100% One Piece Power System / Chapter 15: Royal Haki

Chapter 15: Royal Haki

It's been about an hour since Morgan's death, and currently the crew, along with Koby, Saga and the rest of Shells town were having party at the food foo's restaurant, and celebrating the downfall of the tyrant. Saga was in a great mood and was in the middle of telling Zoro and the crew what had happened after his accident when he was a kid, and how he had met his fiancée Maya. The reason he was so happy was because he had finally had the use of his right arm back. When he finally noticed it after Morgan's defeat, he broke down crying and thanking Miles over and over again.

"As the party went on the town had a wonderful time, unfortunately, it couldn't last forever. The door to the bar was pushed open and a group of marines walked in, and the place went silent. The marine with tanned skin and a goatee walked up to the crew.

"Excuse me but, we heard a rumor that you were all pirates... Is this true?" He asked.

"It is..." Miles said slowly after taking a sip of his scotch. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"I see. We appreciate everything you've done to save our town from that horrible tyrant, who terrorized us all for so long. However now that we know you're pirates... As marines we can not allow you to stay here any longer. Therefore you and your crew will need to leave this town immidialy. But out of respect for what you've done here, we will not report you to headquarters." The marine said.

"Are you crazy!?" "They are our saviors!" "How could you do that to them!" The townsfolk spoke up in defence of the Black Heart Pirates, but the marines said nothing and just waited. Miles raised his hand gesturing for them to stop. Once everyone calmed down Miles started speaking.

"We understand." Miles said as he and the crew stood up ready to leave.

"It was good to see you Saga. I hope the next time we meet, you will introduce me to your fiancée." Zoro said as he patted his friend on the shoulder.

"Aren't you with them?" the marine asked Saga and Koby.

"....I came here to join the marines, not a become a pirate." Saga said after thinking for a few seconds. It was indeed tempting to join them, but that would put Maya in danger, and he would never want anything bad to happen to her.

"What about you?" The Marine asked Koby.

"I..I...Yes i'm with them. I'm a pirate." Koby hesitated at first, but then responded with determination.

""""What!?"""" The crew said surprised, except for Miles who just silently waited to hear Koby's explanation.

"I've finally realized that, my dream was not to become a marine, but to help people who have been oppressed, like how Morgan tyrannized Shells Town, and in my case, when Alvida me feel completely helpless. Miles, you were right when you said not all marines were good and not all pirates were bad. I would like to join your crew and bring those who are evil to justice, whether it be marine or pirate,"

"Welcome to the Black Heart Pirates." Miles said with a smile. He then looked over to Saga and had an idea.

"Well Saga, since you won't be joining us, I have a parting gift for you." Miles said as he bought a certain sword from his system.

"This is the One-Cut Killer: Murasame. It is a cursed blade that could kill a person with a single cut, once the sword pierced the skin, a poisonous curse spread through the victim's body, killing them within seconds by stopping their heart. So try not to cut yourself when you clean it okay?"

"Thank you for this gracious gift. I will treasure for all my years." Saga said in a formal tone along with a bow.

"Alright let's go" Miles said to his crew.


They walked down the street towards their ship for a few minutes before they were stopped by a group of new marines.

"Where do you think you're going pirates?" A tall, tanned, broad-chested, muscular old man with an intimidating aura asked.

"Well if it isn't vice-admiral Garp. What's a big shot like you doing in a little place like this?" Miles asked, completely disregarding the pressure Garp was giving off.

"I just came to see what kind of pirates would be bold enough to dock their ship at Shells Town, knowing there was a marine base here." Garp said with his trademarked goofy smiled.

"*Sigh* Listen, as much as I would love to stay and chat for longer, we have places to be, and I don't feel like wasting more time here. So I'm going to ask nicely, you and your subordinates move, or you will be removed." Miles said as he leaked out miniscule amount of his conqueror's haki.

'Conqueror's haki!!! How!? Is he doing it unconsciously or...? It doesn't matter, I can't let him go.' Garp thought as the smile on his face disappeared. He coated his fists with armament haki then used soru in attempt to catch Miles off guard and knock him out. Unfortunately for Garp, Miles was fast enough to coat his own fists with armament haki, and meet Garp's incoming punch with a punch of his own. This created a small shockwave which sent both Miles and Garp a few steps back.

'So, he even knows how to use armament and observation haki... This isn't good, if I let this kid escape, there's no telling what he will do once he reaches paradise, I need to take him down now!' Garp thought as he charged at Miles without holding back. Sadly, what Garp didn't know was that Miles was holding back a lot more than Garp was. Miles did not want to kill Garp, as Garp was one of the rare good marines that understood true justice. Even if he did bitch out when to came to Ace's execution, Miles still would not kill him. That being said... Miles was not afraid to beat up an old man.

As Garp got closer, he used shigan as he tried to pierce Miles' shoulder. But Miles sidestepped him, grabbed Garp's arm, and then used Garp's momentum to to flip him upside down through the air, and punch him in the chest sending him flying into a building *BAM*. A few seconds later, Garp walked out the rubble and dusted himself off.

