55.26% Adastra: The Forgotten Child / Chapter 20: A walk on the gardens

Chapter 20: A walk on the gardens

Adria moved outside after requesting to Comp to tidy up the place, Alex followed her wondering if he was a hostage again as they started walking on a stone path that crossed the gardens around the palace in silence with the cat attentively looking around. In a little while she talked with her melodic voice:

"The mornings are the best time for a walk around the gardens. Stella Vita becomes somewhat unbearable around midday."

Alex assumed it was basically a conversation invite, so he decides that whatever the cat's intent may be, it was best to go with it.

"So do you walk here often?"

"Not enough sadly, it's hard to find time and company with all the hush going on in the palace." Replied calmly.

"I see."

"How about you? how you liking your staying?" Only curiosity could be noticed in her tone.

"I'm ... getting used to the idea."

"Oh, it should be confusing to you the whole Pet situation, but I'm sure that you will be fine in Amicus hands. "

"Are you fine with your ... situation?" Asked genuinely troubled by the case.

she suddenly stopped, and Alex got worried that he may be hit a soft spot, but she just kneeled and started to collect some flowers that looked like somewhat between daises and tiny white roses

"Please don't worry, I'm in mutual benefit agreement." Said unbothered, then changed the subject "Would you help me with these flowers? they beautiful but would spread too much if left unchecked."

Alex felt compelled to help, so he did, noticing that she was taking each flower by the stalk and keeping them removing each unwanted leaf, and he copied her. They returned to walk along the path collecting any of those flowers they find. The place was really impressive, but even if both agreed in that point, none of then stated, but Alex's eyes wandered while he was in silence, until they cross to a vines area arranged like a tunnel of flowers.

"Amicus said that everything was somewhat taken care of by the robots." Said wondering if the cat wasn't just messing with him.

"Well, mostly, but these are somewhat an exception, the Comp is a bit too rough on the edges to menage finesse tasks." Replied her sounding very reasonable.

"That's odd, you would think tha-" Alex gasped as he just saw a hand-sized spider crawling up in the flower wall close to him, "Holy fuck!" Stepping back and almost falling.

"Oh" She snorts, then got closer to it and stated "Its just an Aracnio-Edopus" a scientific-sounding term invented on the spot "and it is inoffensive".

"How the hell that thing can be inoffensive? get away from it!".

"Don't be scared, it IS horrid, but the venom is too mild, the only real danger is the flo-".

The spider jumped from the yellow flower to the cat's face, at this moment the world stopped for a second, then chaos broke out as Adria had struggled between put the thing out and do not touch it screaming "Get out! Get out! " and Alex was truly about to hit the thing but afraid to hurt the cat, but finally managed to slap it before it came for Adria's mouth, and the spider went almost flying to a brush, "probably alive and planning to strike again" though the Simian. Adria fell on her knees shaking recovering her breath and Alex just burst in laughter.

"STOP IT!" Yell the cat ashamed and angry

"I'm sorry" he laughed little more a before been able to continue "It was just too perfect."

"How any of it could be perfect?!" She got up and was about to slap him

Alex was not afraid of some punishment since he was laughing at her distress, he thought that a slap would be acceptable, but he too wanted to avoid it, so he started to explain:

"I was kinda afraid of you."

It took her out of guard as she lowered her hand a bit

"Why is that?"

"Well, you were too ... fake." Said he as he started to collect the fallen flowers.

He got slapped in the arm, she had soft paws though.

"How dare you! you! brutish..."

"it almost hit my feelings."

"... short-minded obnoxious..."

"go on."

"...shit-throwing muscle freak ape"

She groans a mix filled sound of anger and relief, and Alex said in a pleased manner:

"I must say, it may not be the worst cursing I ever heard." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Thank you. But still, explain yourself!" Required as she was cleaning her robes.

"Well, you were completely deliberate, it was freaking me out." Replied calmly

He followed her as she strays off the path in direction of a big tree in the edges of the garden.

"What is the problem with that?"

"It was fine if we were talking about business, but it should be illegal to do that in a simple talk, I swear that if you removed the spider without a commotion I would run away from you. "

Adria laughs at the idea of scaring off the big Simian and sat on a bench under the tree, she pat on the spot next to her and he accepted the invite.

"I'm Adria, an Omorfa ambassador." said while offering a handshake

"I'm Alex, a Mars civilian"

The size of her hand was half of his, making the handshake a bit weird, but both parts meant it.

MaltusVandrel MaltusVandrel

Oh? yes. He was on Earth when he got kidnaped. wait and see.

Comments (3)

  • WolfLord


    So they colonized Mars this Wolf guy cross the Universe kidnap a civilian in a hotel room and fails to realise that they're not pre tribal and he doesn't notice they colonized other planets in the solar system I'm sensing something different here there's no way in hell the computer didn't notify him of the advanced technology and the fact that they've colonise more than one planet

  • MaltusVandrel


    You are very observant. Be sure to give a look at the source material, I grew 'attached'* to it, you may enjoy it too. The link is in the first auxiliar chapter. *: since 'like' is not the right word for my feeling.

  • WolfLord


    Thanks for the chapter on a good story

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