82.05% 365 days of doing absolutely nothing / Chapter 32: Terrible fear grips his heart

Chapter 32: Terrible fear grips his heart

How did this happen...

After going on so many adventures, after going through heaven and hell...

"I feel a great dread deep inside. It is as if my instinct is telling me to run even in my sleep."

"Why are suddenly acting like a civilian fearing for his life. You are a great hero aren't you? I believe you can exterminate whatever it is in your way."

Lufa has a hard time believing that great hero in her mind who has been through so many battlefields would suddenly cower one day like this. However what Varsas wanted her to understand is that having experience in dealing with dangerous situation is one thing, having no fear when facing that situation is another completely different thing.


"More importantly, I know my own heartbeat, this heartbeat is not mine."

After a while, it is just something that you have to know, so that when you administer a dosage of drug or other chemical, you don't accidentally kill yourself. Moreover with his keen sense of hearing, he can pick out his own heartbeat from the other, and his memory says it is not the same.

"...This is quite serious then. I'm surprise, someone was able to affect you, even if you were asleep. And from what range?"

"I don't know. And that is the scary part of it, I don't know when the threat is going to come."

On his journey, surely Varsas Gungnir has faced many mysterious thing. There was many hidden traps and tricks that seriously doesn't allow anyone a chance to even fight back. One has to be careful and has a great perception to recognize the danger and preempt it before any misfortune befall them and their close one.

Sure all of them was dangerous...

...but Varsas got used to it.

Even the one that is absolutely unfair, so dangerous as it may even be beyond his ability to do anything, he was used to it.

But never did he feel a dread like this.

"You say that there may be other from the future. In my time I was the strongest, but time marches on. There would be new development, something I'm not used to."

But Varsas doesn't think anything could cause him such dread. Secretly, for some unknown reason, he fears it.

Not that he would allow the person opposite of him know, he only need to ask his stepmother, the person who always seem to know everything, who would surely guide him on the right path.

His step mother, the queen of the Lan Spherian, the queen of time.

He just need guidance...

Normally he would have never asked for help at all, but this sudden fear that grip his heart causes him to think differently.

Lufa is looking faraway, it seems she is contacting her people. Varsas stays quiet so as not to disturb her, even though he knows noises won't do anything.

"Umm Varsas, I just contacted the queen, but..."

"What did she says Lufa?" Varsas felt as if he is at his wit end. Especially with his family here, if he dies, who would protect them?

...He did think about it when going through war. Everyday in fact when he risks his life for one reason or another.

It was actually for no reason that he risks his life, in the first place the only reason he left home and join the army was "just because". He wanted to go outside and explore new thing, and just like that, he put his life up for cheap.

It was fun to be sure, but in the end, this body was given to him by his mother and father. They would be sad if he dies.

"...Umm Varsas, I contacted tthe queen just now, but she said that, and I quote 'Tell the boy to man up and deal with his problems on his own'."

And just like that, all good feelings are lost in the wind.


"I am... alive?"

After the short but eventful confrontation, a certain Vaine Mahaima was left for dead.

He was sure he was dead, there are no person capable of treating such wounds in the immediate area and he has too much pride to ask for help from that guy.

But really, that guy just left him for death.

He hates it.

"Varsas Gungnir... if there is a next time, you-" He grits his teeth because of the pain. That means he is still alive. But-

How did he gets here?

The irony did not miss him as he is lying on the street in the Gungnir's territory, just as Varsas died in the street of the Mahaima kingdom.

But, how is he alive?

The answer came when a terrible dread grips his heart. His heart beats irrationally, and unlike Varsas Gungnir, he knew exactly what was the cause.

"Are you okay?" A voice call out to him.

"G-get away." With all his might, from this life time and the last, Vaine Mahaima made his escape.

He was afraid.

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Oh so afraid.

His heart was gripped with a terrible dread even as the voice come closer.

Thankfully, it did not give chase and Vaine was able to make his escape.

He checks to see if his identity was found out.

A mask on his face, almost broken from the confrontation with Varsas, but is still intact. He is secretly glad that the mask is still intact and that his identity was not found out.

...But, he still looks back at the confused voice that give him so much dread and fear.

"If only I was so lucky..." he mutters to nobody in particular.

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