"Not bad kid. But if you think that is enough to keep this old man down, then you are very mistaken" Garp said as he re-coated his fists in haki, but this time his haki had a distinct silver colour to it, instead of it's normal black.

"Oh, the old man knows how to use royal haki. Well this just got way more interesting." Kuina said as she crossed her arms.

"What's Royal haki?" Koby asked. He had basic knowledge of what haki was, as he had overheard the crew talking about it before they arrived at Shells Town, but he was ignorant to what royal haki was.

"Royal haki is sometimes mistaken for Conqueror's haki, and in a sense, that is correct but at the same time it is wrong. In truth, Royal haki is the use of all three types of haki at peak level simultaneously. Only a few people in history have been able to use it, the most famous being Gol D. Roger." This time Erza was the one to respond.

"Well if your are using Royal haki, then I guess I should too." Miles said as he also activated his Royal haki, coating his hands in a dark purple coloured haki. Afterwards teleported in front Garp, and aimed a powerful punch to his face, but Garp was just fast enough to use Kmai-e and make himself flexible enough to dodge Miles' strike. Garp counter attacked with a left jab, and Miles lifted his right knee and brought down his right elbow, catching the jab between them. Miles then grabbed Garp's wrist and flipped him onto the ground and put him in an armbar. *Snap* The sound a of something braking was heard, then loud wail followed.

"AHHHHH!" Garp screamed in agony as he held his now broken arm after Miles let go. Garp stood up and glared at Miles.

"I think it's time to end this" Miles said before teleporting behind Garp, sweeping his legs then punching him in the spine. Garp fell to the ground unable to move and just glared at Milles who stood over him with an smug smile.

"What did you do to me!?" Garp asked in a very angry tone.

"I paralyzed you. But don't worry, it's only temporary and will wear off in an hour or two. Well this has been fun, but it's time for me and my crew to leave. I hope we don't meet again, or next time... I might not hold back." Miles said that last part as he unleashed the full brunt of his Conqueror's haki, making most of Garp's subordonnants pass out.

"Heh heh. I guess they couldn't take it. seeya. *Snap*" Miles said as he teleported his crew back to the Death Rider.

"I guess I need to tell Sengoku about this. *Sigh* I'm getting to old for this shit." Garp sighed and said as he laid his head on the ground, waiting for the feeling to return to his body.


Back on the Death Rider, the black Heart Pirates appeared on deck and immediately prepared to leave.

'It's fun playing the bad guy. I should do that more often.' "Okay, raise anchor and let's set off for the baratie. We have to celebrate Koby joining the crew." Miles thought, then spoke with a smile.

"Oh right, I almost forgot. Guys I have something to show you." Nami said as she pulled out the "map" she stole from Morgan's office. Miles looked at then he promptly facepalmed and sighed.

"*Sigh* What kind of moronic thief leaves a note..?" Miles asked rhetorically.

"I said the exact same thing... What an idiot." Nami said, shaking her head.

"Wasn't Buggy one of the crewmen on Roger's ship?" Zoro asked.

"Yes he was, but unlike how Shanks became an Emperor, Buggy didn't amount to much after the Roger pirates disbanded. The only thing he's been able to do was create his own small crew and get a bounty of about 15 million. The last I heard of him he was able to somehow take over Orange Town, but I doubt he will stay there much longer now that he has that map. hmmm" Miles thought for a moment on what to do next.

'The map only shows the first couple islands up to Alabasta, so it isn't really that useful to us... but this could be a good opportunity to train Koby' Miles thought as he made an evil grin while looking as his newest crew member. When Koby saw his captain's smile, he shivered.

"W-What?" Koby stutterd out, afraid of what Miles would say next.

"Okay I've decided. We will head for Orange Town and take the map form Buggy. This will also serve as training for Koby." Miles announced to the crew.

"T-Training!?" Koby said in disbelief.

"Of course Koby. If you want to be on this crew and fulfill your dream, then you will need to be strong. Nami, set course for Orange Town. With a normal ship it would take us one week to get there, but with the Death Rider it should only take a day or two. During that time, Koby and I will be in the time chamber training. Nojiko, I still owe you a reward so you will be joining us in the time chamber. And Nami, for showing me that "map" I will give you your reward after I exit the chamber. Now lets raise anchor and set sail." Miles gave his orders and then the Death Rider left the Shells Town port and was off to Orange Town.


Sorry for the late update, there was a snow storm last night and I only got power back like an hour ago.


Chapter 16, is available on pat,reon.



2014 Words.

I know that Royal haki, is just different translation of Conqueror's Haki, but since Conqueror's haki has like 4 different english translations, I decided to turn one of them into a unique type of haki for my story. I hope you like it.

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    Garp would not have stopped them and might have even thanked them for getting rid of the corrupt captain. But still a good chapter.

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