62.33% Reincarnation in Against The Gods Fan-fic / Chapter 47: Chapter 46 - Academy of the Rising Moon Final Part

Chapter 47: Chapter 46 - Academy of the Rising Moon Final Part

The territory of the Academy of the Rising Moon was huge, with a magnificent park in the center. Countless architectures extended as far as the eye could see. Yun Che and Huang Sheng followed Xia Yuanba to a special student dormitory. Along the way, they met many students from the Rising Moon Academy, and all of them were under the age of twenty. Fifteen and sixteen-year-olds met occasionally, most of which were in the Initial Stage of inner strength.

Along the way, there were many people who welcomed them, after all, the age and level of development of Yun Che, even if they wanted to ignore him, it would be difficult. For a sixteen year old to be on the Advanced Step at this academy was something that was considered talent.

But, as soon as the students paid attention to the child, Huang Sheng, then without exception everyone froze in a stupor and looked with disbelief at ... a monster !?

- How old is he?

- He is at Advanced Level 5 level!

"Maybe he looks so young?"

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- No, I feel his energy, but it can't be faked. I can't say for sure his age, but he is definitely less than 15.

As they walked, the students began to whisper around and look at Huang Sheng. The girls blushed and tried to show all their beauty, and the guys just discussed the boy. Although among them were those who were jealous and jealous.

Huang Sheng possessed beauty that could make jealous of both boys and girls. And if the male half was jealous, then the female half wanted to get closer to him, because in addition to his appearance, he also had the Dragon Aura and bloody eyes, rare for this world. If even the Ice Cloud Palace and its fairies were enchanted by Huang Sheng, then the students of some ordinary Academy simply could not strengthen their hearts, thereby falling into the abyss of love. Even the engaged girls, or those who already have a boyfriend, were carried away by him.

How cruel, because in the future, even if they have husbands, they will still remember Huang Sheng ...

After the incident with Chu Yue Lee, Huang Sheng himself wanted to acquire an artifact that could restrain his dragon aura, but because of the high price of 2,000 points, he simply waved his hand at it. Moreover, the ring would restrain his aura only to the Divine level, and after that, one would have to buy another ring, which was worth 8.000 points. Huang Sheng concluded that he has nothing to fear, even if one of the students wants to **** him, because his real strength has already exceeded the borders of the Blue Wind Empire.

Yun Che and Xia Yuanba talked and discussed the geniuses of the academy, but Yun Che noticed the eyes of the students who were directed at Huang Sheng, and he could only sadly breathe. He knew this would happen ...

"Damn Huang Sheng ..."


- Yuanba, what are the most powerful sects in the City of the Rising Moon? - suddenly asked Huang Sheng, ignoring the views of the students.

"Yes, Yuanba, I also want to know." - Yun Che nodded, as he himself wanted to ask.

"Oh, let me think ..." Xia Yuanba thought for a moment, and then slowly answered, "There are seven places that rule this city: the Strong Heart sect, the Hidden Sun sect, the Clan of the Iron Spear, the clan of the Seven Deadly Swords and the Academy of the Perfect Storm. - Thinking for a moment, Xia Yuanba's voice became somewhat wary, and he began to look around, as if he was afraid that strangers would hear him. "These five sects have a history of more than five hundred, or even a thousand years." In the City of the Rising Moon, their influence and family tree has deep roots, and their total strength is greater than that of the Academy of the Rising Moon. If it weren't for the support of the Imperial Family then it's possible, we would be already crushed and driven out of the city. To everything else, to these five sects there are two more major sects, even the Imperial family does not dare to provoke them ... these are the branches of the Xiao Sect and the Burning Gates of Paradise that are here in the City of the Rising Moon! Although they are simple side branches, they still have the support of the Xiao Sect and the Burning Gates of Paradise, thereby making them two motionless overlords of the City of the Rising Moon.

Yun Che pondered the words of Yuanba, and Huang Sheng grunted in contempt.

Although the Rising Moon Academy was the largest in terms of the number of students among all other sects or clans, their quality left much to be desired. Huang Sheng realized that the Imperial Family was driven into a corner since they decided to lower the bar for incoming students. He heard that a few years ago, the conditions for admission were twice as stringent.

Stopping the explanation, Xia Yuanba abruptly fell silent, because there was a couple in front of them: a young man in white clothes and a girl dressed in a snow-white robe. The guy, who seemed to be 18-19 years old, had a tall, slender camp, graceful features and an exciting mature charm. He was handsome enough that lonely girls were in his power until he played enough with them.

