see that he was really nice. His smile was sincere. What I also could see was the similarity to Adam. His brown hair and blue eyes were especially the same as by Adam but he also had a beard and was build up like Schwarzenegger. It seemed that it was something normal for werewolves because even Adam's sister had muscles decorating her body, maybe not as obvious and big as by their brother but if you looked at her you could see she wasn't someone to get into a fight with.

"Yeah Patrick come eat with my pack. After that I can bring you to the coven." Adam inquired with a big toothy smile plastered onto his face.

"Ok but you need to promise me that your brother will be at least 10 meters away from me." I said with a serious face.

"Oh that horny thing will not be eating with us today. It would be too dangerous to have him on one table with 10 female werewolves or even any werewolf at all." Marie said with a chuckle.

"That's reasonable." I stated.

'Some time's later'

So after half of the pack went to their bedrooms and Marie dragged the needy Louis to his room, we sat at the dining table and talked.

Adam started to explain how we met and what my reaction was to the naked guy that just got in my car.

"Well this is really something that my son would do. I am impressed that you didn't curse him Patrick." Oliver, Adams dad, said followed by many laughs at the table.

"I thought about it but it seemed for me too time costly." I answered. Everyone besides Adam started to laugh hysterically.

"Did you hear that brother, he didn't even want to curse you? No wonder that you still don't have a girlfriend or boyfriend." Marie said with a big smirk, at the end of the sentence she even winked at me. Yeah... Let's just ignore that.

After some time of chattering I could learn a little bit more about Adams family. Marie said that I didn't meet her youngest brother Peter because he was visiting a friend right now but it was alright for me. If I'm being honest I wouldn't survive another family member of Adam's today.

"Ok Patrick come I will bring you now to the coven." Adam said as he got up from the dining table.

"Oh. Ok. Thanks for the dinner. It was nice meeting you all." I thanked the people on the table and stood up.

"No problem Pat. I hope you come visit us some time again I need to tell you all the embarrassing story's about Adam." Marie informed me with a smile.

"I can't wait for them." I responded with a chuckle.

"Hey! Since when were you friends?" Adam said with a pout.

"Since I realized she is the normal one in your family." I said with a smirk.

Adam didn't respond to that and just started to walk to the door. As we got out of the mansion I could see it got already dark.

'How much time did I spend with this pack of werewolves?' I asked myself as I followed Adam to the other side of the street.

It seems like the coven was just on the other side of the road in another mansion.

'Why didn't he take me right at the beginning to them?'

We were now standing in front of the entrance to my possible new home. Adam didn't even bother to ring the bell and just entered the house. Well, he really doesn't know what privacy means, does he?

And as we started to take our shoes and placed those on the side, suddenly a girl fell the stairs on the right side of us. As she landed with the face on the floor a big bang echoed in the entire mansion. She didn't even try to lift her head and just stretched her hand into the air.

"I'm fine!"

Where the hell am I and why is everyone in this city just insane?

GreenWarden GreenWarden

Now that we learned some things about Adam's family we were introduced to the first character from the coven. I hope you look forward to the next chapter!

See you next time!

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