37.5% Succeeding in the Women's Kingdom / Chapter 3: On the Way to the Great Tower

Chapter 3: On the Way to the Great Tower

Now Oren was sure of that. The days were longer here than on Earth, it was a completely different planet. He used to get little sleep, but even after sleeping for a little over six hours it was still completely dark, not a single ray of light. The Moon had crossed the celestial vault through and through and was beginning to disappear behind the monastery headquarters. However, Mariel was still sleeping peacefully — but snoring, — she had as many hours of sleep as the young man, but she may also need more time to recover than him. The invoked one still thought that the inhabitants of this world must be accustomed to sleeping longer because of longer nights than on Earth, perhaps 28-hour days? Besides that, the boy had tried some things, like "gravity tests", but he didn't see or feel much difference, he was as comfortable moving as before.

As he didn't know how much longer he had to wait, he decided to dress in the same clothes as the night before and opened the bedroom door discreetly before sneaking out. When he turned his head after closing the door, a blade standing in front of him glittered smoothly.

"Hep hep hep, where are you going?" asked a deep voice.

Only a few lunar rays managed to reach inside the cloister, fortunately for Oren, these eyes were already used to the night, so he could, therefore, see everything that surrounded him. He then returned to the person who had called him; he was safe, the swordsman himself had not raised the edge of his sword towards him, he was just holding him back with the plate of the blade.

It was the young elf he had seen in the temple just after his invocation, his matte skin was scattered here and there with small scars and his purple eyes gleamed like those of a cat through the half-light of the cloister. His face didn't show the slightest emotion, we could only see the tiredness on the face of this dude through his dark circles.

"I just wanted to get some fresh air." Oren replied, turning towards the swordsman. "I've slept enough and I was getting bored, so..."

"You've only slept six hours... is that really enough for you, dude ?" he replied, raising his eyebrows.

"Yes-" the summoned one paused, then looked at the elf, embarrassed. "You heard us, didn't you..."

"Well, my job is to protect Mrs. Imalwis, so yeah, I even heard pretty well, but don't worry, man, I won't say anything, I signed a... professional secrecy paper or something like that, y'know. If I said anything, I'd get fucked." He explained while he lowered his blade. "Come, there's a bench in the open-air area of the cloister."


"You told me you wanted to go outdoors, didn't you? It's not like Mrs. Imalwis is in danger, so I'm taking you there."

The space under the cloister was larger than those found in an abbey, although the architecture is very similar to that founded by Christians in the 1100s throughout Europe. The frescoes, gargoyles and engravings didn't represent the same things, however, but it was still surprising to see that the architecture was very similar despite the difference of "dimension".

Oren noticed that even the night sky wasn't the same as in his homeworld. The stars remained stars of course, but he could not recognize any constellation and now that he was outside, he could see that the Moon was bigger than the one on Earth, or at least that Moon was closer.

"Are you all right? Not too out of place?" asked the young elf after contemplating the sky.

"Not too much, it's okay, I haven't had time to see the world outside these walls yet." Oren replied as he watched a shooting star pass by. "You know my name, but I don't know yours." he asked, relaxed.

"Karl Helnawl, 54, Dark Elf, a graduate of the Knighthood School of the Elven homeland, winner of the academic tournament, elected as bodyguard to the High Priestess and-"

"Calm down..." he sarcastically exclaimed. "Did you think I was here to fill out some paperwork or something?"

"I don't know, maybe? But at least now you have all the important information." Replied the elf with a laugh.

"I suppose... I know you're not here for this, but could you tell me about this world? In order to know just a little bit where I am."

"How much are you paying me?" replied Karl seriously. "Nah, I'm kidding! Don't worry, it'll also help me stay awake."

Oren first learned that the days lasted 24 hours as on Earth, but the hours were a little longer, originally the hours were solar hours, so according to the season, the length of the days changed, but the men who had been invoked — for some — had brought their packages of innovations, including the modern time system, with clocks and watches.

