38.46% Enforcers / Chapter 15: The Boy And The Girl?

Chapter 15: The Boy And The Girl?

'It is an Enforcers job to protect humanity. However... Sometimes humanity doesn't deserve to be protected.'

'Attributes were the weapons mankind gave after M-Day... Every person was born with one Attribute... But what if we could have more than one?'

Age 1982

An eight-year-old Hero Otoko eyed the strange man up and down as he hid behind his Grandpa's leg. "Who's he?" Hero questioned quietly as his emerald eyes shinned slightly.

"Now don't be shy Hero." Hero's grandpa said letting out a deep laugh as he patted his ward's shoulder. "You know what I always tell you?"

"Don't be afraid because Hero's can't feel fear..." Hero mumbled out still hiding behind his grandpa's leg as he eyed the strange man up with curiosity. "You said no one was allowed in or out of here..." Hero mumbled out.

"This man is here to help you, Hero..." The Grandfather said slowly. "You'll have to excuse the boy's attitude." The Grandpa announced as he held his hand out. "Tell me, Mr. Hyde." The older man asked as the other man shook his hand. "Were you able to capture the arm successfully?" He asked. "I hope my data was good enough.

"Oh, it was beyond spectacular!" The apparently named Mr. Hyde announced as he threw his arms back. He had a large smile on his face. He looked like the kind of guy who couldn't get mad easily. Despite that though there was this look in his eyes. The one that said you shouldn't attempt to make him mad just in case... He was dressed in a large white lab-coated that was stained almost completely red. Just looking at it sent a shiver down the young Hero's spine. "You're data allowed me to storm the entire lab and snatch that arm by force! I also found another thing, which I found even more interesting... Would you like to meet her?"

"Her?" Okami Otoko questioned with a raised eyebrow. He gently pushed Hero farther back behind him as he crossed his arms.

Mr. Hyde didn't bother waiting for a response as he simply snapped his fingers. That was when Hero noticed that the man had been holding onto a chain. Mr. Hyde yanked the chain as something behind him moved around.

Hero waited with baited breathe for whatever monstrosity would be revealed. His face became a shocked expression when a young eight-year-old girl walked into view.

The girl shivered slightly standing only in a tattered hospital gown. A metallic collar was wrapped around her throat as a chain came off of it. Mr. Hyde held the end of the chain as he smirked slightly. The girl's silver eyes darted around the room left, then right as she looked around. For a brief moment, her silver eyes met Hero's emerald green eyes. The two kids only held eye contact for a brief second before the girl looked away again.

"What the hell is this..." Okami said quietly. There was an edge to his voice now. Something that sent a shiver down Hero's spine. His Grandfather looked extremely pissed. "This wasn't our deal... I gave you a map of the lab so you could steal the arm... Not so you could take whatever damn well pleased you... If you don't release that girl right-"

"Allow me to introduce Experiment M." Mr. Hyde said. "I found her in the Enforcers lab. I think you'll find her interesting Okami..."

The Grandfather frowned as he stared down at the little girl. "I doubt it... I see no way this brat could be of any help to improving the boy? I just need the hand. Now release her and-"

Mr. Hyde held his hand up as he turned to look down at the girl. "Monsterfication." He spoke softly. "That is her Attribute..."

A deep silence passed over everyone in the room as that was said. The grandfather stayed silent now as he stared down at the girl. His interest seemed to have cone back. He looked at the girl differently now. He no longer seemed to care where she had come from or she was now... "I thought that particular Attribute was wiped out?"

"They were." Mr. Hyde said as he bent down. He grabbed the girl's hand as he pulled it to him. "As it turns out we have a lucky case of magic... This girl. Her Mantra isn't normal. Not like the Mantra we have. Her Equation Of Life is Broken... She seems to be a descendant of the Monster Clan. Seems she has a case of Mantra fever which managed to unlock the power of her old bloodline. Through lucky gene splicing and biological chance instead of being born with the Gates ability like all her other family she inherited monsterfication..."

"So what? Why does it matter that you have a girl with an old ancient power? I asked you to grab the arm so we could help my weapon with his Mantra sickness..."

Mr. Hyde reached into his pocket pulling out a glass cup and a sharp knife. The girl inhaled when she saw the knife as her silver eyes closed shut. Mr. Hyde reached out slicing her hand open slightly as a few drops of blood dropped down into the cup. Then he sliced at his own hand as his blood also filled the cup.

"A cellular increasement multiplier." Mr. Hyde spoke. "That's just one aspect of how her power works. The Monsterfication seems to have the ability to do many things with the body however the most notable one is the ability to increase one's own mass at the cost of intelligence. Back in the day during age 1000, they were a feared clan. Most people mistakened their powers for them being actual monsters. Some even go as far as to state they are descendants from Bestia Machts."

"Get... To... The... Point..."

Mr. Hyde smirk grew. "Sorry. I was merely giving the boy a history lesson. He seems fixed on my every word."

Okami looked down at his son to see Hero staring at the scientist with amazement. "What's a Mantra? What're the Enforcers?" The kid questioned? His emerald green eyes seemed to shine with curiosity. "Attributes... I know that one right? That's what we call our superpowers? Everyone only has one except for-" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Nothing you'll ever have to worry about," Okami said smiling slightly. "All you need to worry about is how much stronger you'll be once the good doctor here fixes you."

