25% dragons rising / Chapter 1: It Begins Again
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dragons rising

Author: Travis_Rogers_9790

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Chapter 1: It Begins Again

It was a cool breezy morning, a strange young man stood on a cliff overlooking something which isn't clear to us. We can only see his back and he is wearing a worn out, torn brown cloak covering his head, but remnants of his blonde hair show through with a tattered crest on the back of the cloak we can't make out, however the radiance and majesty can't be hidden and an incomparable aura of arrogance and compassion leaving any one who saw wondering how such a contradiction can exist in this world .

MA: Hmm, I can take them out within 30 seconds, no more" +

~He then smirks and looks at the sun~

MA: *Yawn* Ahhhhh guess I should get going, don't want to miss it!

(the scene now switches to an unknown location with new +)

Principle: Looks like we are going to have a good competition this year, don't you think Renix?

Renix: I'm not so sure, our senior class is one tough class to beat. the teamwork they execute is outstanding, I don't think anyone will be able to top their scores.

Principle: I wouldn't be so sure about that, did you by chance, take a look at the entry list?

Renix: Nahh that stuff bores me too many names to go through and I won't need to remember over half of them.

(Both Renix and the Principle let out a small chuckle)

Principle: well maybe you should start, there are 7 contestants that may have the ability to surpass them, and you as well. Although one never listed his name.

Renix: Hmm sounds like a trouble maker, what makes you so sure these kids will be the ones to join the Freshman class?

Principle: oh, I have a hunch, care for a friendly wager?

(Renix looks at the Principle suspiciously)

Renix: sure, fuck it why not?

Principle: if these seven kids become the freshman class this year... you must teach them.

(Renix erupts into laughter)

Renix: and if they don't make it?

(a short pause follows)

Principle: I shall allow you to return to the frontlines.

(Renix stands there speechless, the Principle smiles)

Now I believe all the student have almost arrived, lets gets ready for the exam. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

(They both exit the room, Renix with a concerned look on his face.)

(The scene now changes to the auditorium where the applicants are gathering at least 7000 strong, it's very noisy and filled with all sorts of different kinds of species. many have never met before so tensions are high and the species tend to stick with their own kind. suddenly two guards run outside.)

(now we are back to Mcallister (the mysterious young man from the cliff), he is arriving to the gate of the School of Puratory. there are two guards stationed out front. they begin to try and speak with him and Mcallister gets a smirk on his face and says something inaudible (he says, stay out of my way) and then jumps hundreds of feet into the air heading straight towards the glass dome. he flies threw the glass dome destroying a large portion causing most of the students to the get out of the way in a hurry. he does a few flips and lands perfectly on his feet kneeling, he looks down for a second and then stands up firm and tall with his chin held high. He takes a look around and notices there around thousands of students in this auditorium. this doesn't phase him he begins to grin with excitement.

McAllister: My name is McAllister Dragundos, and every single person here is just another obstacle in my way to be the greatest dragon slayer of all time!

(Chatter erupts some of the competitors are getting agitated, at this point the upperclassmen on the second floor are laughing they laugh because they now know his chances are zero since he has 7,000 arrows pointed at the target on his back)

McAllister: You seem to have something confused I'm talking to you all on the second floor... well you shall soon find out, and to every one of you came here to compete today. ATTACK ME ALL AT ONCE ILL TAKE YOU ALL ON RIGHT FROM THE START!

(The Principle appears from out nowhere)

Principle: ENOUGH! This is not how we do things here! sit down young man or you will be thrown out before we even begin!

(everybody calms down and finds a seat and looks at that man McAllister smirks and sits as well)

Principle: Welcome to the entry exam! here you will prove your worth whether you should become an official Dragon Slayer!

The entire class cheers except for McAllister and roughly 10 other students McAllister knows what that means very well they know the terror of a dragon and still came he smirks in excitement.

Principle: you can call me Principle. now this exam isn't like any other exam. you will all fight with each other until they're are only 7 of you standing. Many will die. Most will be hurt. but this right here is nothing compared to what it is like to feel the heat of a dragon's breath spread across your body, or the ridiculous amount of pressure they exhibit with their tail when its swung in. the countless days spent away from your family in foreign countries you know nothing about. so, do your best and prove to me why you should be a part of my school.