The men of the Old World had also brought many benefits to the "kingdoms of women", as some of those invoked were writers, engineers or architects. They had provided their own help to society so that since 60 years when the first men had been invoked for the first time, technology had evolved, the views of the inhabitants of the kingdom had changed on many subjects, education had become free for all children over 9 years and many "glass buildings" had been built in the kingdom, which made light-sensitive races, such as the half-lizards or the Dark Elf, flee. Karl was one of the last of his race still present in the city, he had apparently stayed to take care of Mariel, an unsatisfactory answer in Oren's opinion.

However, the people of this world had also learned a lesson: "Mistrust is the mother of safety, especially with those invoked.". Why? Well, Oren asked Karl the same question and his answer was quite bitter.

Even if men had brought good, it was only a minority, while more than half of them decided to stay and enjoy their orgasmic life without having a real purpose and the remaining quarter decided to do evil, a new kind of evil.

The evil was already at the origin of several sources:

— The first source of evil was the one that had been gangrening the world for almost all time, the monsters: Were-Wolf, Slime, Chimera or the famous goblins for example. Their strengths were more or less great according to their numbers, but some monsters were much more powerful than usual, but the real problem is that these monsters sometimes give birth to women who are in slavery or... other, giving children half-monsters. This left some doubt on the part of the authorities of the women's kingdom, to choose to keep these types of women and children or to give them to the monsters? Both are a danger after all, but thanks to the men still alive at the time who released the Masculine Plague survivor, women were able to understand that semen or energy through sexual effort cured the primary and animal, even monstrous, urges and instinct of these half monsters. It also worked... for men, yes.

— The second source of evil was the demon kingdom. "Classic." Oren thought when he heard Karl's words. However, the kingdom of demons was not ruled by a mercilessly humanoid horror; it was a normal society, the only problem between the "kingdom of women" and the kingdom of demons was mainly political — or geopolitical —, to defend sacred lands or to have iron and coal mines. But Karl had no hope that these two kingdoms could get along, the two countries had fought each other many times for a bunch of reasons, which created a grudge among the two populations.

— The third source of evil was less important, but still a danger to the population: brigands' raids mainly centered on the small villages around Mauve, the capital of the territory. In these groups of thugs, there were all races, sometimes even monsters who still corrupted women, then made them give birth to half-breed children, which created trauma for the mother and sometimes for the child.

These were the three kinds of evil originally present in this world and some men invoked to help the Kingdom had decided to create their own evil by building their own empires for their own purposes, all of this by using their systems and powers to facilitate their task.

Karl remembered one of them, he talked about it with wrath. This guy had very quickly surrounded himself with women and influentials peoples as soon as he arrived in this world and had left with many of them without them ever being able to see their families again and even today no one had any news. And even among these men there were several parties, two of them mainly constantly waging war, as if the conflicts already present in this world weren't enough.

In sixty years, about 500 men had been invoked, each with their own systems, their own powers. So about 125 men had left for the "dark side", while more than half of them remained useless to society, which was depressing. What is the use of having a second chance if you don't take advantage of it to live a real life?

Karl decided to end their discussions when he saw the sunrise an hour after he started talking. The appointment to see the Empress was set after lunch and the elf planned to take advantage of this time to sleep, so he let the two substitute guards take his place and headed to his room hoping to finally get some rest.

Oren came back to the room after walking around the place, he had met the apprentices he had seen the day before, but they didn't seem too interested in him. He had breakfast in the canteen reserved for the high-ranking officer, but Mariel had not come, she had to eat elsewhere, probably in her own room. A little later, a subordinate of the Priestess had brought Oren to the hot baths, he had to make himself clean before going to see the Empress, it was a mark of respect and in exchange, the Empress did the same, especially when it was a question of trying to hold someone to her ideals.

They have been prepared clean clothes just at the entrance of the baths, a kind of suit made of less modern fabrics and a little more colorful than his old clothes. He placed them in front of the door and walked naked into the large room where the water vapor clouded his view; he spent several seconds scanning the room before seeing a pair of breasts floating in the water that was already strangely familiar to him.

