81.03% Rebellious wife of President Wang / Chapter 47: Chicken is more important

Chapter 47: Chicken is more important

At the end of the day, Wang Kai didn't call NiNi. He decide to visit her in the set. While he seat on his new Rolls Royce phantom he saw the sign of fried chicken. If he remembers correctly NiNi was addicted to fried chicken at some point.

"Han Qi, stop and buy fried chicken for the crew." He said after a few consideration, the little pig must be hungry after working whole day.

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"Buy another box of chicken wing mixed with drumstick for NiNi." Wang Kai continue after some break. Assistant Han nodded and buy immediately.

Assistant Han comeback with another 3 employee. Each of them is carrying a big bag of fried chicken and they continue their journey after a while.

They arrived at the set precisely on the last scene they were shooting that day. It was the scene where NiNi solving chemistry question in her disable state.

NiNi didn't notice Wang Kai present as she was focus, Displaying the Song Ming Xi she played. She doesn't show any expression from her pretty face. But when people look at her eyes, they can feel the sorrow and sadness from NiNi.

Wang Kai heartache when he saw her. He wants to embrace her that second and make her happy. But then he remember she was acting, he left stunned.

When Gui Xian ask him to give the role to NiNi, he honestly doesn't expecting the movie will be successful. But the moment he saw NiNi's acting he knew he will gain a lot from this investment.

He felt proud immediately, like a proud hen.

All of them absorbed on NiNi acting, she still act to answer the test. But then she lift her head, the camera close up her face. focusing on his beautiful eyes for a second it fills with emptiness, then it was fills with sadness and desperation.

Everyone hold their breath as they watch NiNi's acting. Is this what you called eyes can communicate?

Wang Kai was amused when she saw NiNi's performance. The little girl he used to bully is so talented, he somehow feel so proud.

After 2 whole minutes pass without any sign of ending, NiNi blink her eyes.

"It's not finished yet?" NiNi ask, her eyes turn to lively again. Leaving no trace of sadness and desperation from before with one blink away.

Assistant Han was dumbstruck. Dayum, Ms.NiNi is so talented that she could change the mood within a blink of eyes.

"PASS! BEAUTIFUL OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO TALENTED XIAO NI." Director Hao shout when he realized NiNi had finished her scene with one take.

NiNi smile and bow like she usually do every time she finished her scene.

Then she feel a gaze following her every move, she look at that person instantly. Her mood lift up and she run to that man and the plastic behind that man.

"Wang-ge, it's that fried chicken?" She shout as she run to the plastic bag.

Wang Kai dumbfounded. The chicken have a higher status of importance than him? He look at NiNi with disbelief in his eyes.

Realizing the crew began to clean up the set, assistant Han come to whispering something to director Hao. The second later director Hao tell the crew to stop what they are doing.

"Everyone, the diner is on Mr.Wang tonight. Let's eat first before it turns cold." He shout as he walk to Wang Kai.

"Thank you Mr.Wang, did you come to see NiNi?" Director Hao ask as he greet Wang Kai.

"Yes, please take care and guide her." Wang Kai shows a faint smile, still thinking why is chicken get a better attention than him.

"Aiya Mr.Wang do not worry, NiNi is so talented. She should be actress from the first rather than wasting her talent on singing." Director Hao said. But the moment he said that Wang Kai lips turn to frown.

He love her voice, she can be a diva if she want. He just meet a bad agency that can't guide her.

Director Hao swallow his saliva when he saw Wang Kai frowning. Did he said something that offend the boss?

Luckily Wang Kai brush it off as hand over a bag he carry himself to NiNi.

"This is yours." He said simply and takes a sit beside NiNi. The crew set a big table the second they heard Wang Kai will treat them dinner.

NiNi was astonished when she learn the devil make her fried chicken special and carry it personally.

Oh, I forget we play the boyfriend and girlfriend infront of the other. Well than she should show her acting skill too.

"Thank you baby." She said as she take the chicken from Wang Kai.

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