50% World Traveler (no good title yet) / Chapter 2: Big Order!

Chapter 2: Big Order!

----Amakusa City, Kyushu Region, Japan----

At a certain house, in a certain room, had a boy sleeping comfortably in his bed.

His handsome features coupled with his short black hair opted for a picture-perfect scene, and his sleeping face added to his beauty.

His eyebrows slowly quivers, as he slowly opens his eyes, letting him see with his crimson eyes the ceiling of a room.

'What happened?'

Kosuke slowly got up of the bed, thinking while realizing that this room is not familiar to him. As he was idling about, he then came to a realization.

'I-if I remembered correctly, I died! A-and I met Kami-sama and I got wishes just like in those novels!!' Recalling what happened caused his eyes to shine vigorously as he jumped, "Yataa! Kami-sama banzai!" but that didn't stop there. As he was celebrating, he heard a mechanical voice in his mind.

[World Travelling System Initializing... 1%...25%...40%...67%...99%...100%]

[System Initialized, scanning Host..... Ding! Host scanned] Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

[Welcome to the World Travelling System Host! I am the one and only system given to you by the great Kami-sama!"

As he heard the mechanical voice finish, he went 'O-h Ohhhhhh!!!' and his otaku side just straight up went bonkers. "R-really? What can you do?"

[Yes, I am real, host. I will explain to you my functions and features...]

Then his System explained how it works and from what he understood, his System has three (3) functions, namely:

[Quests] -It's where the System can give quests to the Host

[Shop] -It's where Host can buy items in mangas, anime, novels, and whatnot

[Inventory] -It's where Host can put items. Only non-living things can be stored in the inventory, and it has no limits.

"Mhmm, I see. System, please show me the shop."

[ [Shop] :







Peering over the shop interface, Kosuke, put his hand on his chin, pondering about the shop categories. "I see, I see. Everything's pretty much self-explanatory but we'll get to that later."

[Host, you have a starter pack waiting to be opened. Do you wish to open it?]

"Oh, ah, yeah, sure, open the starter pack System. Calling you System's just waaay too generic," Kosuke said. "I'll just call you Alfred then hehe. While we're at it, please show me my status as well after opening the pack."

[Affirmative. Opening starter pack... ... .....Ding! Starter Pack opened. Host got:


-One-handed weapon mastery (100%)

-1,000,000 System Points

-Body Flicker Technique (Shunshin no Jutsu)

-Senzu Beans x10

-Joker's outfit (Persona 5)


Opening Host's status.]


Name: Kosuke Takegawa

Age: 18 years old

Race: Human

Bloodline: 100% Hooman

Lifespan: 100 years


One-handed weapon mastery (100%), Body Flicker Technique


Stand-user, Adaptable Body


Joker's outfit, Senzu Beans x10


"Woah! That's pretty good! A million system points, hmm. It should be the currency for the system to buy things, no? Also, 10 senzu beans and joker's outfit is nice as well."

[Host, you still haven't looked at your stand.]

"Ah yeah, that's right!" Kosuke said with shining eyes. 'Aw man, it's the thing that I've been waiting for! Deep breaths, deep breaths. Concentrate on the feeling of having stand.' Kosuke closed his eyes as he tried to tap into his wish. He felt a connection between his subconscious and as he opened his eyes, he looked over his arm and saw a humanoid arm, with blue and purple color schemes, seemingly familiar to a stand that he saw which Jotaro Kujo posseses.

"S-star Platinum!"


As Kosuke heard the stand's signature phrase, he can't help but fanboy over the fact that he has Star Platinum. He tried to make poses together with his stand as he laughed manically, until Alfred reminded him.

[Host, as stands are a manifestation of one's will and are unique to each person, it is obvious to say that your Star Platinum is not the same as Jotaro Kujo's Star Platinum as your stand is more powerful than his.]

He stopped at his tracks, then smiled sheepishly as he scratched his head. "Oh? Eh, ehehe, is that so?" He thought something for a bit then said, "Hmm, if his and mine aren't the same, so I guess I should change my stand's name? Mmm.... Eh, I'll just keep the name as it's the coolest!" Making up his mind, he smiled at his decision.

[Host, you should that you are in the Big Order world, a day before canon starts. In this world, you are the close friend of the protagonist, Eiji Hoshimiya and your father worked together with Gennai Hoshimiya before the Great Destruction happened, costing the lives of your parents as well.]

Hearing Alfred's words, his smile turned to a hint of sadness as he muttered, "I guess even in this world I didn't get to save my parents..." but he became serious as he thought, ' I never expected to be transported to the Big Order world. It's a bit f*cked up, what happened to Eiji and Sena, but now that I'm here, I'm going to protect them both!' He clenched his hand, thinking of tomorrow, where everything starts.

"Time to live out my new life!"

Soupreme Soupreme

[Stand: Star Platinum

Stand User: Kosuke Takegawa

Destructive Power: A (??)

Speed: A (??)

Range: C (??)

Persistence: A (??)

Precision: A (??)

Potential: C]

I put question marks at the side of the stats because since his wish having enhanced abilities breaks the parameter limit for every stand that's evaluated. I may or may not specify its rank by adding/not adding tiers, but I'll explain it on the way.

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