"You should tell those who prepare the baths not to make the water too hot... this is so much foggy... Are you cooking potatoes at the same time or what?" said Oren by just putting one foot in the almost burning water.

"Don't be picky, it's just a hot bath." giggled the Priestess as she threw a little water on the body of the young man who stepped back. "Come on, don't make that face, I'm kidding, elves can tolerate much more heat than the human race." She explained, pulling the boy towards her.

"Ah! It's..." he began by trying to forget the thermal shock he had just experienced. "Your subordinate told me that you wanted to tell me about our visit to the Empress; do you think I need to do something to "please" her, or...?"

"Oh? No, no, nothing like that. You don't need to do anything, the Empress is a right and fair woman, not a dictator, so she will understand if you ever make mistakes on your first visit, don't worry." She continued while washing her body. "However, I advise you not to cut her off when she talks. Show that you listen to what she says and... smile."

"Is that all?"

"That's all, Ingrid is a simple woman and... a little bit strange too, but that okay." Declared the elf with a smile that made her dimples appear again. "While you're here, can you wash my back, please?" without a word, Oren helped her to wash her back, which immediately made the woman shiver.

"To shiver just for that, you really never had a man in your life, did you?" Said the young man in a teasing tone.

"Yes... but I had made a promise of chastity. Erh... When someone enters the religious world, that person makes a promise of chastity... it's of a duration that varies according to the races. It was 230 years for me... and once that time was over, I wasn't young anymore, I can understand why men from all over the world wouldn't be attracted to my face and body... I got older."

"230 years old? Oh my..." he whispered without Mariel hearing him. "You're pretty, Mariel, the real problem isn't your appearance, but rather your social status."

"If you say so." She stammered. "You're a charmer, huh."

"I suppose. At least I hope you liked your first time."

"Of course~" she giggled as she began to wash the body of the young man who simply let it happen. "I'm glad it's you, you seem trustworthy to me. And now we're bound."

"Yeah. Bound, of course." he ironically said. "Could you explain this mess to me?"

"It's a rule among Elves that I can't deviate from, as the energy of elves is different from the others, this energy merges with the male energy, once an elf has made love to someone, it has to stay with that person, so please don't make me regret my choice." She said with a sad smile. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"It means that... the female elves who have been..."

"Yeah, that's why many women of my race have been trapped by monsters... forced to stay with those who raped them." she sighed as held her head. "This is why I thanked you for this, few elves still have the right to their sexual freedom." she concludes with a weaker voice than usual. What had she seen in at least 300 years of life?...

Oren was still out, the heat of the baths had literally made him "slack", but the discussion and the time spent with the Priestess made him smile, made him a little more alive.

Is that what it was like, to live? Who knows, but one thing was certain, Oren wasn't even at the beginning of his new life; the "success" still far ahead. Fortunately, he had found a caring person to help him.

After eating their lunch, the High Priestess, Karl, Oren, and a subordinate had boarded a transport wagon pulled by a ground dragon, a kind of large lizard with no wings. This type of animal was apparently better able to walk on street paving stones, unlike horses, which could break an ankle or damage their hooves; dragons' legs were shorter and more muscular, which was safer, but transport was slower.

The world outside the monastery was lively, many carts were crossing the streets with large packages, street artists were hanging out here and there and several squares were crowded with itinerant shops, but unfortunately, the rain made the customers run away.

Further away, we could see the Empress' great tower, called the Black Eye. This tower was about fifty meters high, which far exceeded the city's protective walls and allowed the enemy to arrive several kilometers away. The path to the building had been dotted with more modern buildings than the others, made of glass and steel, they were obviously not skyscrapers, but we could clearly see the difference in architecture, a man from the world of Oren had left his mark here. The young man had not had time to see the time passed, the ride had been quite fast despite the jolts of the cart, and he had taken advantage of this time to chat a little with Karl...

But now, he had to get serious again, because he was facing the Empress who was waiting for them at the door with several members of the Imperial Guard.

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