100% Harry Potter and the Vampire From Another World / Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Lily and James Potter's Death - Part 1

Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Lily and James Potter's Death - Part 1

While Kai was waiting in his "new" car. He was musing over the fact that the witch from earlier had the golden energy within her like her did but a much higher quantity. He theorized that this golden energy was, in fact, this worlds' magical energy.

In the books, the people were born with enough magical affinities that were considered wizard and witches, though they didn't know that there was raw energy in their surroundings and instead thought that they were automatically born with a certain amount of talent and energy.

Kai however though differently – what if you tried to actively absorb the magical energy, will you become stronger and gain greater control. Then his thought process moved on into another direction of maybe he could become a wizard if he had the magic energy inside him. Although he only started absorbing the energy the day he appeared in this world, he was already glowing faintly. So maybe he could use spells, but that brought him to another predicament – HE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO USE MAGIC!!!

Kai didn't have enough information to actively research magic, so he had to put his plans on halt until he had more information on the matter. Kai assumed that he will probably see a wizard batter today between James and Lord Voldemort.

Waiting patiently and readying himself for when Voldemort would stride down the street with his large black cloak.

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Tom Riddle's POV:

Tom Riddle was feeling gleeful and excited, this was a feeling that he hadn't felt in over a year, as his faithful servant Severus Snape had reported a prophecy that he had heard when he had been eavesdropping on his former Transfiguration professor Albus Dumbledore. This prophecy had foretold of a boy, from a family that had defied him three times, who would be born at the end of July and would rise to fight against the Dark Lord Voldemort as his equal.

Ever since he had heard this prophecy Tom (Lord Voldemort) had been searching for the Potters but alas they had somehow been informed that he was hunting them down and had the help of Dumbledore as he had personally created a Fidelius secret charm spell that would protect them from him. (A Fidelius charm is an extremely difficult charm to cast that can be used to conceal a secret inside a persons' soul. A dwelling whose location has been protected by this charm can become invisible. Meaning it is intangible, unplottable and soundproof.) However, when they wanted to switch their locations to Godric's Hollow and needed a new Secret Keeper who was originally supposed to be the traitorous scum of the Black house, Sirius Black. It changed their plans when he declined and let Wormtail become the new Secret Keeper, so they could keep up appearances. Their plan would have worked for quiet a long time and Lord Voldemort would have hunted down Black instead of the real Keeper. But this was not the case as they didn't know that Wormtail had betrayed them a year ago and had started working for him, supplying vital information that had been the cause of many of the "Order of the Phoenix's" operative to die and missions to fail.

The moment Wormtail became the Secret Keeper he'd managed to contact Lord Voldemort and inform him of the Potters' hideouts' location.

Lord Voldemort thought to himself that he was getting worked up about killing a mere baby and while some might view the act as shameless and evil, he didn't care. As morality was not something that he was concerned about instead he was only focused on stopping anything that threatened his existence even if it was a small defenseless baby. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Tom trolled down the street the Potter's lived on, wearing hooded cape that was enchanted over his regular robes so that not filthy "muggles" would create a ruckus and cause the Potter's to be on guard. Even though the Potter's wouldn't have been hard to deal with, even if they called for backup. Of course, it would have become troublesome if he had besieged them and they'd managed to escape.

He was almost in from of their cottage when he felt a gust of wind and a slight coldness on his forehead. Tom felt something dripping down his hand and when he looked, he found a small cut on his arm. Seeing this he couldn't remember it being there before of that he had grazed himself on his journey to the Potter's residence, but such a trivial matter could wait till later. As he quickly cast a spell that would heal his arm and continued waking down the cobblestone path to stand in front of the door. Stopping for a moment, he thought to himself that everything will be done as soon as I enter this house and kills the father and child, while sparing the mother because Severus his most loyal servant had begged him too. Once this is done they would be no obstacles that would be able to stand in his way of total domination of the wizarding world!

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