And this girl near him was beautiful enough to make her heart tremble. In appearance she was 18-19, with a pair of beautiful sparkling eyes and cherry lips, the brilliance of which covered the sun. Her graceful eyebrows were crescent-shaped, but the most touching part of the girl was a light smile that adorned her lips.

The two looked like a lovely couple who had just stepped off the picture. At the moment they appeared, they overshadowed all the grace and grandeur of the environment. The guy was constantly talking about something about the girl, and constantly looked at her reaction sideways, but the girl's reaction did not change. Maintaining a constant warm smile, she did not say anything in return.

- What a beautiful girl! Yuanba, who is it? - Yun Che looked with admiration at the girl in front. Although she could not compare with Xia Qing Yue, but she was definitely one of the hundreds of thousands.

- Son-in-law, this is the Elder Sister of Xero, and next to her is Elder Brother Muzhun.

While they stood still, Lan Xuero drew attention to them.

- Younger brother Xia, did you bring your friends? - a gentle and soft voice, asked Suero. Her gestures and glances made every young man admire her, and soon fell into the clutches of love. But due to the fact that she is already pursued by the genius of the Academy - Muzhun E, no one tried to show their love for the girl openly in front of him.

Looking at Yun Che's attempts to attract the attention of Lang Xuero, Huang Sheng rolled his eyes and turned away, looking around. But even if he was silent, a girl like Lan Suero, who tried to be kind to everyone, could not help but greet him.

"Younger brother Xia, younger brother Yun, and this ..." at first she only wanted to find out the name of the boy, not thinking that he was a student of the Academy because of his age, but as soon as Lang Xuero turned his eyes to him, her eyes opened wide , and only by force of will she did not allow herself to open her scarlet lips due to shock.

Advanced Level 5 Step !? How old is he!?

Muzhun E at first did not pay attention to the white-haired young man, but noticing the reaction of his beloved girl, whom he has been pursuing and trying to achieve her location for several months, Muzhun looked at the boy. As soon as he noticed Huang Shen's cultivation, his eyes narrowed dangerously.

- Huang Sheng. - Huang Sheng himself turned toward the girl and looked into her eyes. As soon as Suero saw them, her body flinched slightly, but she did not lose her composure.

Lan Suero smiled and held out her delicate, thin handshake handle, although she had not done this to anyone before.

- Younger brother Sheng, nice to meet you, I am Lan Suero, you can call me Sister's older sister.

Huang Sheng nodded, ignoring Lan Xuero's gesture.

- ... -

Yun Che sighed in exasperation, Muzhun regained his cold attitude, although Huang Sheng did not leave his gaze, and Xuero blinked a couple of times in surprise when she ignored her gesture.

Huang Sheng himself watched Xuero's eyes and praised her in his thoughts. He knew that she was the princess of the Blue Wind Empire, so he wondered what kind of person she was. But noticing that Lan Suero could hold out against his dragon aura, albeit with reduced efficiency, he realized that there was too much anxiety and worry in her heart to even think about the opposite sex. Therefore, there is nothing surprising here that she can stand against his aura and not succumb to her influence.

Huang Sheng remembered from the story that the Emperor was sick and bedridden, and his sons were fighting for the throne, while Xuero had to take care of his father and find talented practitioners to participate in the tournament. If Suero had not taken the neutral side in the struggle for the throne, she would have been killed with a probability of ninety percent.

- Younger brother...

- Huang Sheng. Call me Huang Sheng. - he interrupted the girl and dismissed her politeness.

- ... since you want it so ... Huang Sheng, I'm sorry for such a rude question, but how old are you? - Suero was initially surprised, but not really betrayed this value.

Muzhun E, after her question, also began to wait for an answer. He himself was a genius of the Academy of the Rising Moon, and he would have come here only because of Lan Suero, and if not for her, he would have long gone to the Xiao branch or the section of the Burning Gates of Paradise.

- Thirteen years. - Huang Sheng did not even pay any attention to Muzhun. He already realized that his strength would be the object of envy and an obstacle for the geniuses of this city, so they would want to eliminate him. He also admitted that he liked to be above all and to feel the surprise, envy, jealousy and admiration of other people. This he has left from a previous life.

And although Suero expected such an answer, she was still shocked. Thirteen Years and Advanced Level 5 Tier? In the City of the Rising Moon, and even in the Imperial City, he can be considered a genius. Deciding to no longer ask unnecessary questions to strangers, she kindly said goodbye to everyone and left, still ignoring Mujun E, who followed her after a short word towards Yun Che. He did not even think of Huang Sheng as a rival for Suero's attention.


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