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Chapter 14: Becoming Wetstone gazels...

As kara started waking up, the first thing she sees is an empty pizza box and pillow on the floor. She was brought out of her groggy thoughts by the smell of bacon and eggs. Looking to the kitchen she sees kai making breakfast for two.

As if sensing her gaze he looks behind him and looks at me with a smile.

Kai" Good morning sleepyhead, you don't have to worry about work it's only 5.30 am so you have a few hours. Thought you might be hungry when you wake up so I borrowed your kitchen, I hope you don't mind."

kai says as he comes out of the kitchen with two plates of breakfast. Setting the plates down he then goes back to the fridge and gets some apple juice and pours it into two cups. Then he goes and sits next to kara who looks at him then says.

Kara" Thank you kai, and of course, I don't mind you using the kitchen. Let me just brush my teeth and face before I eat." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Standing up she rushes off to the bathroom where she quickly brushes her teeth washes her face and quickly brushes her hair which took a time of 3 minutes and 29 seconds. Two minutes for brushing her teeth, thirty seconds washing the face and another 59 seconds brushing her hair.

Coming back she sits right back next to kai and says." let's dig in"

2 hours later kara is about to leave for work while kai had permission to stay as long as he liked. walking to the door she opens it and is about to leave but is stopped in her tracks by kai who grabs her hand and pulls her in his chest to then kiss her which she didn't mind but was embarrassing no matter how many times they kissed. 30 seconds later he let's go and looks at me before saying.

Kai" Have a good day at work, if aunt cat puts you through to much trouble just tell me, now off you go."

Kara can only reply with an mhh before speedwalking to the elevator with a red face.

Kara' Wait a minute, breakfast in bed(sofa), sleeping under the same roof, kissing each other goodbye. Why does it feel like what married couples would do?

Catco worldwide media.

News anchor" Good morning, National City. Our top story, the only story anyone's talking about. Who is the mystery flying woman who saved the plane?"

An elevator opens and kara walks out.

Woman on TV" Despite extensive efforts, no one has been able to identify who, or rather, what she is."

Kara" Pretty cool, huh?"

Winn" A plane-saving lady? How is the world supposed to take her seriously if she can't even come up with a suit? What. Metropolis gets him and what does National City get? Some rookie superhero?" kara can only give him an odd look and awkward glance.

Cat grants office

Cat grant" I know many of you are used to being second best but it's new to me. The most incredible event in the history of National City and yet we have no exclusive of any kind."

Random worker" We don't have much to go on."

Random worker" The image we're working off is low res... I guess she's around 5'9". It's tough to Gauge with her height measured up against an airplane."

Random employee" Hair colour brown. Or black."

James" Or maybe her hair is just dirty. You know, from soot. The plane exhaust."

Cat grant" James, you make an excellent point. Do you think there's any connection between this hero and..."

James" To my friend in blue? I don't know. I mean, not that he mentioned, but if she's anything like him, she's a hero. Saving people is what they're born to do. She'll be back."

Cat" Hmm. She better be. This girl is the answer. She is exactly what I need to save the Tribune. Besides fatty foods, there is nothing people love more than a hero. We are going to blow her up. We will feature her online and in the paper, but we need images, we need video, we need an interview, and exclusive content. So go. Go get me that girl. And, Kerah, Go get me a lettuce wrap."

kara is at her desk thinking of a problem, but finally, she makes a decision.' I'll tell both of them my secret today. I've know Winn for long so I think I can trust Winn, but kai, no I need to tell him if he really is going to be my other in the future.'

Kara" Winn, I need to talk to you on the roof."

The roof

Winn" Kara? Hey, uh, just whatever you have to say, can you make it quick? I'm not really into being this high up."

Kara" um, Winn, I'm going to tell you something about me that only three people in my life know. Can I trust you."

Winn" yeah, of course."

Kara"Good." kara starts to walk off the edge of the building before she leans over and falls.

Winn" Kara, what are you doing? Hey, Kara! Hey, get away from the ledge, you're gonna get hurt. KAR!" He didn't have time to finish his sentence as kara flew back up and landed behind him, perfectly fine.

Winn" You're... You're her!"

kara" Hahaha I am."

Unknown dinner location

News anchor" More reports coming in on last night's plane rescue. The big question. Is there a connection between this mysterious flying woman...

Vartox" More coffee."

...and the Man of Steel?"

Vartox" Hey!"

Waitress"Sorry about that, sir. Can you believe it? A female hero. Nice for my daughter to have someone like that to look up to."

Vartox" Yeah, real nice." He said in a gloomy tone. Vartox leaves the diner and heads towards a gasoline truck that's actually a hidden compartment that lets him contact his superiors.

Mystery man" What happened with the plane, Vartox? You were ordered to bring it down."

Vartox" Our trap worked. The DEO agents were on board and the bomb detonated."

Mystery man" Then why aren't they dead?"

Vartox" The female. She flew into the sky and caught the plane. Zor-El saved his child before Krypton's destruction."

Mystery man "Alura's daughter. She's working with the humans. Twelve years we've been forced to hide in the shadows. But the General's arrival is imminent. Nothing must interfere. You are instructed to eliminate the human operatives. You can add this girl to the list."

Vartox"Can't promise her death won't be public. And messy."

Mystery man" Human casualties are irrelevant."

Vartox" Good, And if she is Alura Zor-El's daughter, then she will pay for her mother's debts. And so will her city."

As They finished speaking what both failed to notice or would never know is that in the shadows there was a shadow-like figure on both locations staring and listening to their little conversation.

kai' Tho it would be good for kara to have a hand to hand experience on how to deal with villains and how to become a better hero, I'm not just about to let some punks touch kara so easily without consequences. So, for now, you may run around my little gazels, because once your use us whetstones are complete and your tired and worn out, you won't be able to escape this lions wrath.' And just like he was never there, he disappeared into the shadows.'

Elsontiger987 Elsontiger987

Please tell me if there are any spelling mistakes or parts/paragraphs that don't quite make sense even after reading twice. And for the ending scene, even tho the mc may look abit manipulative, but he's a good guy at heart/soul but a nightmare to enemies.

Some chapters may have a little or alot of the dialogue from the show but it won't be like that too forever. Just near the bigining of the show. If you guys don't mind that.

Thanks for reading.

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    if she tells her secrets to him will he tell he's to her

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  • McNuts


    Thx for the chapter

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