75% The Prince & The Slave Girl / Chapter 24: Chapter 23: Darkening Nights

Chapter 24: Chapter 23: Darkening Nights

He was so furious with his father that he felt like he could kill him. Fire traveled from his stomach to his nostrils in short breaths. Unable to control them on his own. He was ready to explode and go on a murderous rampage.

He knew that she was his. She belonged to him. Every part of her was his and his alone. He screamed in frustration as Batu eyed him curiously.

"Ouji-Sama-" Batu attempted to speak to him but he cut him off short with a slam of his door.

He wanted to march back up to his father and strike him like an ill-disciplined child. At this moment he hated him. He hated him more than anyone in the world. He hated him just as equally as he hated King Welsh. 

He threw himself into his stash of white sake. heating it up with the palms of his hands before downing the bottle in its entirety.  he normally didn't drink as much but today was one of those days. Filled with so much built-up tension as the hours ticked by. This was the only way he could keep himself calm as he thought of what to do. 

He could send Batu to go and get her. If he brought her here she would be safe and out of the hands of his greedy savage father. He knew it. He would torture her if he got his hands on her. Like he did to his harem and the low born daughters of farm girl he brought in on occasion. 

He wouldn't do it to her if he was able to stop it. She had already been through enough as it was. 

He could never have anything to himself. He always had to share things that he took pleasure in. It was not one of those times and he would stop it even if his father slit his throat the next morning.

He paced quietly around his room trying to think of something. 

Two knocks at his door stopped him in his tracks. He stared at the door and calculated what he should do. They knocked again before opening the door.

"I didn't give you permission to enter my chambers." He said as four figures made their way into the dimly lit room. To his horror, it was his wife dressed in a thin sleeping gown. His mother in a long trailing grey overcoat and two of his father's private guards.

His wife watched with saddened absent green eyes twiddling her fingers. She was the cause of all of this. If she had never come here none of this would be happening.

"I'm not in the mood Mother." his face sullen dropping the sake bottle to the floor.

"Stop acting like a child." She said with a glossy monotone looking around his room. 

"Your Father has ordered for you to lay with your wife tonight and you will NOT defy his orders." She pointed a finger at him.

"My handmaid will come in the morning to ensure that you've fulfilled your duty." She said pushing his wife forward. 

"Please enjoy your night my beautiful son." His mother bowed to him before exiting the room followed by the two guards.

There was nothing but awkward silence that followed. He stared at his wife rolling his eyes and went to pick up the empty sake bottle.

Any chance he had to bring Kazumi back to his chambers was now out the window.

There was nothing he could do now. His wife and her pestering and her lustful wantonness was going to drive him mad.

"Husband please don't be upset with me." She said quietly fiddling with her nightgown. He directed all his anger and frustration to her. She was the only person he could pin all his anger on.

"Do not speak to me woman." He stalked closer to her. She took a step back and pressed herself against the wall close to the bathroom door. If he could he would wring her neck like a chicken.

"I didn't know what else to do" She held her small hands up defensively with a look of terror in her eyes. He would hear none of her nonsense.

"You could have come to me not go to my Father!" He hit his fist close to her head as she tried to press deeper into the wall.

"I did but you would not listen to me…" She shrieked. "I did what I thought I needed to husband" She pleaded with him placing her hand on his chest. Slightly shoving him away from her. Her eyes darted around the room.

He yanked her face up with the palm of his hand and spoke in a low threatening voice.

"You went to my Mother and Father you stupid girl! The whole palace snickers behind my back because of your loose lips." He wanted to smack her at that very moment.

 "All I want is for you to love me!" She said desperately, he could hear the pain in her voice. "We have been married for three months and you have not touched me!"

 "Do you think I am married to you for love? "

" I-" he cut her off swiftly pushing her up against the wall.

 "We are married because your country lacks food and my country lacks gold. "

 "We are just pawns in a world of convenience. " he could see her the optimism in her eye but the utter denial in her voice as she spoke.

"We can learn to love each other"

"Are you stupid woman?!" He shouted at her taking her by the shoulders and shaking her.

"Do you living in a fantasy? Did you think that you would come to a foreign country and marry a handsome prince that would sweep you off your feet." He looked deep into her green eyes brimming with wet tears. He could see her realizing that this life was not a fantasy. 

"I'm not that prince and I will never love you. My only duty is to fill your womb with my seed and ensure my bloodline. And your duty is to lay on your back" he spat with venom.

 She rocked with hard sobs as they started at each other. She broke eye contact with his as she flushed from fear.

"You're hurting me…" she pleaded as his hand gripped her shoulder tightly. He ignored her pleads as she grimaced in pain as he hit a pulse point in her shoulder.

 "I am your husband and you are going to respect me as such." He felt very much like his father in that moment. He always knew he had a dark spot in his heart tucked deep away.

"Never go to my family again! Don't even talk unless I give my permission." He gritted his teeth. Her hands tremble and her eyes water. As she repeated her pleas agreeing with her over and over again.

