97.31% Opening an orphanage in another world / Chapter 181: Chapter 181: Siblings thinking of birthday present part 3

Chapter 181: Chapter 181: Siblings thinking of birthday present part 3


[Kiserre's orphanage]

[Saintess Rumia point of view]

Preparation for the first mass lead by us, the original teaching (or what they love to call the new teaching) going ever so smoothly. The orphans, which number around 50 (which beat both the Estel and Malsia orphans number by 15) gladly help along. Some of them though, aren't that excited, and from the looks of it, they aren't mingling around with other that much, maybe they're awkward, or maybe they're simply too sad by their lost.

"..." [Lizard kid]

"..." [Green hair boy]

"..." [Long hair girl]

I wonder why. Well, should just ask them straight, but


"Wait!" [Rumia]


Contrary to my petite appearance and my usual small and soft voice, my shout however, will leave other jaw wide open, and their reaction afterward is the same reaction as what the three kids shown, staring in disbelief as to how a small built lady like me can shout like that. I quickly approach them and lower my body, as to meet them at their eye level

"Can you help me, please! I really need to do something!" [Rumia]

"But, we are busy..." [Long hair girl]

"Pretty please!" [Rumia]

"..." [Lizard kid]

"Fine..." [Green hair boy]

Getting their approval (reluctant as they are, I quickly drag them to the kitchen). Initially, we don't plan on giving food, but, seeing as to how we can spread some happiness, we decided to cook something, and I was left with the task of cooking some biscuits.

(Oh, almost forgot! Dear Goddess Achalasia, please, lend me some cooking material for my Durian biscuit) [Rumia]

(I already prepare them in your item bag) [Goddess Achalasia]

(Thank you so much!) [Rumia]

Entering the kitchen, I quickly open my item bag and let out the material needed, and

"Let start making some biscuits!" [Rumia]

"It's hard!" [Green hair boy]

"We don't know how to" [Lizard boy]

"Plus, it wouldn't be great!" [Long hair girl]

"Don't worry, it will turn out fine. Here, let me show you" [Rumia]

Showing them step by step, from kneading the flour to opening the king of fruit, I can see their sour faces turn to smile, ever so slowly. It still isn't enough to let them open up their feelings to me, but that is alright. That will be Mrs Saga and my colleague job, so the least I can do is help them to build a rapport. Once we are finish

"Oh no!" [Rumia]

"What is it this time" [Long hair girl]

"I forgot, I am the one that should lead the mass today, so can you guy give the attendees the biscuits" [Rumia]

"But..." [Lizard boy]

"If they try to hurt us..." [Green hair boy]

"Really? That would be impossible" [Rumia]

"And why is that" [Long hair girl]

"Well, do you really thing anyone would dare to do something bad when the strongest adventure are around? One strong flick of her can destroy a block of house, literally" [Rumia]


And not to mention, the attendees will be among those who are trustworthy at first, and we will then slowly build the trust of the citizen, by the power of mouth to mouth

"Ok, we will try" [Long hair girl]

"But don't be sad if we can't give it all" [Lizard boy]

"We might also eat it" [Green hair boy]

"That's alright. Just do your best and have fun" [Rumia]




The mass has started, and

"That look delicious"

"Can I have some"

"Sur... sure" [Long hair girl]

It wasn't long until the biscuits trays become empty, and not only that, the other orphan, started to gather around the three kids. They're uncomfortable but

(That's the smile that I would like to see in every children) [Rumia]

Well, let us start


[Zerolith point of view]

At the end of our long heated discussion about the birthday present, we come out with absolutely zero idea as to what is the best present that all of us can give to both Brother Ash and Princess Diana. The task in front of us, is even more gargantuan than what any one of us initially thought. Be it from special album (which Brother Ash already compiled) to some hand crafted gift, we just can't reach any possible and satisfying results. It's beyond frustrating at this point

"How about we ask around the neighborhood?" [Kara]

"Great idea" [Karon]

"Better than nothing I guess" [Mara]

Agree. Rather than not knowing what to give, we can just ask them what they're planning to give, or ask them their idea or opinion about the best present. That way, we can at least came up with better gift in the upcoming discussion

Asking the permission from Grandpa Claude and having Bobunny's clone following each one of us, we went around the neighborhood area and start asking them the question. Some didn't plan on giving anything, just wanted to come and enjoy the festival that will be held a day before and after the debutante party, while some still haven't got a single clue on what to give, and instead, ask us the same question.

The stall owner on the other hand, would like to come up with their own speciality, like a food that can only be produced by them, or a special motif of clothes that matches the princess appearance. Some noble (through us eavesdropping) plan on giving a beautiful set of jewelry so that they can get an invitation to the debutante party. From the sound of it, they still looking down at Princess Diana but decided to get on her good side as she has a good father-daughter relationship with King Estel. What an asshole, I wanted to kick them out right now, but decided not to. Definitely not afraid of them or afraid of getting scolded, but, I get this feeling they will use the excuse to bring misfortune to the orphanage in the future.

Not knowing where else to look, we decided to come back home before

"What are you guys doing here?" [Rean]

"Well..." [Farhah]

Farhah explains to Rean about it

"Then how about you ask the people in the adventure guild, they might come up with a good idea" [Lily] Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Plus, Sis Alice has a good relationship with Princess Diana, surely she will have an idea or two" [Ray]

"Still, a present huh... even I don't think that far ahead" [Kadeus]

Not having anything better to do, we went to the adventure guild together

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