"Ahh, it's finally done." Mr. Hyde announced. He grabbed the young girl's hand turning it back to Okami. Her hand bubbled slightly as it pulsed. Then slowly the wound on it closed. "A mild healing factor." Mr. Hyde stated. "The Monsterfication has the ability to heal the host to a slight extent. Due to its ability to replicate its cells and grow its mass out, it can heal the user by simply creating over the damaged tissue. However, the Monsterfications healing process is capable of a lot it is not perfect. It can take up quite a bit of energy to recreate the cells. And even more, energy to increase one's own mass. Because of that they often get tired really easily. However. If we were to pair it up to another healing Attribute... Like, say... Your late daughters... Her Living Nano Attribute..."

"Pair it up?" Okami's eyes narrowed slightly as he stared at the man. "What do you mean pair it up?"

"I mean..." Mr. Hyde held the glass cup up that held his and the girl's blood. However inside there no longer was any blood. Rather now a small round ball of flesh stood. "Pair it up... The Monsterfication has a seemingly unique ability. One I think can make me a very rich man. Tell me Okami. You want me to fix your broken weapon right? What if I told you I could do more then fix his disease?"

Hero gulped slightly as his emerald eyes shined with a small amount of fear.

Okami seemed to smile for a brief second. "I'm listening..."


Age 1990

Hero stepped out of the room and back into the large waiting room they had been in an hour ago. "Man! Sitting in those chairs for an hour really hurt my back..." He said shaking his head. "Boy does it sting!" He said rubbing his body. "Good thing my body heals quickly though!"

"Hero," Kitsune said grabbing the teen by the shoulder. "I have a serious question to ask you?" He said curiously.


"What? What have you been doing you're entire life?" The teen questioned? "I mean you claimed to not have any idea what the Enforcers were? You know a bit about the Nobles and the Bestia Machts but not a lot apparently? You look as if you have zero battle experience but claim to have trained with the strongest man alive and, somehow you got a letter? You're a complete amateur who knows next to nothing but somehow still got a letter. And strangest of all your last name is Otoko which belonged to an old Enforcer Captain who has retired. There is clearly something more to you then meets the eye?"

Hero folded his arms slightly as he shrugged. "It's a bit complicated?" Hero said shrugging his shoulders. "Mostly because I'm not too sure about it myself... The gist of it, though is I lived with my Grandpa most of my life. And that's pretty much it... He never really did anything with me. Never let me go outside into the real world. We ended up having a falling out, and I ran away from home. Pretty basic. I guess he just never felt the need to tell me how the outside world worked. But that's okay. I've pretty much figured most of it out." Hero said shrugging.

"You're lying," Cloud commented surprisingly the two teens when they realized he had been standing there. "I don't know what you're lying about, but you're lying. That entire story seemed off."

Hero gave a shrug as he brought a finger to his lip. "Sorry. But for now, I guess you can say that secret is locked away." He said grinning slightly. His multi-colored eyes sparkled with amusement from behind the contacts as Kitsune frowned. "Besides. I myself hardly know. I can't really remember anything before the age of ten. The first nine years of my life are nothing more than a blur? Although I occasionally dream of being in a hospital. Or at least I think it's a hospital? I used to dream of this crying girl with silver eyes? I haven't seen her in ages though?"

"I'm starting to see why Jackson was interested in you. You're just strange and abnormal..." Kitsune said backing away.

Cloud simply reached out patting the teen on the shoulder.

"What was that for?" Hero asked confused.

"I dunno. I just felt like you should know I'm here for you?" Cloud said shrugging slightly.

Hero simply shrugged as he turned away from the two. "Whatever ya weirdo. When do you think the next test is starting?" He questioned curiously as he turned to the other two boys.

"There you guys are!" The group turned seeing Ken and 'North' walking towards them. "I was looking for you guys," Ken said nodding her head. "North is really boring to hang out with..."

"I'm not that boring!"

"Yes, you are." All four of the group agreed as they all crossed their arms.

Irene had a slight eye twitch as she turned away from the group. 'Why am I even still hanging around them?' She thought to herself. 'Because you crave attention...'

"What did you guys think of that test?" Ken questioned.

"It confirmed the idea I had..." Kitsune said nodding. "The Enforcers aren't looking for the strongest or the smartest. They're looking for the most interesting. I only knew a handful of those questions so I doubt anyone else would have done any better..." Kitsune said nodding slightly. "My guess is that the Captains will be given the data from all the tests we'll take today and they will decide based on what they think of us..."

"That's a bit farfetched..." Ken said raising an eyebrow.

"Well, it had something to do with what Mr. Storm said." Kitsune shrugged slightly as he thought back. "He said he was here scouting out potential recruits that would be on his squad. And then another team member came and got him. I think he was down here giving Intel to his Captain?"

"Who cares?" Hero asked throwing his hands behind his head once again. "Just as long as it's fun right?"

No one had a chance to answer the boy as the entire room began to shake once more.

"Uh-Oh..." Ken sighed out. "Here we go again..."

Comments (4)

  • Pieperson2001


    I feel like this came out of nowhere? I mean I like it since it fully explains everything else, but it's still weird.

  • WateryRein


    So Ken X Monster Gal?

  • KnIvialDanial0002


    Yeah. I agree with the others. I mean I like the chapter, but it just kind of pops up?

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