The teachers begin to leave the field and go into the observatory. the exam fields are huge fields with different types of terrain such as valley, cityscape, smalltowns, countryside, mountainside, and a coast. Then an alarm sounded off telling them they have exactly 10 seconds before the exam starts. Most student flee in the surrounding areas while McAllister stands on the podium trying to get as many people to attack him as possible.

McAllister: Why are you all running?! you'll never make out there by running you are all cowards come and face me!

(A group of around 400 students were gathering around McAllister waiting for the bell.)


(Everything goes silent for a split second and then war erupts. the 400 students rush McAllister while he just smiles. He jumps high into the air taking Fang off his hip but keeping it in its sheath, he floats in the air for a split second and looks at all the students coming to him, he analyzes them and realizes what he must do, poof! he's gone. he zips around each of the student hitting them each on their juggler knocking them out, some of the weaker ones he would just sweep their legs and knocking them out with a punch to the jaw. after the last one falls McAllister dusts off his coat)

McAllister: Whose next?

(scene switches to the mysterious group of people watching from the room of the building including Principle and Renix.)

???: That kid sure has something special going on with him but his arrogance.

???: He sure does but look at this boy over here... ooo it looks like their about to meet!

(Renix quietly to Principle)

Renix: is he the o...

Principle: now now just sit back and see, time will tell.

(now we go back to McAllister)

(as he stands there in an open field surround by dead bodies and kids agonizing in pain, screaming, a sound none of the other kids have heard before. A tear sneaks its way down McAllister's face.)

Contestant: just who in the hell are you?!?

(McAllister then looks at the kid using his dragon eyes.)

Mcallister: "The man who will end this war and reclaim my families honor."            

(just then a tiger like humanoid comes running out of the trees and swings hard at McAllister who barely dodges it yet the force of the wind pushes McAllister 30 feet back leaving a deep indention in the ground around 20 feet deep catching McAllister by surprise on lookers as well. Then both standing directly in front of each other simultaneously draw their weapons staring at each other.)

McAllister: So I have to kill you damn I felt your power was hoping you'd be one of the 6 I spared so I can enter this school with his shity rules but I guess there's no choice!

Maxin: My name is Maxin, and I've come for your head dragon! Yes you have the scent of a dragon coming from you is overwhelming and you thought you could come here must be a baby brat to come here sorry to my principle for not allowing him the chance to find out how you got through the barrier! I am of the Great Tiger species and how your… And How Your kind killed my people I'll slay you now! so I must avenge them YOUR HEAD STAYS HERE.

(McAllister understands he even begins to feel bad but he knows it is only he can make the Dragon species atone for their sins.)

McAllister: well I guess since you have a death wish, bring it on.



(its an open field with dead bodies everywhere, wind whistling and leaves blowing through the wind. a single bright red leaf is falling and as soon as it hits the ground the boys rush each other at blinding speeds, they both throw a punch and collide)

mcallister: Don't condescend me I felt how much you held back.

(Maxin is dressed on a tribal style outfit thats orange, he's tan skinned with black stripes all over his body like a tiger)

That comment angered the new face maxin, as the trees stand and a moment of complete serenity, Maxin rushes Mcallister with a new level of speed and he swings an open right claw thats extended, McAllister narrowly dodges this one taking some of his hair with the punch. as the punch was being swung he was already a step ahead the instant he leaned away from maxins reach he let off a shot from his revolver dragon reaper and got maxins left arm. The plan didnt go as expected this punch sent him at least 400 yards laying in the concrete looking upwards as he heals.

Comments (5)

  • J3T


    It's a good read I really enjoyed it, I feel it may been rushed a bit, but you set a tone hope you keep up with it ready to read this next chapter see where it goes

  • Shalonda_Cook


    Bro this is lit keep it up fam on the rise to the top

  • Jonathan_Randle


    It good hard I feel like the one named maxin is gonna be very cool lol

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