84.84% Flames of Passion in Los Angeles / Chapter 28: Chapter Twenty-eight - Couple Of Days Later.

Chapter 28: Chapter Twenty-eight - Couple Of Days Later.

*Ana POV*

I wiggle slightly as I wake up. Opening my eyes, I notice I am turned, facing my night table.

I wipe the wetness off the sides of my mouth, my drool.

Next, I turn around, towards James as I see him, the right side his face against the pillow, facing me, sound asleep.

I can't help but look and admire his handsome face as he sleeps so gracefully. His breathing is slow while I can feel his body heat under the covers radiate of him and onto me.

I continue watching him before I gently raise my right hand up and above the covers. Slowly, I approach my - compared to his - small hand towards his face.

When my fingertips get close enough, that is when I could feel the warmth of his soft cheek. slowly dragging my hand down towards his jaw, I caress his growing stubble.

I quickly retract my fingers from him when he moves and turns, scratching the spot I just caressed. Taking a deep breath, he continues sleeping.

I remain in my place for a second or two before I close up my head to his, placing my gentle lips on his cheek, giving him a small, tender smooch. Next, I carefully slipping out of bed, trying now to cause any sudden movements.

With both my toes on the floor, standing upright, I begin making my way towards the bathroom that is in adjacent to our bed.

Entering the bathroom, I get a pleasant feeling from the ceramic tiles as they begin cooling my uncomfortably warm toes.

Walking up to the white sink, I begin my morning routine. First, I wash my hands before grabbing my toothbrush and the toothpaste.

Squeezing some paste onto my brush, I begin washing my teeth. While cleaning my teeth, I look at myself in the mirror, before beginning to check myself out in greater depth.

Minutes pass before I rinse my mouth and wash my face. Dragging my hands through my hair, I quickly tie it into a messy bun with the hairband I found on the windowsill. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

As quietly as I possibly can, I go out of the bathroom before going to get myself some clean undergarments along with my towel before returning into the spacious bathroom.

Quickly taking off me clothes that I already have on me, I hop into the bathtub before I let the water run whilst I scrub my body.

From shampoo, I move onto my body wash before rinsing off all the suds on my body, afterwards I scrub some conditioner onto my hair. Minutes pass before I also wash that off and allow it to go down the drain.

I exit the shower with my towel wrapped around my wet, clothesless body.

I wrap my hair with the towel after getting on and clipping my bra along with putting on my underwear.

Gently opening the door, I poke my head into the bedroom. I see that James is still asleep.

I, once again, go into the room and head towards the closet, to where my clothes are. Today is a casual day, just like every other day. So I choose a pair of denim blue jeans and a nice red and black checkered shirt.

Afterwards, I got to my bag and fetch my hairdryer before going into another room.

I quickly blow dry my hair before noiselessly returning back into our bedroom, leaving my hairdryer back into my bag. I quickly brush my hair before giving James one last look. He is sleeping like a baby.

Finally, I make my way downstairs and into the dining room. Through an archway, I enter his kitchen, a pristine looking kitchen. I smile to myself as the words that Miss Sue told me come back into my head. James is indeed very clean.

Walking up to his double-doored fridge, I open it and begin to look through all the foods. I look at what I should prepare for both him and me.

By the end, I fetch out some bacon, eggs, sausages, I also get a packet of Frankfurters and a few more things to go along with the previously mentioned foods.

Once I manage to find a pan and some oil, I let the oil heat up over the modern hob. While waiting for the oil to heat up. I fill a saucepan up with water before placing it on another ring on the hob so I can cook the Frankfurters. After that, I quickly beat some eggs before dipping in some bread into the beaten eggs.

Not too long passes before I place the bread soaked with battered eggs onto the warmed up oil, immediately causing it to sizzle. Within minutes, I turn the bread and wait for an equal amount of time before forking the cooked french bread out of the pan.

I do the same with a few more slices of bread before placing some of the frankfurters into the boiling saucepan. Next up, the bacon.

Once finished with the bacon. I move onto the sausages. I don't fry too many sausages as the Frankfurters will make a good substitute for the rest of the sausages I left in the package.

I fetch out the ready Frankfurters out of the saucepan before going onto eggs.

I crack a few eggs into the pan. I allow them to cook for a couple of minutes before gently scooping them out onto a plate.

With the rest of the perishable goods that I have on the table, I make a simple salade. With that done, I begin placing the prepared food onto the dining table.

Getting a hold of the final plate filled with hot food, I am stopped when I hear a deep voice behind me.

"Good morning...". His voice greets my ears. Firstly, I place back down the plate filled with food, before turning around, facing him.

"Good morning to you too...".

He smiles at me. "I see you have made breakfast.".

I just nod. "You seem surprised...".

"No..." he begins, "it's just... I was hoping to have you for breakfast...".

Before I have realised it, I was in his arms, our faces millimetres apart. But it does not feel right.

"Is everything okay?"

I don't reply, instead, I lay my head onto his shoulder. I breathe in his scent before letting out a sigh.

"I'll take that as a no..." he gently speaks to me before resting his chin onto my head.

"It just does not feel right. I love you, I love you so much but saying that just does not feel right. It feels like I don't mean it, but I actually do...".

I break from our embrace, facing away from him as I walk towards the working table, dragging my right hand through my hair.

"Why doesn't it feel right?".

"I don't want you to think that I am taking advantage of you or taking you for granted, because that is not what I do. I would hate to do that... and this guilt, it is killing me, it is tearing my heart apart...".

I lay against the work table as my head sinks into my hands. I let out a deep sigh.

"... There is literally no reason and there is especially no excuses for what I did...". I pause for a second. "You know, if I were to punch a wall right now, I bet it won't feel nearly as bad as how I am feeling right now...".

I hear his laughs.

"I am being serious..." I reply.

"And I honestly can't imagine you punching a wall..." he replies before breaking into further laughter.

"But still!".

After the laughter dies, he takes a few steps closer to me.

"If I am to be completely honest, I would be more than concerned if you were not to be as regretful as you are right now about... you know... that".

I nod my head whilst looking at him.

"I just feel like it is necessary for me to say again that I am very sorry, I don't know what got over me if I were to be honest...".

"I... I know how it feels..." he replies.

I give him a sheepish smile. "... Thank you...".

"For what?...".

"Giving me a second chance...".

"I promise I won't let you down," I add.

"Me too, I promise," he replies.

I smile at him as he smiles at me.

"Is it possible if I can get another hug?".

"And you even ask?".

Before I could say anything else, his muscular arms wrap around my body, gripping me as if I was to flee any second.

"I promise, I will be a better man for you." His gentle whispers bring tears to my eyes.

"And I promise, I will be a better woman for you.".

He releases a bit of pressure from his grip before gently rasing my head by my chin with his index finger.

He looks into my eyes as I look into his.

"I want you to know that I love you, James..." I whisper under my breath.

He just keeps his eyes on me, his look staring straight into my soul. That was right before he roughly claiming my lips his.

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