100% He's a beast, I'm his beauty / Chapter 12: Chapter 11

Chapter 12: Chapter 11

**Danny POV**

Fuck my life, I almost changed in front of her. She almost saw my true nature, I want to show her so bad but I can't just yet. She wouldn't understand. Explaining this to her will be the hardest thing I've ever done but I know I need to talk to that bitch Kelly before this gets out of hand. After I dropped her off, I head straight home I need to talk to the pack before I make another move. I need some guidance because this could get messy.

As I walk into the house I notice it's super quiet and that's abnormal. I walk around looking for my brothers, even my cousins but all of them are gone. I hear a glass break in the kitchen, As I walk down the hall I see the house has been destroyed. As I approach the kitchen I see Connor leaned against the backdoor with a deep cut on his arm. "Connor are you ok?" I asked rushing over to him to tie off his arm. "Some guy was running through the house when I came in, I tried to stop him but he was wielding a hatchet and then darted out the window before I could change," Connor said panting trying to catch his breath. Before I had the opportunity to ask any more questions I felt someones' presence I set my wolf free and stood in front of my baby brother standing tall ready to attack anyone who came near him. But I found my pack joining us and wondering the same thing I was, who the fuck did this. I changed back and put my pants on, then grabbed Connor and carried him the living room trying to be careful not to press his injuries. "Connor, what the fuck happened in here?" Taylor asked almost growling at the damage in front of him. "Someone broke in while we were out. Connor got fucked up trying to stop him" I barked at Taylor, no way can he put this on a kid. Connor shouldn't have been left alone. I should've been here to protect him, protect our home. Taylor just stands there assessing the damage, and Kennys' already roaming the house trying to get a scent the only thing he finds is my room is trashed. My room looks like the majority of the damage was placed there, everything ripped to shreds, piss on my bed and my window broken. Clearly whoever this was has an issue with me but who? Who the fuck is gonna have to die?

I can't take this anymore, I let out a howl of pain and anger. I leaped down the stairs and darted out the front door, as I ran I transformed and let my wolf take the lead which he led me straight to her. Her home was quiet and still, I assumed she was in the bed sleep. I went back to my human form I didn't want to startle her or anyone else for that matter, I approached her front door but saw it was ajar. I pushed the door open and went inside to find her home destroyed like mine, except she's not here. I searched for her high and low and no sign of her anywhere, he scent still lingered but it was starting to fade. I could hear the chatter of my brothers and knew they were near. I stood in the middle of her apartment when Kenny and our cousin Isreal walk in I'm ready to kill anyone and everyone that gets in my path. "Danny we'll find her, I promise," Kenny says trying to calm me down.

I call the only person I can link to this in hopes to find answers, "Kelly what did you do?" I say growling into the phone. "I don't know what you're talking about wolf boy but If you want to talk civilized or in your case domesticated you know where I live." and she hangs up. FUCK HER! I know she did something stupid and this is backlash from that. I swear to god if I don't fucking find Stormy, I will rip Kelly's throat out. "Kenny go home, I have to handle this alone." I bark but Kenny and Isreal don't leave "Taylor said to follow you wherever you go. This could be a ploy to get you alone and try to hurt you" Kenny says as he heads out the front door to the car, I follow and Isreal follows me. We drive a short way up the road to Kelly's house, when I knock on the door she answers with a big smile painted across her face. "I knew you couldn't stay away," she says letting me in. "Kelly where is Stormy?" I ask trying to remain calm because if I don't I'll do something I might regret. "Who's Stormy?" She replies trying to light her fireplace. "This isn't funny, where the fuck is she?" I'm starting to lose my patience and I hope she knows that. "OH! Stormy. Now I remember, if I told you where she was then we wouldn't have any fun would we." She smirks as she finishes her sentence, but before I know it my hand is wrapped around her throat and I'm trying my best not to strangle her. "Kelly if you want to live to see tomorrow you'll tell me where she is and stop with these games," I say feeling my grip on her throat getting tighter. "I can't breathe" She mutters hardly able to make a sound. "Danny I can't breathe" she begins to claw at my hand trying to get air into her lungs, I let her go so she can breathe. "I knew you loved her, what's so special about her? Huh, why her and not me? Know what doesn't matter. Soon enough she'll be gone unless you play along. I'm not the one who took her but I know who did. You can check my home but you won't find her here. Now when you're ready to play nice we can continue this in my bedroom." She says regaining her composure and starts making her way to her stairs. She stopped at the bottom waiting to see my next move, I want to rip her throat out but in order to find my Luna I have to play this sick and twisted game of Kellys' what a friend she is. I follow her to the bedroom and take off my jacket, I already know what she wants and honestly, I'd rather not. "In order to refresh my memory of who has your girlfriend I need something from you, Fuck me like you fuck her." She says laying on her bed. "Fucking you just means I've cheated on her nothing else, I won't do it," I say sitting in her boudoir chair. "I'm not asking, If you don't she'll most certainly die." And with that she removes her clothes and lays back down onto the bed, I sit there contemplating my plan. I could kill her and possibly never find Stormy, or worse whoever she's working with find out she's dead and kill Stormy. I remove my pants and shirt and now I'm naked also. I walk over to the bed and let out a low growl, "If I do this and I don't find my Stormy, I will rip your heart out and feed it to you. Understand?" "Yes, Daddy." I flip her over onto her stomach so that I don't have to look at her, I have to think of Stormy and her beautiful smile and body in order to get hard, I think of how I could fuck her nicely and get this over with but instead, I decided to teach her lesson. I slide balls deep into her ass, hearing her scream made my day. I roughly fucked her and smacked her ass hard enough to leave a bruise. I keep going until I cum filling her now bloody ass, I pull out and head for the bathroom. I hear her sobbing and I start to feel bad for what I did but honestly, she had it coming. When I return to the room she's curled up on the floor with tear-stained cheeks. I put my clothes on and crouch down to face her, "Now tell me who has Stormy?" I whisper to her menacingly. "I don't know, I never knew. Just get out." She said trying to hold back tears. "Kelly, don't ever bother me again or this will a happy thought compared to what I will do." And I walk out leaving her where she sat, but this doesn't help me and I still need to find Stormy. My phone starts to ring but it's an unknown number I answer it…


"If you want to find Ms. Stormy, you need to come back to her apartment, but this time leave the mutts at home"

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"Aht Aht Ah, Save the questions for later. Time is of the essence sir."

The line went dead and I realize for the first time, Time is of the essence and if I don't find her soon… My Luna will die.


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He's A Beast, I'm His Luna

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