52.94% Sweet Military Marriage: Mr. Jing, Please Spare Me! / Chapter 45: Designed And Owned It

Chapter 45: Designed And Owned It

Mo Xi was slightly stunned but she just chuckled thinking about the coincidence.

"Your father is going to resign soon, so there is no need for you to worry about that."

"Huh?! Why is he resigning soon?!"

"Because he is coming to my company to work, your mother as well."

"Ah… Ah? AH?! My parents are going to your company?! Aren't you only in year one?!"

"I am in year one, but I am older than you by five years old."

"You are twenty-two?!"

"Yes. Where do you intend to go after graduating from high school?"

"I am thinking of going to Capital Media University. My parents graduated from there and I want to learn acting."

"Do you know how complicated the entertainment circle is?"

"I know, but I just want to do what I like. I enjoyed the feeling of acting in the school performance when I was young, and I believe that I have the skills and determinations needed." Su An An said with a fiery glint in her eyes that showed her passion and determinations.

"Your parents should be back soon, wash your face first then lie down again to rest. Such heavy makeup damages your skin a lot." Mo Xi passed a bottle of cleansing water to Su An An.


Mo Xi helped Su An An sit up and passed her a basin of water so that she could clean up while on the bed. After cleaning, Su An An lay down on the bed obediently.

A few moments later, Wang Hui and Su Hong Shan came back with a bowl of porridge.

"An An, you are awake. How are you feeling?" Wang Hui asked the moment she saw Su An An.

"I am feeling much better already!"

"Quick! Have some porridge first, you must be hungry!" Su Hong Shan said urgently.

Su An An ate the bowl of porridge quickly and fell asleep again moments after she finished eating.

"Where are you all living now?" Mo Xi asked the couple after Su An An fell asleep.

"We are living at Cherry Blossoms Street."

Mo Xi face went cold once again. Unlike the sweet name, Cherry Blossoms Street was infamous for all the dirty doings that happened over there.

"Move out."

"But we don't have enough money to move to a new house now…" Wang Hui said softly as she thought Mo Xi was angered because living at Cherry Blossoms Street would disgrace Mo Xi since they will be working for her.

"Settle all your work matters and pack your things by tonight. Once you are done, come find me tomorrow, I will be in the hospital."

Mo Xi doesn't know what Luo Bing Bing would do to Su An An, and she doesn't want to use too much of her other powers, so the only thing she could do was to stay near Su An An during the day.

The couple didn't know what Mo Xi wanted to do, but they decided to listen since they are working for her soon.

"Ok." They replied in unison.

"I have something on, so I will leave first."

Mo Xi knew that Luo Bing Bing would still be busy with the punishments today and would not have the time to take revenge on Su An An or her today, so she left the hospital to find Lu Jin Sheng.

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"Second brother, from tomorrow onwards, you would be able to handle all the questions that you see. So, today would be the last lesson." Mo Xi said to Lu Jin Sheng with a huge smile on her face.

"Mm. I can understand most of the contents now, so I should be able to pass the placement test for year three easily." Lu Jin Sheng replied with a tone of relief.

"So, have you decided where you want to go after the high school examinations?"

"I want to go to Capital College of Fashion, though the competition is very high, I really want to go there."

"Second brother, fighting! I know you can do it! I saw your designs, they are really very good!" Mo Xi said as she encouraged Lu Jin Sheng.

"Mm. Thank you, my dear sister!" Lu Jin Sheng said as he ruffled Mo Xi's hair.

"Little Xi, little Sheng, time for dinner!" Ye Juan An called from the dining room.

"Oh!" Mo Xi and Lu Jin Sheng said at the same time.

At the dining table.

"Little Xi, how is your company going? I heard that you want to help those in the entertainment circle, so you must be starting your own company, right?" Lu Qing Min asked Mo Xi.

"Dad, you are so smart! HAHA! I am opening my own entertainment company and just found myself a potential Public Relations Director and Artist Relations Director today!" Mo Xi said sweetly and excitedly.

"Really? What is your company name? And how did you find them?" Ye Juan An asked.

"My company name is called Blue Diamond Entertainment, and I met them through a schoolmate… …"

Mo Xi then explained whatever that had happened to them.

"HAHAHAHA! My granddaughter is really very capable!" Grandpa Lu laughed.

"Then, where are you going to get them to stay?" Lu Jin Xiao asked after hearing that Mo Xi asked them to move out.

"Big brother, do you think I will let my artist or employees live in places where anything dangerous could happen? They will be living at Imperial Jade Palace."

"That block of the apartment had been bought already. Moreover, to them, it would be very expensive… Wait, you are the one that bought it?!"

"In actual fact, I was the one who designed and owned it."

"So, that place you built it solely for your artists and employees?!"

"Mhm. You know how dangerous the entertainment circle is, and I don't want anything to happen to my people. The best way is to build a place that I know would be safe for them."

Lu Jin Xiao was at a loss for words, he agreed that whatever Mo Xi said was true, but he didn't expect that someone would just build an apartment for their people.

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thank you hlivn, exoexosuho & AnnaEffa for voting!!

Thank you all for your support and for reading!!!!


Do you all have older or younger siblings at home? I am the youngest and only have one elder sister at home, sometimes I wish I had an elder brother or a younger brother.

I said before that I don't believe in love, however, it wasn't that I didn't believe it from the start. In fact, I believed in it two years ago. I guess two years ago was the changing point in my life. The way I viewed life and things changed. As for love, it was probably that I had seen too many betrayals and fallen families. Do you all ever feel that you might just be one of those victims in the game of life called "love"?

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  • Ais


    I love her protective instincts. Just curious why her paternal and maternal family don't seem to be aware of their relations?

  • sonii


    Thanks for the chapter

  • EvaOrlando14


    This would be revealed in the later part of the story hehe. Although I don't like cliffhangers as well, but a little cliffhangers makes the story abit more exciting, I guess?

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