44.44% When A Woman Retaliates / Chapter 16: A newborn cub

Chapter 16: A newborn cub

After initial conversation, the elders of the family shooed Ruhan and Lisa away and began to discuss the details of the wedding. Children are not allowed to participate in these conversations.

Ruhan really felt wronged. It was his marriage..but none of them didn't even ask for his opinions! The bride wasn't even of his choice!!

Could his luck be any worse?

Of course it could! In near future, he will begin to curse his luck when he will find out that a large fraction of his money and properties is given to Lisa as den-mohor(*).

He will become so angry thar he will regret that he trusted his parents to make decisions that are best for him. Parents are really unreliable.

Lisa was led to admire the garden so that she doesn't feel bored or awkward. Ruhan spotted her from his room and snuck out to have a good conversation with her.

The situation was still salvageable. He could tell that the Akters were reluctant to let their daughter into this family. If Lisa didn't agree to this marriage proposal, they would respect her choice, right?

Afterall, everyone wasn't like his father who wouldn't even care for his children's opinion when they decide their marriage!

Of course, at this moment, it didn't occur to him that everything that was happening was consequence of his own action. Human mind is really amazing! It always finds peculiar ways to shift blame on others!!!

Ruhan walked up to Lisa and deliberately coughed to attract her attention. But Lisa didn't even bother with him.

He came closer and called her name...still no response.

Ruhan was irritated. Is this girl deaf? Didn't she hear him? Is she deliberately ignoring him?

Thinking about this made him very annoyed. He angrily walked in front of her. When he saw what she was doing...he became speechless!

'Sleeping?? Under these circumstances?? Seriously??

Is she even aware that she was at a stranger's house now?', Ruhan couldn't help but curse her.

It wasn't Lisa's fault though. She was really tired. She didn't sleep at all last night.

Besides, she had this skill that she could sleep anywhere.. Anytime.

Lisa was dozing off in the garden, having a sweet dream where Ruhan was hugging her legs and asking for her forgiveness, when an annoying voice disturbed her sleep,

"I have seen many disgusting, shameless girl...but none of them are as shameless as you", Ruhan didn't waste any time and began to scold Lisa.

'How dare she sleeps here after spoiling mine?'

Lisa was startled at first. It took her a while to adjust to her surroundings. She looked at Ruhan's angry face and wanted to tease him even more.

Lisa feigned ignorance, "oh really? Why? I thought thar you must like me very much since you put your heart and soul in chasing me!"

Lisa smiled provocatively.

Ruhan became speechless. Since when had she become this shameless? Do you have to like someone in order to get laid?

And he didn't chase her..he cornered her. Ok? There is aa big difference.

"Why are you doing this? Is it to enter into Ahmed family? Don't you feel ashamed? You always act like a pure, innocent girl. I always suspected that you were too good to be real. And here you are...selling yourself just like other girls in order to climb our family ".

Ruhan greeted his teeth. Deep down he knew that he was wrong. Lisa was not a gold digger.. If she was, he wouldn't have to go to such length to obtain her.

But at this moment he just wanted to humiliate Lisa. He couldn't stand her smile.

As expected, Lisa couldn't keep her smile. She really hated Ruhan's gut.

"Huh! What did you say? I, Lisa Akter, will climb into the bed of someone like you? Dream on! Who the hell do you think you are? Without your father, even stray dogs wouldn't notice you.

If you hadn't targeted me in the first place, do you think I would ever marry a used rag like you? Why don't you go and kill yourself?"

Lisa couldn't wait to tear him apart.

When it comes to cursing, a women's mouth are far more poisonous than men's.

Lisa's words really poked Ruhan's sore spot. Deep down he always knew that he wasn't as qualified as his younger siblings. He could be called a black sheep in this family. Although he didn't do anything to deserve other's respect, he still hated it whenever anyone looked down on him.

Lisa would have never thought that her angry words would make her future 1000times more difficult. Truth be told...Ruhan still hadn't gone all out to deal with her. Although he was pissed off.. he hadn't hated her that much.

But Lisa...she was like a newborn cub who wasn't afraid of the lion. She crossed Ruhan's bottom line again and again.

Her last words finally made his blood boil and he lost his last bit of sanity.

A while ago... He was still thinking of ways to sabotage this marriage or ways to kill her.

But after listening to her, he changed his mind.

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Didn't you call me a used rag? Let's see how you will react after you become one'

His lips curled up...at this moments..he didn't look any different than a psychopath.



(*Muslim male has to give his bride specific sum of money for their wedding. The money belongs to the bride only. Neither her family nor her in laws have any share in it. It is called den-mohor)

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    Den mohor ❤ 😂

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