55% The Overnight Chosen Wife: darling, kiss me deeper / Chapter 21: She would make them pay

Chapter 21: She would make them pay

Lin Jian laughed his butt off. "Did you really think you can swindle something out of Ji Xiehan? He is the expert swindler, okay? He swindles people. Have you ever heard of a swindler being swindled?"

Ji Xiehan glared at him. You are the damn swindler. Your whole family are swindlers.

"I will not play with you anymore. I have more important things to do." He said and left them alone.


In his car, Ji Xiehan quickly took his phone and called his new assistant, Qiao Luna. "I'm giving you the details of a girl. Find out where she is."

While waiting for the reply, he thought of the best strategy according to Jiang Xingyu's wife-chasing class.

"Make the girl your friend? Perhaps it's too late for that. She already dislikes me.

Send the girl flowers and gifts every day? She might throw them away.

Got it! Tell the girl you like her."

As soon as he recieved Li Lanni's location, he rushed over.

"First, get a present." Even if she threw it away, it didn't matter.

He gave Qiao Luna another call. "What do girls like?"

Qiao Luna must have been surprised by this question but she was quick to answer. "Most girls like clothes and jewelry. If you don't know the type clothes she likes or her size, you may want to go for jewelry." According to the situation, Ji Xiehan didn't seem to be on familiar terms with the girl because he had just asked her to find out a woman's location a moment ago. Since she was the assistant, she may as well tell him everything he had to know.

Ji Xiehan got into a jewelry shop and looked around. Soon, he found a perfect diamond necklace. It was quite beautiful. Qiao Luna was right. If he was a woman, he would love it if someone gifted him something so beautiful as well.

Turned out hiring a female assistant wasn't such a bad thing after all.


Confident, he rushed to the hospital, buying fruits on his way. Although he was giving her a necklace, she needed to eat fruits if she was sick.

However, he wouldn't ever expect that on his way in, he would see Li Yuming leaving the hospital with her daughter in tow.

His heart sank. How could he forget? This morning, she had called him out for kidnapping her. It wasn't going to be easy to get past Li Yuming.

A perfect chance had just been ruined. If they were still in hospital, he could still make up a story about being on his way to visit someone.

Forget it. There were many more chances.


After drinking soup, Li Lanni went back home with her mother.

Once she sat down, she brought up the topic from earlier. "Mom, is it possible to have a home-schooling tutor as well as go to school? The home schooling tutor will help me remember everything I need to know that I have forgotten."

Li Yuming considered this option. "If that's what you like, then it's alright. I will hire more bodyguards for you."

"Are bodyguards really allowed in schools?"

"Of course. As long as they keep their distance and don't distract the other students." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Then... Can I start soon? Tomorrow perhaps?"

"Why not? I'll make arrangements today."

Li Lanni hugged her mother. "Thanks mom. You love me the most."

Li Yuming glanced at her daugher who was clinging to her like a happy kitten and rubbed her head. "You're my little girl. Of course I love you the most."


As soon as she was in her room, Li Lanni's smile froze and was replaced with a murderous glint. "Ji Feifei, I don't know what you are up to. But I will find out. I will kill you if you try to hurt my mother and I."

So what if she was a little girl? Ji Feifei was young too and she had already done many scheming things. She would not believe for a second that Ji Feifei was a clean woman. She must have done bad deeds before.

If not, there wouldn't be such a note warning her of her childhood friend.

She took a book and started reading. She had been doing this for many days already. If she read some of these books, she wouldn't be too dumb when she went to school, right?


The next day, Li Yuming told Lanni that she could return to school any time she wished.

"Lanni, you don't have to put too much pressure on yourself. You are only going to school to interact with your friends and recover your memory. That's why I'm taking you back to your old school.

If you fail in those tests and find the classes too difficult to understand, you don't have to worry."

Li Lanni felt her heart warm up. How could her mother be so considerate? She was so caring that being her daughter felt like the biggest achievement on earth.

No wonder that weird woman, Ji Feifei, was so jealous of her.


"Ah-cho! Who is cursing me?" Ji Feifei sneezed out all the juice she had sipped just now.

"Miss, I just recieved a piece of news from your school." Fang Xu reported.

"Don't bother me about trivial matters." Ji Feifei's mood today was awful.

Today, she had asked her father to let her go on a trip with her friends as a form of vacation.

That dumb old fart had the guts to refuse her! He even said that if she had so much time in her hands, she should use it to make her school grades better.

She would make that old fart pay for all this humiliation! She would really make them pay.

"Miss..." Fang Xu had to report this no matter what. If he didn't, he would be blamed for lack of competence later.

"What! You stupid man! Haven't I told you to scram already?"

Fang Xu trembled. Was she really a twenty year old girl? She looked more like a thousand year old venomous snake. Huu.... this job was so difficult. "It's related to miss Li Lanni."

"Lanni, that little b*tch? Why didn't you tell me before?"

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