"Do you understand me."

"Yes… yes." She cried as he stepped away from her letting her crumble to the floor. He was annoyed and wanted more than anything for her to leave him alone. But he knew his mother would make good on her words.

"Take off your clothes and lay on the bed." He snapped. She gradually stood up on her wobbly feet and wiped her tears but continued to sob. The sound annoyed him to no end just like seeing her.

"And stop crying Kami knows you can barely make me hard." He undid his robes and waited for her to finish. When he was finally naked he licked the palm of his hand and stroked himself. Shutting his eyes tight trying his best to block out her sniffles.

He made his way to the balcony and out into the cool winter air. Trying to chase his late-night rendezvous with his honey eyed girl.

When he entered back into the room his wife was laying on the bed. Shielding her eyes with her forearm still shaking with soft cries. The sight much like the first night did very little to please him. And her cry only deterred him from entering her.

He made his way onto the bed and looked down at her dusty nipples hard from the cold. He wouldn't dare look her in the eyes. Just seeing her face would soften him.

"Turn over." 

She did so and he took her by the hair much rougher than he would have if it were his slave girl laying with him. 

He slid his full length into her and gripped her hair rearing himself out of her before slamming back in. Ahe sobbed below him and gripped her fingers into the pillow.

"You're being to rough husband." He shut his eyes and ignored her. Forcing her face into the pillow as he pounded into her at a quick pace. He wanted to make this as quickly as he could. He wanted his space back so he could sulk alone.


Just as she was standing outside the king's door with his ale the panic hit her. She prayed to the gods that he would be too drunk to touch her. With all the wine and ale he drunk at dinner surely he would be incapacitated.

As the doors opened and she was ushered inside she was met with the king. Waiting for her in front of his fireplace. She watched him bug-eyed and full of panic.

He was dressed for bed in a matching black set of silk. The king had a hard face and smoldering eyes. He had worry lines that went from brow to brow and a permanent frown. He watched her and sighed.

"Sit the ale down on my nightstand girl." He said cooly as he stepped to her and pulled two chairs from a small table.

"Stop looking so afraid girl. I don't plan on bedding you." She took an internal sigh of relief but the panic set in again. What was she here for then?

"Such a plain dark thing like you would never have access to my chamber under normal circumstances." He sat down on one of the chairs and gestured to the other chair that sat opposite of him.

"Sit down." She moved her feet quickly not wanting to upset him more than he already was. She swallowed and cast her eyes to the floor.

"What about it about you that my son is so stricken with lust." He spoke so low she barely could hear him. But she was taught the gift of context clues.

"Well, girl are you deaf or stupid answer me!" Her head snapped up at a loss for words. She had no clue as to why the prince valued her more than any other slave.

"I'm not sure Ou-Sama…" she didn't make direct eye contact with him. Too afraid she would lose her eyes much like she almost lost her hand.

"He acts very much like a child when things are taken from him." He chuckled to himself.

"Tell me how did a girl as dark as you get into my palace?" He questioned her again. She only knew that the prince had apparently had her sent here. But that was all she knew and that was something she didn't wish to share. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"I am unsure Ou-Sama" he scoffed and slammed his cup down.

"You don't know… you don't know… what do you know then?" He stared at her his dark blue eyes almost looked black.

"My son wants you to himself… he won't even bed his wife since he's taken you." She didn't know what to say. What could she say to him?

"How long have you been fucking your crown prince?" He asked curtly and unmoving. 

She tried to count the number of months that had gone by.

"Nearly half of year Ou-Sama."  She answered honestly. He huffed and cracked his knuckles.

"My son is willing to kill to have what's between your legs." Her heart skipped a beat but she didn't dare move. "I don't care what he does or how many palace slaves he fucks." He dismissed and gulped on his ale.

"What I do care about is that his wife is pregnant and carrying the next crown prince or princess." He stood up from his seat and poked at the fire.

"Until he does so you little Nolaynese girl are prohibited from seeing him, don't even look at him, don't even speak to him." He turned back to face her.

"If I even hear a whisper of you even thinking about him Ill have you thrown off the hanging tower." He threatened her. Her throat felt tight to the point that she couldn't even speak.

Without a word he picked up a thick blanket and looked at her.

"You can sleep beside my bed…" she looked at the king in horror. "On the floor" he pointed and threw the thick blanket on the ground. He crawled into his bed and drunk down the ale in the large goblet she brought him.

She looked to the ground and readjusted the blanket before curling herself beside the king's bed.

As she laid on the floor she felt very much like an animal. Like a dog… like a pet meant to lay at the side of their master. 

Her mind traveled to dark places as she laid there listening to the king's snores as he slept upon a cotton throne.

This was her life and she was exactly as people said. Nothing more than a prop. A plaything to use until someone either got bored or died.

It made her think about the old oracle and her wise words. How they came for them until they were broken in spirit and will to fight. She felt very much that same way at this very moment.

When would time be different for her? Or anyone under the same conditions.q

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